Watch Gordon Freeman And Chell Fight Over Some Cake

I'm gonna try and get through this post with making some sort of reference to cakes and lies.

Bear with me here.

This is an awesome video that features Chell from Portal and Gordon Freeman from Half-Life duking it out over a cake. It's densely laden with just about every video game in-joke ever.

It's actually surprisingly awesome. Really well made, well produced. Super good on just about every possible level.

And if you're interested in how the sausage is made, you can watch this production video below...


    You know every time I see something portal related I have to go play portal one and two again........ID say the same for halflife but I'm still annoyed about the whole no episode 3 thing......

      Half Life 2 is still one of (if not the) best games of all time though

        Meh.. HL2 bores me. Tried to play it several times over the years and have never completed it. It's a decent game, but I don't get the hype over it.

          Really? It has so much going for it though - great level design, great pacing, a compelling story, impeccable sounds design, great use of the physics engine, and graphics that still hold up well 12 years later.

            Bored by HL2? I guess watching two T-rexes fight would make you yawn?

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