Watch The First Pokemon Movie, Legally, For Free

Thanks to Vooks for this pick-up: as of right now you can totally head to the official Pokemon site and watch it — legally — for free.

Which is pretty cool, especially considering the Pokemon movie, to my knowledge, isn't available to watch on any of the major streaming services out there.

Anyway — I'm talking too much. You go and watch the Pokemon movie now.


    lol still got this on VCR tape. I hope the mewtwo card is still in the case.

    I already did, in the cinema, with @gutsoup & his sister. We were all far too old & dressed as metal-heads (because we were).

    Gutsoup fell asleep.

    Last edited 10/02/16 9:42 am

      Am I missing something here?

        Nope, true story.

        I remember being laughed at for being a metal-head that watches Dragon Ball.

        Good times.

        Last edited 10/02/16 11:07 am

    Man i still have the VCR tape of this somewhere as well =P

    I went with the family, the only animated one that my mum has walked out on as being "too boring", so i lovingly remind her that haters gonna hate and i still love watching anime to this day haha

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