Watching Conan O'Brien And PewDiePie Play Far Cry: Primal Together Is Weird

It's also pretty funny, but it's also weird.

Why weird?

I think it's just interesting watching PewDiePie (who I'm actually a fan of) playing in someone else's space. It's kinda clear he's a little uncomfortable while Conan is just being hilarious and sharp and his normal self. Really he's just completely overshadowed by Conan. Totally out of his element.

Regardless, this is a fun (if a little weird) watch.


    Kinda just points out how i dont understand wtf people are interested in these boring people sitting in their rooms!!!

    Are you really a fan of PewdiePie? I have never understood the attraction!!!!

      Why do you need to understand? People do not have to justify why they like something to you.

        LMAO - I don't need to understand - Where does it say i need to understand?! I simply pointed out that i dont understand...

        Did it offend you? lol - you dont have to justify anything to me i know... Kinda interesting why you felt the need to comment that though... Butthurt

    Cringeworthy. How far one has risen, but how far the other has fallen. Yikes.

    Has to be some sort of deal? PDP goes on Conan's show to talk about his show so Conan has him on his Gaming segment so actual gamers watch it?

      Which one has risen and which one has fallen?

    Felix is intelligent and actually quite insightful, his pewdeepie character which appears 99% of the time is a curse on the internet and defines everything bad about gen z lol

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