What XCOM 2's Evil Aliens Are Really Saying

What XCOM 2's Evil Aliens Are Really Saying

Video: Any time an alien commander spots you in XCOM 2, it yells some garbled junk in its stupid alien language and deploys troops in your direction. So, what is it really saying? Eurogamer takes a crack at answering that question in a very silly new video:

I will not be able to unhear any of these.


    Hahahaha, that's brilliant. And goddamn, XCom 2 is way prettier than I expected... looking forward to picking it up tomorrow!

      You say that now, but after a few hours of hair pulling you might be saying something different ;)

      I've been dying to play it....but no internet at home until hopefully Monday....Then I'm going to be on sick leave for a week.

    Hah, I love it. *points at enemy* "Hug that shit!"

      I didn't hear "Hug that shit", sounded like "Pump Action" to me.

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