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    I made this post over on TAY, but it went down over night so here it is.

    Hey all, seems to have missed the Kotaku news turn-around, but Red Dead Redemption can be found in the x1s back-end. So far the only way to do it is:

    1. you need to look up a user that has it in their followed games list. One such user is RockoHoward. So on the x1 dash hit left on the dpad or left stick and on the friends tab go to find someone, then type "rockohoward" then go down to view profile.

    2. RB over to Following and change Friends and Games to Games

    3. Highlight and hit A on RDR, then go to See in store

    4. Because I own it digitally it says Install.

    Unfortunately this is actually just a back end bug now, but it does give credence to hope that it will come to the BC program soon. When I downloaded it and opened it freaking Hexic HD loaded, but supposedly many users got in before MS released an update which turned RDR into Hexic.

    To make the news of RDR almost confirmed to be coming to x1 bc even sweeter, you can also see Left 4 Dead 2 in RockoHowards game list. Unfortunately that game says unavailable (even though I own it digitally as well). Still fantastic news for x1 owners!

    EDIT: For convenience I've started "following" those 2 games as well. My GT is my kotaku username with a space instead of the underscore.

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