Win! A $2999 Acer Predator Gaming Laptop!

How many of you out there have computers that struggle with the latest games? Thanks to Acer, we're giving away a brand new Predator 15 gaming laptop with the graphics grunt to carve through the latest games like butter. Entering is easy!

How to enter: in the comments tell us about your most extreme gaming experience in 200 words or less. It might be in-game, in duration, in location, or something else entirely different.

Keep it clean and be creative. If you're a guest commenter, don't forget to use your correct email address (which will remain hidden) so we can contact you if you win. Kotaku won't share this info with a third party.

Entries close at 10am on Wednesday the 10th of February. The Kotaku team will be judging the entries, and the winner will be announced on

Here are the full terms and conditions.

Good luck everyone!

We'll showcase some of the best entries.

The 15-inch Acer Predator is designed for a premier gaming experience, featuring an Intel i7 processor, up to 64GB of DDRAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Full specs of the laptop up for grabs:

  • Windows 10
  • 15.6" LCD screen
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  • 16 GB of DDR4 system memory
  • 256GB SSD & 1000GB HDD
  • 8-cell Li-ion battery
  • Blu-ray Disc RE drive
  • 802.11ac WLAN
  • Frostcore fan module
  • HD Camera

But all of this power is useless without proper cooling, and this where the Predator really shines. It features two rear-exhaust fans and software to intelligently direct airflow, improving cooling and reducing dust and noise.

The Predator also includes an accessory called Frostcore, which is essentially an extra fan that can replace the optical drive. You won't be overheating in a hurry.

You can find out more about the entire Predator range at Acer Australia.


    This one time I was playing Tony Hawk on my GBA while doing a kickflip off a dinosaur over a rollercoaster. It went ok.

    I played Diablo 2 for 36 hours straight just after its release.

    11/10 would fall asleep again while getting in trouble for falling asleep at school.

    Back in another life i was head of a Mid level wow guild on a mid level server. We were a decent bunch of guys raiding both 10 and 25 men but more community orientated than.

    So for a bunch of shmoes, when they announced guild leveling we took it on as something that we could actually achieve. I had everyone working around the clock to get as much guild XP with achievements run etc. But it seems the guild at the top of the server wanted to beat us.

    Even with tripleing the size of their guild to keep up with us, our hard workers kept us in front till pretty much a race during a raid with them. While raiding at a good time was extreme, when you know you are working against another team for something that has now ended up being a one chance situation was amazing. and then to see that little achievement come up and Here all the cheering on vent and getting flooded with an amazing number of tells was such an extreme situation, and to have been in charge was even more amazing.

    We rode our Golden lions around Stormwind proudly that day! In your face Hardcore raiders

    Manifest Destiny on Draenor if you are interested in verifying ;)

    Raids in TERA, combined with week long LAN party, lots of energy drinks and pizza. Twas a time long ago.

    5/7 would fail tests again

    3 and a half years ago I got a new laptop and Diablo 3. I quickly set up, put my new ,bulky headphones and 3D glasses on. I set up Skype to run a lengthy session with a mate in Canada - only to hear both he an my girlfriend start laughing at the top of their lungs...There are still photos of me circling the internet looking like the Terminator.


    My most extreme gaming experience was when I was 9 years old playing Pokemon Silver. I'd finally beaten the Elite Four and was up against the Champion, Lance.

    After a long and hard battle I'd finally worn him down to his last Pokemon, Dragonite. While I'd been well stocked on items going into the League I'd since used up all my heals, revives and anything else helpful getting up to that point.

    Lance and his Dragonite tore through what was left of my Pokemon team until I had one Pokemon left, my Typhlosion. Typhlosion was ill suited to fight a Dragonite, and even worse I had zero PP left on any of its moves.

    With tears in my eyes I was sure I was going to fail and lose the battle after coming so far. Then my Typhlosion did the only attack left to it, struggle, and to my amazement it caused the Dragonite to faint. With the partner I'd had since the start of the game when it had been just a Cyndaquil I'd beaten the Pokemon League and become the Champion. All these years later it's still the greatest gaming moment of my life.

    My 120 odd hrs on final fantasy tactics advanced on the GBA while going through chemo for testicular cancer, kept me going and made me want to get up for another day ! All clear now !

      Weird... I also played a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced while recovering from a genital-related procedure years ago. I have to concede though, testicular cancer is A LOT more extreme than the minor procedure I had. Congratulations for your recovery!

    My most extreme gaming experience is actually finding time for it now.

    My most intense gaming experience was when I played Steam stuff all day long with all of my friends everyday on Thanksgiving break. (Im new to gaming and my da doesn't support me gaming, he says thirty min a day is enough, everyone disagress with him I think)

    Back in the days of CS:S (I know right), I used to play the 32 player Office map server. 16 a side Office over and over.

    One round as Ts I dropped all 16 enemy CTs. The ultimate Ace. Not only killing all 16, but doing it without anyone else on my team getting a single kill.

    Over 2000 dmg for a round!

    My most extreme gaming experience? Love.

    When I met my wife, nearly 5 years ago now, she wasn't a gamer at all, but she was willing to learn, and boy was I keen to teach. At first I tried the games I knew to be fun like Borderlands, Super Smash Bros., etc, and I immediately hit a wall because I hadn't accounted for a brand new player that doesn't understand 3D space or have fine motorskills. I made a little headway with Mario Kart Wii since its on-rails, but I could tell she wasn't feeling it as I had to encourage her to even play it. Then Rayman Origins released and the co-op seemed promising. The trailer looked a little daunting to her, but she said she'd humour me. As we ran along the first level I watched as something clicked in her brain; she ran, she jumped, and she punched me into a hole - she finally understood what gaming is about.

    The next day she eagerly asked if we could play again. I wept. We've been gaming together ever since.

    Introduced too and playing Counter Strike two days straight for the 1st time at a 1000 person LAN party at the then Telstra Dome back in 2003. Then watching it all on the big screen whilst sitting in the grandstands eating pie...with sauce of course. Oh the memories, sooo much "Counter terrorists win".

    So my cousin and I were home alone for 7 days, and during those seven days we had borrowed a copy of GTA Vice City from the Blockbuster next to our house, and we played that game for pretty much 3 days straight. Yes we did sleep (in shifts essentially) and we finished that game, bought ever piece of property, stole every car and did everything possible in that game within 3 days. No cheats. (Okay maybe one time at the end we made out car be able to fly and drive on water but it was near the end).

    Played Heavy Rain from start to finish in one night..

    The section where the agent plays around with his AR headset while in the waiting room was particularly awesome. I must have played around in there for 1/2 an hour while giggling like a little child.

    I was so locked in on the emotional turmoil that the Ethan was feeling, it was incredible. I still couldn't shoot the drug dealer even though I knew it was just a game..... I just felt that this is something that was morally wrong for Ethan, as he was a family man too.

    Lost a finger, but found my Son while the Sun was rising :)

    Portal 2. On the day it was release, bought it and play it straight away when I came home. i was so into it with little breaks in between and when I finish it, I was like 'sh*t..... it like 2am and has not been 24hrs yet since it has been release and I have already complete it...'

    Even though it is an easy game, I rarely or not even try to finish the campaign on the day of the release as I always like to play online, hell I don't even try to finish cod campaign in one day as i like to take my time.... Dunno if I should proud on that day

    Playing intense Golden Eye N64 multiplayer battles with my cousins, and either getting punched by my cousins because I would always win. Or either getting in trouble off the parents as I "wasn't playing fair".

    The one proper gaming marathon i had was me and a friend playing battle for middle earth for 72 hours straight. Only about 6 hours sleep between us.

    I remember back in the day, me and a few mates at high school used to get all of our computers together in a shed out in the middle of no where and set up a LAN so we could all multiplay all the games we loved. I remember star craft, and Diablo 2 were very high on the list.

    It didn't matter if it was freezing cold, stinking hot, every time we could get together we did.

    I cant believe I used to lug around a 21" flatscreen monitor along with a huge tower.

    The extreme part was convincing my parents to drive me out there along with the computer.

      Flat screen? Luxury! Back in our LAN days we were all dragging around huge CRTs. (And spending more time just getting the computers to actually talk to each other than gaming, usually)

        This exactly! I spent more time getting everyone hooked up and skinning my characters than I did actually playing the damned games. But not needing a headset and yelling at a roomful of cola chugging pizza eating gamers was awesome. Kicking their butts when I was the only chick, even better :)

        Back in my LAN days there was no such thing as LAN.

          Yeah, I used to stick the Atari 800 and 4 joysticks in the backpack and cycle up to my friend's house for some 4 player multiplayer. What's a LAN?

        Sorry, it was a flatscreen CRT, a Viewsonic one it was heavy as balls.

    I played through Half Life 2 Episodes one and two in one sitting.
    As I finished Episode two, sitting in the lounge of my flat, I looked out the window and saw the sun peeking over the horizon.
    I sat there contemplating life for a good 15 minutes before I fell asleep sitting in my computer chair.

    The most extreme game I ever played was Roller Coaster Chess.
    My brother and I had an unlimited pass to a roller coaster park in Sydney (I think it was Australia's Wonderland?) and we rode The Demon ( so many times that it became boring and we would buy photos of ourselves looking bored while everyone elses face was contorted in Terror.
    At the end of the day, if there werent people lined up, they would just let us stay on it as long as we liked.

    He decided to make the photos more interesting, so we bought a small magnetic chessboard and pieces and smuggled it onto the ride at the end of the day. Once the ride started up, we pulled out the chess board on the long climb up to the first drop and attempted to play.
    After a few issues we managed to complete a game over 8 consecutive rides.
    We disembarked after ride 9 and went around to the photo section to watch people get their photo of them screaming in the back while two bored looking guys in the front considered their next chess move.

    Last edited 03/02/16 2:53 pm

    I completed God Hand while parachuting from an ultra secret, high tech, stealth fighter plane. I was wearing Ray Bans, a muscle T, roller blades & a backward cap.

    Drink of choice was Pepsi Max.

    Extreme III was on repeat in my Sony Walkman ©

    When I was 19 I worked "afternoon shift" in a factory and finished every day at 11:20pm. I'd go home, get into bed around 1am and set my alarm to wake me up 4hrs later at 5am. Why only 4 hours sleep when I didn't start work until after 3pm? World of Warcraft is why.

    My guild had a few raiding groups, two in the prime time 7:30-8pm slot and one other oddball slot at 6am which suited the Americans in the guild. It was a ragtag band and we'd often pick up extras from our friends lists or other guilds who were missing out. We ventured out into Karazhan every day to fight the denizens within.

    Those sleep deprived raids are my fondest memories of WoW, going back day after day, steadily learning the fights and clearing more bosses. In the end that ragtag bunch became the elite raiders of the guild, the only group who could consistently clear Karazhan every week and damn did we have fun doing it.

    This would have been circa 2004-2005, just after Halo 2 released. One of my cousins worked on-call IT during weekends for his company (let's not name names), and basically had access to all their office and networking gear. Every now and then, he would have us over there and we'd lug around an Xbox for some Halo: CE/Halo 2 split-screen shenanigans on one of the (then) massive 47" plasmas. I *have to* note how significant this was, because we used to have to play on a barely 25" CRT.

    One of our more standout weekends was when we brought some more friends with us. 8 people total, with an extra Xbox. This was our precursor to the big PVP matches of Halo over XBL. This was 4v4 Slayer on relegated office supplies.

    2 Xboxes, 2 big flatscreens, 2 copies of Halo 2, 8 friends, and all the enterprise grade networking gear we needed = 10 hours of classic Halo 2 goodness.

    Triple Monitors. Twin Joysticks. Mechwarrior Online.
    Turns the game from an arcade shooter into an immersive simulator that requires intense motor control.

    I've got Extreme (bad) habit of playing with my PC Hardware while it's running. During summer while gaming I decided I had to turn up the speed of my Case Fans, which can only be done with the side off. In the process of doing this I put my finger through a case fan knocking it off its bearings, while also disconnecting the SSD drive running Windows. Having to reboot I was confronted with a error prompt about my SSD drive being locked. After a quick freak, removing and the power and reattaching seem to resolve the issue and was able to get back to my gaming now with case fans on full. Winning this Laptop may save my life.

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