Win! A $2999 Acer Predator Gaming Laptop!

Win! A $2999 Acer Predator Gaming Laptop!

How many of you out there have computers that struggle with the latest games? Thanks to Acer, we’re giving away a brand new Predator 15 gaming laptop with the graphics grunt to carve through the latest games like butter. Entering is easy!

How to enter: in the comments tell us about your most extreme gaming experience in 200 words or less. It might be in-game, in duration, in location, or something else entirely different.

Keep it clean and be creative. If you’re a guest commenter, don’t forget to use your correct email address (which will remain hidden) so we can contact you if you win. Kotaku won’t share this info with a third party.

Entries close at 10am on Wednesday the 10th of February. The Kotaku team will be judging the entries, and the winner will be announced on

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Good luck everyone!

We’ll showcase some of the best entries.

The 15-inch Acer Predator is designed for a premier gaming experience, featuring an Intel i7 processor, up to 64GB of DDRAM, and a NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

Full specs of the laptop up for grabs:

  • Windows 10
  • 15.6″ LCD screen
  • Intel® Core™ i7-6700HQ
  • NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 980M with 4 GB of dedicated GDDR5 VRAM
  • 16 GB of DDR4 system memory
  • 256GB SSD & 1000GB HDD
  • 8-cell Li-ion battery
  • Blu-ray Disc RE drive
  • 802.11ac WLAN
  • Frostcore fan module
  • HD Camera

But all of this power is useless without proper cooling, and this where the Predator really shines. It features two rear-exhaust fans and software to intelligently direct airflow, improving cooling and reducing dust and noise.

The Predator also includes an accessory called Frostcore, which is essentially an extra fan that can replace the optical drive. You won’t be overheating in a hurry.

You can find out more about the entire Predator range at Acer Australia.


  • This one time I was playing Tony Hawk on my GBA while doing a kickflip off a dinosaur over a rollercoaster. It went ok.

  • I played Diablo 2 for 36 hours straight just after its release.

    11/10 would fall asleep again while getting in trouble for falling asleep at school.

  • Back in another life i was head of a Mid level wow guild on a mid level server. We were a decent bunch of guys raiding both 10 and 25 men but more community orientated than.

    So for a bunch of shmoes, when they announced guild leveling we took it on as something that we could actually achieve. I had everyone working around the clock to get as much guild XP with achievements run etc. But it seems the guild at the top of the server wanted to beat us.

    Even with tripleing the size of their guild to keep up with us, our hard workers kept us in front till pretty much a race during a raid with them. While raiding at a good time was extreme, when you know you are working against another team for something that has now ended up being a one chance situation was amazing. and then to see that little achievement come up and Here all the cheering on vent and getting flooded with an amazing number of tells was such an extreme situation, and to have been in charge was even more amazing.

    We rode our Golden lions around Stormwind proudly that day! In your face Hardcore raiders

    Manifest Destiny on Draenor if you are interested in verifying 😉

  • Raids in TERA, combined with week long LAN party, lots of energy drinks and pizza. Twas a time long ago.

    5/7 would fail tests again

  • 3 and a half years ago I got a new laptop and Diablo 3. I quickly set up, put my new ,bulky headphones and 3D glasses on. I set up Skype to run a lengthy session with a mate in Canada – only to hear both he an my girlfriend start laughing at the top of their lungs…There are still photos of me circling the internet looking like the Terminator.


  • My most extreme gaming experience was when I was 9 years old playing Pokemon Silver. I’d finally beaten the Elite Four and was up against the Champion, Lance.

    After a long and hard battle I’d finally worn him down to his last Pokemon, Dragonite. While I’d been well stocked on items going into the League I’d since used up all my heals, revives and anything else helpful getting up to that point.

    Lance and his Dragonite tore through what was left of my Pokemon team until I had one Pokemon left, my Typhlosion. Typhlosion was ill suited to fight a Dragonite, and even worse I had zero PP left on any of its moves.

    With tears in my eyes I was sure I was going to fail and lose the battle after coming so far. Then my Typhlosion did the only attack left to it, struggle, and to my amazement it caused the Dragonite to faint. With the partner I’d had since the start of the game when it had been just a Cyndaquil I’d beaten the Pokemon League and become the Champion. All these years later it’s still the greatest gaming moment of my life.

  • My 120 odd hrs on final fantasy tactics advanced on the GBA while going through chemo for testicular cancer, kept me going and made me want to get up for another day ! All clear now !

    • Weird… I also played a lot of Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced while recovering from a genital-related procedure years ago. I have to concede though, testicular cancer is A LOT more extreme than the minor procedure I had. Congratulations for your recovery!

  • My most intense gaming experience was when I played Steam stuff all day long with all of my friends everyday on Thanksgiving break. (Im new to gaming and my da doesn’t support me gaming, he says thirty min a day is enough, everyone disagress with him I think)

  • Back in the days of CS:S (I know right), I used to play the 32 player Office map server. 16 a side Office over and over.

    One round as Ts I dropped all 16 enemy CTs. The ultimate Ace. Not only killing all 16, but doing it without anyone else on my team getting a single kill.

    Over 2000 dmg for a round!

  • My most extreme gaming experience? Love.

    When I met my wife, nearly 5 years ago now, she wasn’t a gamer at all, but she was willing to learn, and boy was I keen to teach. At first I tried the games I knew to be fun like Borderlands, Super Smash Bros., etc, and I immediately hit a wall because I hadn’t accounted for a brand new player that doesn’t understand 3D space or have fine motorskills. I made a little headway with Mario Kart Wii since its on-rails, but I could tell she wasn’t feeling it as I had to encourage her to even play it. Then Rayman Origins released and the co-op seemed promising. The trailer looked a little daunting to her, but she said she’d humour me. As we ran along the first level I watched as something clicked in her brain; she ran, she jumped, and she punched me into a hole – she finally understood what gaming is about.

    The next day she eagerly asked if we could play again. I wept. We’ve been gaming together ever since.

  • Introduced too and playing Counter Strike two days straight for the 1st time at a 1000 person LAN party at the then Telstra Dome back in 2003. Then watching it all on the big screen whilst sitting in the grandstands eating pie…with sauce of course. Oh the memories, sooo much “Counter terrorists win”.

  • So my cousin and I were home alone for 7 days, and during those seven days we had borrowed a copy of GTA Vice City from the Blockbuster next to our house, and we played that game for pretty much 3 days straight. Yes we did sleep (in shifts essentially) and we finished that game, bought ever piece of property, stole every car and did everything possible in that game within 3 days. No cheats. (Okay maybe one time at the end we made out car be able to fly and drive on water but it was near the end).

  • Played Heavy Rain from start to finish in one night..

    The section where the agent plays around with his AR headset while in the waiting room was particularly awesome. I must have played around in there for 1/2 an hour while giggling like a little child.

    I was so locked in on the emotional turmoil that the Ethan was feeling, it was incredible. I still couldn’t shoot the drug dealer even though I knew it was just a game….. I just felt that this is something that was morally wrong for Ethan, as he was a family man too.

    Lost a finger, but found my Son while the Sun was rising 🙂

  • Portal 2. On the day it was release, bought it and play it straight away when I came home. i was so into it with little breaks in between and when I finish it, I was like ‘sh*t….. it like 2am and has not been 24hrs yet since it has been release and I have already complete it…’

    Even though it is an easy game, I rarely or not even try to finish the campaign on the day of the release as I always like to play online, hell I don’t even try to finish cod campaign in one day as i like to take my time…. Dunno if I should proud on that day

  • Playing intense Golden Eye N64 multiplayer battles with my cousins, and either getting punched by my cousins because I would always win. Or either getting in trouble off the parents as I “wasn’t playing fair”.

  • The one proper gaming marathon i had was me and a friend playing battle for middle earth for 72 hours straight. Only about 6 hours sleep between us.

  • I remember back in the day, me and a few mates at high school used to get all of our computers together in a shed out in the middle of no where and set up a LAN so we could all multiplay all the games we loved. I remember star craft, and Diablo 2 were very high on the list.

    It didn’t matter if it was freezing cold, stinking hot, every time we could get together we did.

    I cant believe I used to lug around a 21″ flatscreen monitor along with a huge tower.

    The extreme part was convincing my parents to drive me out there along with the computer.

    • Flat screen? Luxury! Back in our LAN days we were all dragging around huge CRTs. (And spending more time just getting the computers to actually talk to each other than gaming, usually)

      • This exactly! I spent more time getting everyone hooked up and skinning my characters than I did actually playing the damned games. But not needing a headset and yelling at a roomful of cola chugging pizza eating gamers was awesome. Kicking their butts when I was the only chick, even better 🙂

  • I played through Half Life 2 Episodes one and two in one sitting.
    As I finished Episode two, sitting in the lounge of my flat, I looked out the window and saw the sun peeking over the horizon.
    I sat there contemplating life for a good 15 minutes before I fell asleep sitting in my computer chair.

  • The most extreme game I ever played was Roller Coaster Chess.
    My brother and I had an unlimited pass to a roller coaster park in Sydney (I think it was Australia’s Wonderland?) and we rode The Demon ( so many times that it became boring and we would buy photos of ourselves looking bored while everyone elses face was contorted in Terror.
    At the end of the day, if there werent people lined up, they would just let us stay on it as long as we liked.

    He decided to make the photos more interesting, so we bought a small magnetic chessboard and pieces and smuggled it onto the ride at the end of the day. Once the ride started up, we pulled out the chess board on the long climb up to the first drop and attempted to play.
    After a few issues we managed to complete a game over 8 consecutive rides.
    We disembarked after ride 9 and went around to the photo section to watch people get their photo of them screaming in the back while two bored looking guys in the front considered their next chess move.

  • I completed God Hand while parachuting from an ultra secret, high tech, stealth fighter plane. I was wearing Ray Bans, a muscle T, roller blades & a backward cap.

    Drink of choice was Pepsi Max.

    Extreme III was on repeat in my Sony Walkman ©

  • When I was 19 I worked “afternoon shift” in a factory and finished every day at 11:20pm. I’d go home, get into bed around 1am and set my alarm to wake me up 4hrs later at 5am. Why only 4 hours sleep when I didn’t start work until after 3pm? World of Warcraft is why.

    My guild had a few raiding groups, two in the prime time 7:30-8pm slot and one other oddball slot at 6am which suited the Americans in the guild. It was a ragtag band and we’d often pick up extras from our friends lists or other guilds who were missing out. We ventured out into Karazhan every day to fight the denizens within.

    Those sleep deprived raids are my fondest memories of WoW, going back day after day, steadily learning the fights and clearing more bosses. In the end that ragtag bunch became the elite raiders of the guild, the only group who could consistently clear Karazhan every week and damn did we have fun doing it.

  • This would have been circa 2004-2005, just after Halo 2 released. One of my cousins worked on-call IT during weekends for his company (let’s not name names), and basically had access to all their office and networking gear. Every now and then, he would have us over there and we’d lug around an Xbox for some Halo: CE/Halo 2 split-screen shenanigans on one of the (then) massive 47″ plasmas. I *have to* note how significant this was, because we used to have to play on a barely 25″ CRT.

    One of our more standout weekends was when we brought some more friends with us. 8 people total, with an extra Xbox. This was our precursor to the big PVP matches of Halo over XBL. This was 4v4 Slayer on relegated office supplies.

    2 Xboxes, 2 big flatscreens, 2 copies of Halo 2, 8 friends, and all the enterprise grade networking gear we needed = 10 hours of classic Halo 2 goodness.

  • Triple Monitors. Twin Joysticks. Mechwarrior Online.
    Turns the game from an arcade shooter into an immersive simulator that requires intense motor control.

  • I’ve got Extreme (bad) habit of playing with my PC Hardware while it’s running. During summer while gaming I decided I had to turn up the speed of my Case Fans, which can only be done with the side off. In the process of doing this I put my finger through a case fan knocking it off its bearings, while also disconnecting the SSD drive running Windows. Having to reboot I was confronted with a error prompt about my SSD drive being locked. After a quick freak, removing and the power and reattaching seem to resolve the issue and was able to get back to my gaming now with case fans on full. Winning this Laptop may save my life.

  • After sampling the Halo 3 beta my wife and I were hooked; when the game finally released we played together near daily. To celebrate Bungie Day 2009, fans were challenged to a globe-spanning competition. For 24 hours Bungie would take on all comers in a special Team Slayer playlist. Not only did fans have the opportunity to play against the creators, but to obtain the rarest prize of all: Recon armor. Reserved for employees or standout community members, Recon was something most players only dreamed about.
    We had to have it. We made sure to rest and stock up on cans of V, planning to pace ourselves for a full 24 hour run at the prize. Ultimately we played for 19 of the 24 hours, having taken one short break then ultimately falling short of the goal opting to get some sleep in the closing hours of the challenge.
    We matched with a Bungie team, let alone beat one. But what we did have was a really good time. We later scored our Recon when everyone else did, by completing all of the Vidmaster Achievements following the release of Halo: ODST. But bungie Day 2009 will never be forgotten.

  • Let me tell you a story, its story of lose of love and ultimately of a lesson learnt.

    One fine Friday i discovered a game called Terraria, i looked at this game on steam and thought…. this game might be a few minutes of fun, so after my purchase i downloaded and started my journey on a Friday evening.

    The game was amazing, it was a little buggy but hooked me right away i hadn’t had so much fun in years, i battled zombies, flying eyeballs and demon worms. I mined, created and learnt, i started getting more powerful, creating contraptions to slow the flow of deadly night beast and to allow me to dig deeper and faster.

    I looked up to see my partner talking to me, what was she saying…. it didn’t make any sense… my brain couldn’t understand… i knew the words…. but they didn’t make sense

    “you know its 5am Monday morning yeah? you have to go to work”….

    It took a while to sink in… had i really sat at my keyboard for 3 days and nights and not realised… was she pulling my leg… was this a new level i had unlocked in Terraria… was this little side scrolling pixelated game that encompassing..

    Suffice to say i did not go to work that day 😛 and learnt… to never… never…. play Terraria again…

  • Before decent Internet speeds and Xbox Live there was a thing called LAN Gaming.
    My friend would drive over (I had no car) and I would put in his boot a 15″ monitor, PC desktop, 34″ TV and a Xbox Original console.
    We arrive back to his place at 9am, set up Xboxes in different rooms (so that we can’t see each other’s TV screen) and link it with a 30m CAT5 cable(!)
    His family dining table was then overtaken with desktops and monitors for PC gaming.

    From 10am to 10pm we would be playing multiplayer games of Halo 2, Forza, Quake 1, Quake III, Unreal Tournament, Jedi Knight II, AoE II and Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds!
    After 10pm we would unhook everything and bring it back to my house!
    Our mum’s rolled their eyes when we did this every few weeks but we loved every single minute of it even though it was such a hassle!

  • The first online game I ever played was Ragnork Online. I remember 3am nights on a school night forming a party with my school friends. We would all explore maps till we were waayyyy out of our depth. One of us would go on to the next map and report back if it was safe. We once made it in to the middle of a map and found creeps like 30 levels above us, one of us got hit and we all ran in different directions. Every one of us running directly to our deaths. Seriously one of the best online games ever made.

  • My early PC Gaming life was the moment I knew the fight was worth it. It was around the late alpha builds of Minecraft pre beta 1.8. I owned the gaming powerhouse that was an ASUS EeePC*(See specs below). I had seen some gameplay pop up among the YouTube community and I just had to get my hands on it. My girlfriend heard me talking about the game and bought it for me as a gift. I had to download a mod that allowed me to decrease the base settings of the game just so that it would run on my laptop…

    This was my only PC gaming experience for over 2 years! But I still put 1000’s of hours into the game and saved what little money I could for a decent gaming laptop. After finishing my study and getting my first job I was on track to buy the laptop I had been searching for, until;

    I’d dont it! I had enough for the laptop I had dreamed about for 2 years. That night I went to bed dreaming of my online purchases the following day.
    I woke up euphoric until my girlfriend came into my room and told me that someone had torched my car overnight…

    Long story short.

    They never caught the person responsible, I am currently paying off a new car and I’m gaming on an HP Pavillion. No regrets, still playing Diablo 3 on a daily basis with my partner and still going strong with Minecraft on a Realm hosted by some friends.

    10″ Display
    Windows XP
    Intel Atom CPU
    2 GB DDR2 Memory
    80GB HDD

  • Back in WotLK expansion of WoW, Pally Tanks were pretty good at AoE tanking. We were unable to down Jaraxxus on Heroic 10/25 because we just fell short on DPS, so I boasted about solo tanking the encounter (Including the Infernals and Mistresses of Pain). Nervously I clicked yes to a Ready Check.

    We started it up and after 10 or so minutes of furious clicking, brow sweating, camera turning and shield throwing we had defeated Jaraxxus! From then on, the guild only wanted to do the boss fight if I was solo tanking, so I had to go through that every single week.

  • Im still using my Mac to play games, if thats not extreme I dont know what is. Seriously though I have wanted to setup a gaming computer for so long just dont have the money.

  • Was introducing my friend to halo co-op, he hadn’t played anything before, we started at lunch time for a bit of a laugh with a few beers, when we looked out the window the sun was rising and the alarm clock started screaming that it was 7:30 the next day hahahaha

  • This one time I was marathoning Quake 3 CTF at a LAN and we were stalemating pretty bad for a good 4 hours. I really needed to use the toilet but I held it in until we won and then bolted for the toilet.

    The results were pretty extreme…

  • I remember a marathon LAN session back in 2000, playing Red Alert 2 with my flatmates.

    To break a stalemate in one hours-long 2v2 game, we had built dozens and dozens of Kirov airships to bomb our mate’s base into the ground. We started humming “Ride of the Valkyries” to ourselves as our armada slowly crept across the map, which got louder and louder until we were yelling “Dun Dun Dun Duuuun Dun!” across the house (yes, we were petty bastards).

    Our PCs were struggling a little with the amount of units on the screen and once the bombs started dropping, the FPS started to dip. It got worse as more airships joined in the bombing run. I could have scrolled away, but I wanted to watch the carnage unfold. The game crashed not long after that.

    It was a bit of an anti-climax, but the death that rained down in those first 20-30 seconds was epic.

  • Morrowind had come out a year or so earlier, but I never really played it much since our computers couldn’t handle it. Anyway, my older brother decided to visit while he had chicken pox, and I of course got it. Since I was at this point in my early twenties, I got it fairly badly (and I had never been sick before, so was a bit of a sook).

    I ended up spending the next week or two in bed, with my laptop. Morrowind was the only game I had that I hadn’t finished, and since I was unable to move (again… sook), I decided a 15fps, buggy Morrowind wasn’t such a bad idea. Some of you may recognise my username… I ended up creating the Unofficial Morrowind Patch after hundreds of hours of playing the buggy game in slow-motion over those couple of weeks.

    As a side-note… Chicken Pox was the best thing that ever happened to me. It got me into mod development, which has turned into game development, and I also met my wife through the Morrowind forums. I also won $250 for a Skyrim mod, but that’s another story…

    I’m also sadly laptop-less at the moment…

  • My most extreme gaming moment would be hands down be gaining the Annual Vidmaster achievement on Halo 3. To be successful you had to complete the last level on 4-player Legendary LIVE co-op, with Iron, and everyone in Ghosts. We started at 11pm after the wives had gone to bed and at 4am after us all threatening to kill each other along the way we finally managed to do it. I was rewarded with my most prized achievement which added 0g to my gamerscore. LOL good times.

  • Just after Guild Wars 2 release, i bought the game and got hooked on it immediately. At the time i worked full time in public service, but i stayed up all night for 3 days surviving during the day off red bull.
    On the 3rd day i was sitting on the lounge with my flatmate watching TV while eating dinner. I stop midway through a mouthful, put the half full plate on the floor and announce “man i feel tired…” a few seconds later i face plant forward off the lounge into my dinner and just fall asleep. I woke up 2 hours later still sleeping in my dinner, I remember getting off the plate, crawling to my bedroom and falling asleep with my top half on the bed and my legs on the floor.
    And that’s how i slept for the rest of the night. The next morning i loaded up Guild Wars 2 on my tablet and took it to work so i could keep playing it in my break… it was at this point I found out my account had been hacked… Lost the account for 2 weeks and all my gold =/

  • When I was living in China I was really into playing Dawn of War on my gaming laptop. I’ve played in such places as on top of the Great Wall of China, amidst the picturesque lakes of Zhou Zhai Gou and even in the back of a rickshaw. But my extreme gaming moment came when I was playing in my apartment. I was happily playing away, headphones on, when all of a sudden the whole apartment started shuddering. I immediately rushed to the window and found a massive pile of rubble where the neighbouring apartment building had been. Apparently when my building was cleared for the demolition someone said I was at work and, having knocked at my door but got no answer, they proceeded with me still in the building! I found out later that there had been a genuine fear that my building would collapse due to its poor construction. Needless to say, I switched apartments!

  • The first LAN I ever went to when I was about 13.
    It was the first time I ever got a feeling of being in a gaming community and being treated as an equal by adults for a hobby we all enjoyed.

    That was over 10 years ago now though, LANs like that are few and far between now.

  • Easily my most extreme gaming experience was playing Rugby 2007 with a mate. It was during the World Cup, Australia (me) vs England (him). The final seconds of the match i’m two points down, the entire country was dead silent sitting on the edge of their seats as I broke away and score for the win. The result was him throwing his controller into the TV screaming bloody murder. My parents never understood that it didn’t matter about the tv because we won the world cup!

  • My most extreme gaming experience was trying to keep my party alive (As the sole monk healer of a party of 8) in an overnight marathon of the Ebony Citadel of Mallyx elite mission (Domain of Anguish, Guild Wars 1).

    Sleep deprivation, noob tanks and an aging and quite possibly melting Radeon 8600.

    Good times.

  • First time I played Amnesia: The Dark Descent. I was off work for, ahem, “Intestinal Distress” (I admit, not the best choice). Playing with headphones, in semi darkness… then my dog crept under the desk and touched my leg.
    No brown trousers needed. But it was a close run (no pun intended) thing.

  • Back before I owned a console of any sort, we would hire a PSone from the video shop (you know, when VHS and video stores were still a thing).

    Most of the time, the Video store had a 24hr “rent” time, so if you were over that, they would charge you another day. So we knew we had a limited amount of time to play.

    We had all the food and drinks we needed already setup, we plugged the Playstation into the 14″ CRT and started playing Twisted Metal – World Tour.

    We worked our way unlocking everything and beating all the levels with only stopping for toilet breaks

    The issue with playing this type of game, on a CRT screen for that long, is that when you close your eyes, you can see the movement of the cars still on the back of your eyelids.

    Because of this, stopping to take a break from the screen meant that we started to feel motion sickness and after returning the PSone, we couldnt even go to sleep without feeling sick

  • I played my The World Ends With You on Nintendo DS for 3 days straight with minimum sleep while skipping lunch and dinner. I only stopped after the screen went white and the console won’t start anymore. Needless to say, my world ended that day and I slept for 18 hours straight….

  • Back when I was young and poor, I really wanted a Gameboy. Amazingly, I actually won a Weetbix Donkey Kong colouring in comp and scored myself a Gameboy and a copy of Donkey Kong Country (I never win anything…err..other than Gameboys and Acer laptops?)

    12 year old me was stoked.

    My strict parents specifically didn’t want me having a Gameboy. They didn’t know I’d entered the comp and won it (it was my job to pick up our mail from the post office on my bike, so I managed to hide the Gameboy from them).

    I was soon addicted to Donkey Kong, playing it every chance I could without getting caught. My guilty gameboy sessions were the highlight of my day.

    Until…batteries. They died.

    12 year old me thought that it would be too suspicious to just ask mum and dad for batteries (in reality this probably would have been fine, lol).

    The solution, naturally, was to take batteries from anywhere I could find them in the house. TV remotes, my younger sister’s toys, wall clocks, door bells…nothing was safe. Naturally, I would replace the stolen batteries with the dead ones. As far as my parents were concerned we just had really crap appliances that chewed through batteries 😉

    I’m proud (ashamed?) to say I never got caught. Parents ended up buying a bulk pack of AA batteries which I pilfered from for a while, until I eventually saved up for some rechargeable AAs, and later an ac adapter.

    I played that thing to death, borrowing / buying most of the popular gameboy games. Warioland was my favourite, followed by True Lies.

    Every time I gamed on it though I was looking over my shoulder.

  • My most extreme gaming session was back in the early days of Halo 3. My mates and I set up an 8 player LAN with 2 Xbox’s and with a lot of effort my mate dragged over his old large 40″ CRT to my house. Played 8 players for a good 12 hours solid. My best moments were clearing a room full of my mates with a few well timed melees & sticky grenades and ramming a full speed warthog into a particularly irritating ghost resulting in the ghost & warthog falling off the edge of the map and me getting out in the nick of time.

  • A few years ago, a bunch of friends and I got mega smashed and had a rad LAN party.
    We played Unreal Tournament 1999, and we set up a bunch of rules.

    The rules were that we could only use the translocators and the impact drills for kills. No guns.
    The match of 25 kills lasted all night from 7pm when we started drinking till 4am. When you hear the sound of a powered up impact drill coming around the corner from you at 3am in the morning, whilst a few of us smashed whiskey glasses down with more whiskey and then someone starts a loud argument because someone spilt water all over their keyboard.

    It ends up leading to the police being called up to come around to tell us off over the noise.

    It was a bloody good time!

  • Watching the Dota 2 TI5 Finals in Sydney as a newbie. It began with the eerie 2am bus ride through empty suburban streets and the odd dark figure stumbling down a side walk. Arriving in the city brought no relief. The treacherous path down George Street at 2:30am on Sunday morning meant navigating through the shockingly intoxicated youths and dodging pools of regurgitated fast food.

    Reaching the cinemas entrance was like the sweet relief of a hot shower on a freezing cold day. From the bomb shelter of the cinema foyer, we could safely view the odd mating rituals of the street animals as they staggered past.

    The clock hit 3am and we were ushered into the theater. The excitement was palpable as the room filled up. The first game kicked off with thunderous roars and cheers. The games were intense, every clutch play was met with applause and ultimately it was the kinship of strangers coming together for something they love that became our drug for the evening.

    10+ hours later, I walked out of the theater to daylight. The streets had been cleaned, the animals were gone and I headed home content and satisfied for a well-deserved nap.

  • I use to play FEAR online on Australian Local servers.

    Part of a “Clan” I always had this one guy called “Default” that was as good or even slightly better than myself.

    FEAR online had regular local competitions and the community was pretty good, our clan made it to the final round which was first team to win 3 rounds.

    We were pretty even was almost like a tennis match. Deciding round came.

    My enemy “Default” on the opposing team, decimated my team with a frag and various kicks.

    As I watched on in absolute horror I saw my chance to end his reign clicking into action with 3 enemies left including “Default” I finished off 2 of the insignificant enemies and came face to face with “Default” In a gun battle I’ll remember forever, reloading as “Default” threw a frag I did my best to get out of the blast zone finally came the moment, I fraged him as a distraction ran while shooting got close enough to jump slide kick him, as it popped up on my screen PAPA600 killed “Default” my own frag killed me…

    We still won and i claimed the king of FEAR online.

  • When pokemon first came out on the gameboy – I think I was in year 2 or 3 of school – I used to convince every one who was playing that the secret to catching ANY Pokemon in the game, with a Pokeball, was to press Left on the D Pad and the B button at an exact mili-second apart, fluidly and precisely.
    I showed people how to do it once, and obviously completely got lucky in that the pokeball caught a diglet, then the word spread that I was a master at catching pokemon and starting giving lunch-break tutorials on how to do it. And if it didn’t catch that time, it’s because the timing was off by that fraction of time.
    Eventually I realised it was all BS, and not only had I fooled myself, but my friends too. But to this day, if I play a pokemon game, I still try the Left & B button combo in my head when trying to catch some pokemon..

  • My experience has to be losing all progress on Pokemon Yellow around 6 times in a few days because I wasn’t careful enough on how I treated my GBA.

    I used to own one of those (great) razor scooters back in the day and kept it laying down on the floor while I was gaming away in Pokemon capturing all those legendaries when I would stand on the side of the base, which would cause the handle bars to flick up and hit my GBA with enough force to knock all my Pokemon trainer dreams out of the cartridge in one blow.

    I remember every time it happened I would scramble for the GBA and the cartridge which were probably half way down the street and expect to see the “New Game” button staring at me on intro.

    I still have the game today without any saves available, I must have given up to the thought I would keep losing my prized legendary Zapdos with or without my consent.

  • My extreme experience in gaming would probably be at the end of my schooling when I was supposed to prepare for the final exams and I installed Team Fortress 2 for the first time. Next thing I knew I had 120 or so hours on the game, almost every in game item (at the time) and 3/4 of the achievements. I’m happy to say I passed all the exams but only by the skin of my teeth.

    10/10 would sacrifice school results again

  • My most extreme moment was from bloodborne, it was my first kill of the blood-soaked beast. After about 3 hours of failed attemptsand blood vial farming. I finally saw the matrix was able to time my guns shots perfectly but realised towards the end that I had ran out of antidotes and blood vials. I was on like 5% health when i landed a perfect shot for the riposte for the kill ran up to the beast hit him with a visceral attack and died just after the attack landed. Those few seconds of waiting to see if the kill registered and the relief of seeing prey slaughters come on my screen just before the you died screen

  • Most extreme gaming experience in my life was over a 2 month period back in Vanilla days of WoW when PVP actually meant something and dedicated players had somewhat of a community with rivalry and competition to reach top rank of High Warlord for Horde or Grand Marshal for Alliance. I was playing an undead rogue at the time and had really started to get serious about PVP, it was hard to get past rank 10 as you would lose rank over time if you even had a break for a couple of days, you would have to work twice as hard to get back up. I was playing 16 hours a day with minimal breaks and my friend would take over for the other 8 hours while I slept / had dinner etc. Basically my character was logged in 24 hours a day for most of 2 months and I had become somewhat of a PVP legend on our realm. I was so happy when I finally reached rank 14 and earned the title of High Warlord, victory had been achieved and it was time for me to rest.

  • Picture this, middle of summer in Australia in 1986… playing games on my BBC Micro B enduring those loading times via the tape drive with a water cooler sitting behind the computer to keep it cool as it would crash due to the Australian heat.. gaming doesn’t feel as extreme as those days 🙂 And at the age of 7, this was one of the most challenging aspects of gaming..

  • I remember playing C&C generals with a friend. The battle was a stalemate, and eventually we had covered the entire map with nuke launchers. Instead of fighting an endless battle, we decided to see if the game could end in a draw. So at exactly the same time, we launched every single nuke we had at every building we could. It was complete global thermonuclear annihilation. After our computers had stopped lagging from the madness and caught up… one building remained on 1% health… and my friend was victorious. Turns out my friend missed launching a single nuke and we will never know if you can draw in C&C generals. And I’ll never know if he did it on purpose or not (he hated losing)

  • Back in the good old days of LAN centers, joined a couple random session of Counter Strike (like, the first one, not even Source lol) while having copious amount of beers and Woodstocks. Passed out in the toilet for about 10-15 mins, went back out to an empty room… Turns out there was a Counter Strike related brawl outside! I stayed in and finished my last can of Woodstock, not going to waste alcohol!

    Youth eh? 🙂

  • Probably the most extreme things I’ve done with gaming over the years involves duration of gaming. There’s one particular gaming session that always sticks in my mind from 2003. There’s a game called “A Tale In The Desert”, which is a MMO set in Egypt and involves performing tasks to complete tests. One such test in the first installment of the game was called “Test of the Bedouin”, which basically had you running around the entirety of Egypt “tagging” altars with Cactus Sap. The problem is that there were other people doing the same thing and only the last 3 tags count. On top of this, to pass the full test, you needed to be the top scorer across multiple days and once your score starts to wane, you may as well start over from the beginning.

    To prevent your score from waning, you have to run constantly from altar to altar with no breaks. I sat there for those 3 or 4 days constantly running in-game from altar to altar, tagging the altars one after another, over and over, round and round. A truly gruelling experiencing that really needed endurance of mind, body and spirit.

  • While in year 12, myself and 3 mates spent 8 days straight to race to 100% final fantasy 10. 2v2. We slept and ate in shifts and went through about a dozen packs no doz. It was quite close all the way through until the opposing team missed the trial treasure for bahamut and had to load and earlier save and lose 30 min. Neither console was turned off for the whole time and my team ended up winning after 197 hours. Its the type of stuff we did before the responsibilities of adulthood crept up on us and we all went our separate ways.

  • Back in highschool I was living on my own and would sometimes go to a friend’s house on the weekend to do laundry. One day he showed me UFO: Enemy Unknown, which turned out to be a big mistake as I spent the next few weekends (and afternoons after school) playing the game while he did my laundry.

    Strangely enough, we’re still good friends today and are both excited for the 5th.

  • In the late 90’s when i use to head to a lot of larger LAN’s i remember organsing with a mate to buy his Headset that he would win for a CSSource Tournament.
    Note: agreement was even before the tournament started. He and i were that confident that his team would win.
    Long story short I bought a decent headset that day.

  • Running the latest Destiny raid for 16 hours straight and not actually completing it in the end. More ridiculous than crazy. But yeah, lol.

  • Probably playing “Keep talking and nobody explodes” in the food court of a shopping centre.
    In hindsight was probably a bad idea…

  • The SNES/Megadrive era was my “Strong Legs” phase. I lived 10kms out of town and my friend lived 20kms out of town. I’d ride to his house every Saturday morning with the Megadrive in my bag so we could play SNES and Megadrive games all weekend. On a few occasions I’d arrive at his house after riding 10kms and he’d excitedly yell something like “Mortal Kombat 2 is out today and I’ve booked it at the game store!”. I was the one with “wheels” so I jump back on my bike, ride 20kms to town, pick the game up, ride 20kms back to my friend’s house, play Mortal Kombat 2 until the D-Pad makes our thumbs bleed. Then we patch up with bandaids and keep playing until early the next morning. Unfortunately we were pretty strapped for cash and only rented the games overnight. After lunch on Sunday I’d have to ride 20kms back to town and then the 10kms home to play Fire Shark or some other Mega Drive classic. (Fire Shark had the worst ending, I don’t understand it at all). I had very strong legs because of video games as a teenager.

  • Can’t get more extreme then bike riding off the tallest building in San Andreas doing a spiralling nose dive and surviving without a scratch, CJ my homie the one and only

  • Nostalgia is powerful and thinking back my most extreme gaming moment would’ve been in ICT class at high school.

    We found a way to download files from the Internet by bypassing the firewall at school and the entire class would play Quake 3 Arena LAN.

    The one time we got caught we thought we were done for but the teacher was a substitute and ended up joining in!

    Good times!

  • Recently I was in hospital and was booked in for a procedure early next morning. I always take my laptop to hospital when getting treatment and I was heavily into fallout new Vegas at the time. I must’ve played the whole day so much so that, at 2am, the nurse came in closed my laptop and sternly said ‘bed time!’ She was so extremely pissed that the look in her eyes haunts me to this day! Without hesitation I put the laptop away there was no way I was going to mess with that lady!

  • My extreme gaming moment was in jedi knight two: jedi outcast

    I was fighting the final boss for about ten minutes with a endless clash of hits and parrys with no hope of winning till i accidentally threw my lightsaber and it sliced the pillar next to the final boss causing it to collapse on the final boss, killing him instantly.

    There will never be a game that will let me do that ever again,

  • I played a lot of Rogue Spear back in the day, The MET was a favorite map. One day while sitting in a movie, there was a scene in the movie at The MET, I said to my buddy, hey look that’s were we use to kill people….. Man, the looks I got. lol

  • Minecraft. 2am. Secretly logged into my 6 year old son’s world, mining for diamonds to put in a secret chest to present to him on his birthday. After 6 hours of grinding and with a nice stack of the good stuff in my pockets I make for the safety of home. Hmm what’s that temple looking thing? I should quickly check it out! Oh orange wool, cool I’ll have some of that. Wha….ARGH. *You Died* Ended up getting to bed at 5:30am with a lot less diamonds. Have been hooked ever since!

  • When I was just a wee lad, my family had one computer. An old HP tower with no redeeming features whatsoever. It was in the living room, and from the time I came home from school until my bedtime (lol), there would always be someone on it, doing something “important”. Bummer.

    Well, all my friends at school would talk about Runescape, and how you could catch up with friends and explore. It sounded AWESOME. I would sneak out of my bedroom (made sure not to wake up my little brother) and play between 2 and 5am. When my parents caught on, my older brother (a snitch) blocked the game through our router. I was devastated, but did not give up.

    In manuals, I looked up all sorts of things about router configurations and my problem was solved with a reset at the back of the router, using a trusty toothpick. I was SO happy. I could go to Lumbridge again and 1v1 in the wildy. This sparked my interest in video games and in computers, which I’m passing on to my little brother. Unfortunately, the character I used then is long lost, but I still reminisce about those days.

  • Back in the old days of Halo 2 (king of online FPS btw) me and mates used to do a 72 hour war.

    Each started with a set amount of money roughly 30$ (we were teens so pocket money style!) you could spend it how you liked to prepare for the 72 war! Obviously energy drink/caffeine tablets were a high priority, followed by crisps and easy quick to eat snacks.

    Friday 9am it was on! Halo 2- lockout slayer standard rules! Highest score gets to make all group based decisions (things you would normally do as a group of friends – cinema, LAN party, where to eat) so they get an overruling decision on these events until the next 72 hour war.

    Of course you are allowed to sleep but your character must stay in game so gives away free kills to anyone playing! Roughly 6000 kills, a full bladder and tired eyes someone emerges victorious!

    Those were some great weekends. Sorry if this post was too long!

  • Friends and i played Mario Party for the N64 for 8 hours.
    We destroyed 2 controllers in the rafting mini game and eventually got blisters 🙁

  • Some old school Colin Mcrae Rally at UQNGA lan parties back in the day (jesus I sound old). Real men (or edjits if you prefer) don’t repair between rounds and only race on slicks with ultra hard suspension… you also cut every corner shoutings “TREES” as if it had some sort of magical power to move them out of the way.

  • It’s a Tuesday. I was home late from work and my wife was on the kids football training run.
    SWEET! House to myself! As I boot up the ps4 I notice the icon for PT. I’m alone, its dark, its quiet, what better time than now. I boot it up and on advice of a friend throw on some headphones.
    I’m playing and I’m enthralled. What starts as a general uneasiness slowly morphs into dread. I don’t want to through the hallway again. It’s mundane yet I’m terrified. It’s only a game but I’m more than immersed at this point. I’m in that hallway!
    I hear Lisa and know she’s behind me. “oh shit oh shit” Walk away! Don’t look back. Eyes forward. The stairs. I’m nearly. I’m close… BAM! My headphones are ripped off! Controller goes flying as I stumbling over the coffee table to fall into the couch opposite only to hear laughter behind me.
    Fight or flight they call it. Well I was measured and I was found wanting. I sheepishly look up to see my wife in tears laughing. For her it was funny, I however will suffer PPTSD (Post PT stress disorder) forever I fear.

  • Honeslty spent 4yrs playing Morrowind as my one and only game, often spending all nighters designing mods for the community. To this day i still have morrowind installed on every PC i use.

  • The first time I played Half Life 2 was my most extreme gaming experience. Being a silent witness to the atrocities that occurred in City 17 by the authoritarian regime made me understand that games could make people connect with places and history in a very intimate way. While City 17 doesn’t exist, these authoritarian civilisations have existed in the past. The game made me connect to the atrocities of the holocaust in a very personal way. It gave me the opportunity to experience oppression in a way that reading about it would not allow. I had a very similar experience playing the Last of Us as well.

    These experiences have etched themselves into my life in a way that I didn’t think possible. Extreme gaming experiences are not about the win, the kill, or tea-bagging. They are about opening people up to worlds, times and places which aren’t available to them through film or literature. It is about connecting on a level that places us in the eyes of the protagonist. Half Life 2 gave me the opportunity to experience story telling that was implied and not overtly told.

  • Back in the 90’s my friend and I talked a guy at the computer shop to hook up a null modem cable up to 2 machine so we could play doom multiplayer. We told him we were going to buy 2 modem (Which were expensive back then) to play games on. We got about an 2 hours of gaming until he kicked us out.

  • Sitting down with my mum to play ‘That Dragon, Cancer’ was a gaming experience I will never forget. She is a palliative care nurse who comforts and supports patients who are terminally ill, as well as being a source of support for their families.

    Being the first game she had ever played, I was able to demonstrate to her the ability of games to impact people on an emotional level. Mum would often tell me to get back to studying, go outside… all the usual things that teenagers go through, but this game really changed her view on how these gaming experiences can truly change people’s lives.

    For me, I was able to share the story of Joel Green with my mum and discuss the work she does and how she copes with caring for people who are on their last breath. This game invited more conversations to take place between mothers, fathers, sons and daughters all around the world, which is something I will forever cherish.

  • Most extreme gaming sessions I had, was probably Europa 1400 (predecessor to The Guild) LAN game with a friend. We played it for 2 and a half day straight! In the game, you essentially start with a character, work and build up your business, get married, have kids, and then when you die, your child takes over and continues on. I must have been through about 10+ generations of my family, meanwhile my friend, thanks to the use of magic potions, somehow managed to keep his original character the whole way through! Was unbelievable!
    Combine that with the fact that about half way through our epic stint, I stood up to go make a coffee, and I passed out, smashing my head on the floor and having minor convulsions, and it was a pretty extreme experience for all of us! :0 My friend said the sound of my head hitting the floor was one of the most gut wrenching sounds he’d ever heard!
    A couple of minutes after the passout/fall, I got up, made my coffee, and we kept going! No lingering issues or anything, so we kept playing! In the end, I lost due to being unable to successfully have a child in game, so my family died out, and he won with his first generation character! 😀

  • While I was having a long gaming session of playing Fallout 4 on my laptop, the exhaust got so hot it lit my nearby notebook on fire and melted my rubber mat it was on. I was fighting in Dunwich Borer, so there was a small fire just for a min coz I didn’t want to finish clearing.

  • When I first got my Playstation (original) I went away with a friend, staying in a caravan park. I hired Abe’s Exodus from a nearby service station but didn’t have a memory card at this point. As it took several days to get to the end, we would pause the game, take out the disc, take it back to the service station, re-hire it, and then bring it back and un-pause it. This was all fine until roughly 30 seconds (literally, there’s a timer) from the end, after being powered on for 3 days straight, the PS froze. My dad arrived with a memory card the next morning.

    Why was this extreme? It was EXTREMEly terrible. Years later I’m haunted by the memories of that frozen screen. Only a free Acer gaming laptop could cure me.

  • Right after I got my new TV, playing Farcry 3 on PS3 for the first time on 60 glorious inches. T’was mesmerizing.

  • Pupil Free Day (back in the day). I stayed in my PJs and played Olympic Gold on the Sega Master System all morning whilst sitting in bed, perfecting the button mashing technique and systematically destroying all the World Records for every event.

  • I participated in a game I fondly remember as ‘Marathon Survival 1.0’ whilst running in the NYC Marathon in 2013. My first ever Marathon. This was the final level in my journey to become a healthier/happier person after losing 42 Kgs over an 18 month period whilst learning to love running and life again.
    This game could be best described as an extreme fitness/life simulator and contained many of the various survival mechanics or features which are the mainstay of modern RPGs, roguelikes and survival games these days.
    These included -: managing hunger/thirst levels including foraging for food (gels) & drink, fatigue & chaffing management (both nipples and balls), exposure to real time dynamic weather and the popular body movement simulator with ‘sudden need to poop’ randomiser thrown in for the most extreme of timed runs.
    But the worst feature in this game would have to be the built in ‘mental state breakdown’ variable which would pop up at randomly throughout the run, just to fill you with self-doubt, adding an extra level of difficulty. Oh and the chance for permadeath if it all went completely pear shaped!
    10/10 would suffer again gladly and I am still running!

  • My extreme gaming session was a bit unorthodox, no AAA titles or popular consoles. It was 15, 000 ft inside a Virgin (hehe) airbus on my way from Sydney to LA. It came in the form of poker on the inflight entertainment system; not the single player lonely dude edition, but a public plane wide networked game.

    Anyway, My cousin and I created a public ‘room’ for passengers to join and played a round while we waited, nothing exciting. However things got interesting once (what I’ll assume was a sporting team) joined the game. There were 16 of them, and we could hear them at the tail of the plane heckling, and wondering who they were playing against. I believe it was this public promotion of our on going game that sparked the sudden interest, because our game of 18 people shot up to 25, 28 then 36 passengers. The game lasted 4 hours before “Mother of two” (a late entrant) took out the game with an all-in gambit, eliminating the last 6 players.

    It was So much fun, and kept us entertained for the rest of the flight trying to figure out who “Mother of two” was.

  • My most extreme gaming experience? Would have to be when I was obsessed with Mario Kart Wii. As with many other online multiplayer games, there was also a clan element to it, just not built into the game itself. People had set up a website where you could discuss the game and join clans. There used to be tournaments and weekly clan races where six players from each clan would race in 12 courses and the higher total points of all players would win. Unfortunately, most clans were either European or American and so the clan races were always at the most ungodly hours (anywhere between 1 and 6 am). Needless to say my sleeping schedule was very irregular. I still remember my old clan, white winged atrocity.

  • I really like horror game but recently I couldn’t find one that was able to give me a good jump scare. Just yesterday I went to an arcade with my friend and we hadn’t gone to any for many many years. We spotted this particular arcade and gave it a try. It was like a closed box with 3D function. We entered and played it. I got scared to death. Monsters popped up unexpectedly. The surround sound did a great job. The box also shook a lot when jump scares happened. Even when we tried to anticipate, we got surprised every time due to its intensive action. I was like a cave man returned to a modern life. I was enlightened. Felt like a guy who first everkissed a girl in his life

    I got scared again and it was Gangster!

  • Back in Uni, I introduced Super Smash Brothers to my friends using a N64 emulator. A few months later, we found ourselves fitting 8 hands on one keyboard just to have a 4 player smash game. The hardest part was not the fact that there were no space to maneuver on the keyboard but the experience of having simultaneous sprains on several of your fingers just to avoid crushing the hand beneath yours.

    Thank god someone had the great idea of buying a USB Controller from the cheap shop afterwards.

  • It was my first time playing P.T. (I had been advised by a friend to download it ASAP) Not knowing what the game was about i kept walking through the doors, when Lisa first shut the door I had jumped up and flew back on my couch. But then i heard those words “Don’t touch that dial now” then Lisa attacked me and for the first time ever playing a game i screamed and threw my controller across the room. What make this even worse was that i had headphones in at the time. It took me 2 hours to stop shaking after that.

    I then decided to play Outlast because it was free on Playstation Plus that month.

    I’m surprised i didn’t need to be taken to ER.

  • One night a few years back, when Modern Warfare 2 was the newest CoD, my friend and I had the most epic co-op game in the airplane graveyard map in special ops. We had done every single map in special ops in hardcore difficulty except that one. It was so hard, there were just a tonne of juggernauts which would instantly kill you with pin point accuracy. We had lost countless times.

    One night after ‘a lot’ of drinks we decided to have a go. After getting half way through this epic journey we decided to make a run for it. We both were yelling GOGOGOGOGOOGOGO and they were all shooting at us, even bumped into one on the way, it was a miracle that we survived. We literally jumped out of out seats screaming when we actually finished.

  • Extreme is difficult because I live away from my gamer friends. But:

    I had been playing Spelunky, a very challenging platformer, for a few months and beat the normal end boss Olmec but never made it to the extra area; hell. I wouldn’t ever do the daily challenge because it added extra stress. One night a friend convinced me to do a daily challenge run and made me stream it. I was convinced I’d die in 2 minutes anyway.
    The run went well but I had low health all the way because of usual stupid mistakes. Somehow I got all the required pieces to go to hell and beat Olmec. My heart had been pounding for all of the 45 minutes to this point. I entered to hell and SOMEHOW blitzed it through the 3 levels of hell without taking a single hit.
    Then I pretty much immediately died on the secret final boss Yama. I still have never beat Yama.

  • A long long time ago, back in the mists of time, there was a little game known as Diablo. Certainly a little game by today’s standards, but one that was able to take a great hold on all that dared to play. And a friend and I dared to play.

    We were sharing a flat in Parramatta at the time, and happened to have some time off as Diablo was released. Our pcs were in the lounge room, basically next to each other. We both bought our copies of the game and started to play. Single player was fine, but things changed as we started multiplayer.

    For one week, we did nothing but play Diablo. Eating was optional. Very little sleep was had. There was no sound in the flat other than the sound of our mice and keyboards. No words were spoken. All communication was done via the ingame chat. Two men, completely taken over by this game known as Diablo.

    The scars have healed, but the memories and the game linger on. Versions of Diablo come and go, but none thankfully have completely consumed me as much as that little game way back when.

  • My two best friends (alas one of my friends has betrayed us for a horrible partner of his and we are no longer friends) but back to the story we used to finish school on a friday and binge drink coca cola and consume mass amounts of sweets and savouries, stay up late playing dynasty warriors 2 as time went on one of my friends would just zonk it so we’d get out the shave cream and use the old face tickle……remember that old chestnut haha good times. Once he was playing mgs2 in his sleep, the opening mission as snake on the freighter. He was still able to kill guards however, totally bizzare but true

  • Dumping a girlfriend to have more time for a computer game.
    Oh, I would so like to go back in time and smack my old self for it, because she was really cute, clever and in to me. Really broke her heart. And I never finished the game in the end anyway.

  • My friend and I used to be ridiculously good at Super Smash Bros. Melee back on the Nintendo Game Cube. I remember we would have one on one fights on the Final Destination stage with no items. My mate specialized with Fire Emblem’s Marth, while my main was the adult version Link.

    We were having one of our epic clashes, to the point where every attempted strike was met with the opponent’s sword. In centre stage we were going at it, trying to beat the crap out of each other and struggling to succeed, when suddenly, the TV turned off. It wasn’t just the TV that turned off, the lights went out. The aircon and fans went out. It was a Goddamn power out.

    We like to think that our battle was so legendary, that we caused a power outage in the entire neighbourhood. We were like digital Super Saiyans.

  • I had been an avid WoW player since Launch. Involved in the RP scene, part of a raid alliance that eventually moved servers leaving some of us behind.
    I had been attempting the Shadow Labyrinth for weeks, desperately trying to get the Leggings of Assassination.
    One Saturday morning in 2008, I logged in, determined to finally make it happen.

    What commenced was an eight hour nightmare. A few friends were still around trying to help, with numbers and composition needing to be made up via LFG, which was a tricky proposition.
    I’ve lost track of the number of attempts I made, but it was a herculean effort getting past the trash and initial bosses. If we made it past them, we would fail on Murmur. Only two runs actually resulted in wins, but no loot drops for me.

    In the end, I realised that this game was no longer enjoyable to play, in addition to the toll it had been taken on me mentally and physically.
    I was on Vent with my buddies, and with a weary voice, informed them that I was done. I logged out, cancelled my account and un-installed the game.

  • Waiting in a queue of 1500 people to login to the Warlords of Draenor release, getting down to around 100 when power went out. Relogin back into a queue of 1500, all for the ability of the server not allowing for you to go through the portal to actually do WoD content. Then waiting 3 days for this to actually be fixed.

    Extreme…ly irritating.

  • I fell asleep on the toilet. Not only would this be a problem in itself, but the fact that it was at school and i missed from the first period until lunch time really hit home that my gaming addiction had taken a turn for the worst. (Or better?). I stayed up until about 4am the night before playing age of empires 2 online because i had just discovered that gameranger existed. I didn’t even need to go to the toilet, I just wanted to play clash of clans in peace for once and to avoid my teachers having a crack at me. I definitely avoided my teachers for sure, it kinda hurt that nobody realised I was missing. In retrospect I got pretty good at aoe and missed out on class, so its a plus plus situation.

  • I went to supernova, and there was a inclosed booth featuring Evolve.
    I got excited and went in line..
    I go in and get the chance to play as the Goliath.
    During the game I was getting pretty lucky and was dominating the hunters..
    one specifically..
    Some colourful language was being directed towards my goliath and myself..
    At the end of the demo on our way out i past Minime! Minime from austinpowers was at supernova..
    Not only that.. but He was the person who was getting heated at me whilst playing Evolve .
    “Damn that guy..” was the last thing I caught as I quickly wondered past him.. acting as casual as possible.. red faced.. but giddy..

  • I was playing Halo 3 online (can’t remember the map). It was a sniper only match and I was doing fairly average (scoping to much, not enough of checking my surroundings). I get out of scope mode only to find a guy right next to me and I panic, as I run away I fall down into this trench thing. I jump up to shoot this guy and am facing the wrong direction while he is trained on me. I quickly turn and fire (all still mid jump). As I hit the ground I get the medal for a headshot.

    Best part was that it was all caught with my instant replay for future watching.

  • im not sure about extreme, but at one point me and my friends were addicted to playing league of legends that during a sleep over around 10 people bought their laptops over and we ended up playing league throughout the entire night. i guess the extreme part about it would be, that since we were all right next to each other a lot of swearing and raging occurred which even led to a fight. yes. we fought over league of legends. XD

  • So this is less about the experience of the game itself and more about the environment. Back in 2005-ish when I was but a wee lad, I was on a skiing holiday with my family. I was on a random slope when I noticed a large inflatable hut, sitting in the middle of the run about half way down. Since that was such an odd thing to see I go to check it out. Turns out it was a SONY promotional booth and they were doing competitions in there. I competed against three other people in a game of buzz to win a PS2, obviously being a dumb kid I didn’t win. But competing in a VG tournament half way down a snowy ski slope in freezing temps, that’s pretty extreme no?

  • A few years ago I a worked in an internet cafe that also had a decent kitchen and a bar.

    I didn’t and still don’t have a computer that could competently run Diablo 3 from launch so when it came out the only place I could play it was by using one of the work accounts after we had closed up after 3/6am depending on the day.

    Luckily a few of the other staff members also played D3 and one lived in the city around the corner from work (convenient shower power activate!)

    I could not have anticipated just how addictive and fun Diablo was when you have 3 other mates dropping in and out right next you and having access to drinks and a full kitchen (bulk schnitzel, garlic bread, popcorn and all postmix soda) could have been and spent full days going from working downstairs, finishing, going upstairs, playing Diablo for 8 or 9 hours and then starting work again. I’d do this again beofre being able to drag myself away for a shower and some sleep (and occasional uni, but you know.. Diablo).

    For a break we would play a match or two of Killing Floor ever couple of hours (combined with delerious levels of tireness and sugar and its quite delightful).

    I think it would likely kill me if I tried that now.

    • And that’s not to mention the battle of just getting Battle Net to connect.

      Pretty sure I would have broken the mouse and keyboard had it been mine and not works with the amount of errors.

  • It was 2009 and Dragon Age: Origins had just been released. I remember getting home at 7 am after a working twelve hour night shift and finding the game had finished downloading during the night. I couldn’t resist starting it then and there and the next thing I knew I was waking up with my head on my keyboard, the death screen on my monitor and my desk clock saying it was 5 pm. At this point I decided it was time to get going as I was due back at work in 2 hours. The next day when I got home around 7 am again I jumped back on and continued to play for several more hours, until around 2 pm, before I couldn’t stay away any longer.

  • Actually getting my sucky PC to play the games at a LAN party.
    The fun was well worth the severe pain in my wrists afterwards (from the gaming…)

  • Connecting to my local dialup ISP in 1996 and jumping on to their Quake Free For All server (before Quakeworld). It was exhilarating to join in and get among 15 other players all trying to cause maximum carnage with nail guns, rocket launchers and the lightning gun. How could I forgot the Axe?!

    I’m not sure what is more extreme: The feeling of becoming a Quake Deity for 30 seconds after picking up QUAD DAMAGE on DM4 whilst being lucky enough to have a full backup of rockets and lightning cells to eradicate my enemies with OR the intense anxiety caused by the fact that at any moment a family member could pick up the phone and put an end to the chaos that was unfolding on my screen!

    Those were the days!

  • i was never a fan of the horror genre. So my friend decided to make me play F.E.A.R. 3 and of course me being as scared as i am from horror games how could i refuse? till this day i still have nightmares about that possessed satanic girl.
    Scarred for life. 😀

  • The game was Battlefield 4. I was trying to wrap my digits around the helicopter controls away from the heat of battle, when a lone figure appeared atop a sandy knoll sporting a crude, unguided rpg launcher.
    “C’mon man! That’s not Cricket!”
    I shouted at nobody, I often shout at nobody.
    He fired. The damn thing looked like it was going to miss too, until I swerved to avoid it.
    As I began my fiery descent I waved my arms around like a muppet scorned, toppling a frosty bottle of fluid into my brand new keyboard in the process. I now own a waterproof keyboard. Extreme.

  • My friend held a LAN party/mega gaming marathon. At this time, my laptop was being a piece of [REDACTED] so it was getting fixed, thanks to an IT friend (still isn’t the same). My friend scrounged up an old PC with just enough capability to turn on without a 1.21 gigawatt battery. We started playing League of Legends, and I went with one of the simplest characters (Miss Fortune) because the computer was hovering around 10 fps. Towards the end of the game, I run into the bush near Baron, after the enemy team took it, and end up bumping into them. They were all relatively low, but I was still around 10 fps. I pop my ult, computer drops to 0 fps, lags for about 15 seconds. It clears up again and the chat is flooded with messages. Watching the replay, I see that I completely decimated the other team, and scored a pentakill. The game finished a couple moments later. Looking at the time, I see that I had been awake nearly 80 hours, and yet had the capacity to play LoL. That is my extreme gaming story.

  • when i was 13 i went to cuba and played 12 simultaneous games of chess winning 10 and drawing 2 games, when i was 20 i won the us tournament with a final score of 11/11. the only time in the tournaments history.

    no wait, that was bobby fischer. my bad.

  • I was playing Greed Corp and was in a pretty bad position. I had a flier and a handful of guys, but only one tiny weak little island, while the enemy had a full army, a plane to transport them, and a loaded cannon pointed at my face. On the computer’s turn, it flies its army over to my island and makes it clear that it’s invasion time. My ragtag group against a full army – I was going down.

    And then I realised he’d left his cannon unguarded. I grab my flier, hustle over to his base, and end up firing a shot I did not buy from a cannon I did not build at the enemy I stole it from. Destroy my own island (with his massive army of dudes still on it), and suddenly the game’s turned around.

    Achievement unlocked: With Cannon, You Can.

  • Mine was when gears of war 1 came out on the 360, had just gotten myself a new headset and went online for the first time, played for a full 31hrs straight was a good 2 days off work and the best gaming session I have ever had, still friends on live with some of the guys I had matches with haha.

  • In the early 2000’s, I drove from Sydney to Melbourne for a LAN party with a bunch of guys who were in the same RtCW clan. Around dinner time on Saturday, someone cooked a bunch of sausages in the stove grill and we all had a feast, then went back to playing wolf. Having fun playing, someone noticed smoke coming from the kitchen area. The grill had been left on and the stove was on fire. The fire brigade had to come and put it out! Afterwards, more gaming – thankfully it was just the stove area that was damaged.

  • My most extreme experience, and probably my proudest gaming achievement was completing the “endure” vidmaster challenge in ODST.

    To complete this you had to get past the 4th set in firefight on heroic (12th round, 60th wave). It took approx around 2-3 hours to complete. I had been trying all week, multiple tries each day to finish it.

    Finally on the 3/10 after a couple close but unsuccessful attempts the group I was playing with managed to beat it. It was the last wave, all my team mates had died and we were out of lives. I managed to hang on while being chased by three brute chieftains. Two with gravity hammers and one with a fuel rod. Found a fuel rod cannon on the floor, put them down and dropped the last. My heart was pumping so hard and I was shaking but we did it. The feelings of relief and elation were absolutely insane.

    To top it all off I was the only person on my friends list that managed to get recon.

    Incidentally, the only time I’ve felt anything close to that moment, gaming related, is when I completed the destiny raids for the first time on normal and hard, or when I made it to the lighthouse for the first time.

    • Did you ever do the Mad Moxxi Underdome challenges? 3 arenas with 20 rounds of 5 waves each. I managed to solo them in about 6 hours each. The worst part was when you died on wave 5 of a round and you had to go back to wave 1. Sometimes it glitched and sent you back to wave 1 of the PREVIOUS round. Fun times 🙂

      • Haha that sounds intense.

        I really should get around to playing borderlands 2. Played through most of the first but struggled to keep my interest. Everyone tells me two is much better though.

        I bought it on 360 ages ago and still have it sealed. Fingers crossed it comes to backwards compatibility so I don’t have to repurchase it.

  • I was playing halo 3 with friends. We were playing zombies on the large sand dune map. There was 10 people playing and me and my brother are the last spartans alive. With a slight bit of panic, me and my brother pull out our br’s after getting flipped out of our hog. My brother dies quickly as i start shooting zombie heads off. Apparently that day was the day i couldn’t miss. i quickly racked up a panicked Kilimanjaro and the zombies became much more cautious then running head first at me. They all came at once at me and i held of most the wave till i had to reload. After a swift death, that became my favorite memory of competitive gaming!

  • I was playing X-men Legends 2 on the PS2, and after hours of playing i finally made it to the boss, Apocalypse. no matter what I did I couldn’t defeat him. and i went to sleep thinking about how the hell I’m suppose to defeat him. that night, i had a nightmare about Apocalypse Chasing me and my family down a hallway that was in the game, and he was killing off everyone i cared for one by one. and when it was finally my turn to die i woke up in a cold sweat.
    g8 game r8 8/8 m8. So good that it’ll give you nightmares 😀

  • One of the early Network Meltdown LAN parties that I went to, there was a guy who had removed the outer casing from both his PC tower and his CRT monitor. Other than being dangerous, he’d overclocked his PC so high, he had a pedestal fan to cool it. Turn off the pedestal fan and it crashed within a few seconds! That’s extreme!

  • Playing a 21kill to 1death in Smash Bros with Project M running, then trying to save the replay but my friends refusing to let me know how. Agonising.

  • So many options… most memorable (and painful) was playing Tekken on the good old PS1 for so long in one session (unlocking all the characters) that I got a huge blister on one thumb – but didn’t notice and kept on playing! Needless to say that when it burst I had my very own ‘special’ controller than, for some odd reason, no-one else wanted to use!

    Beating the boys using Jun was a double bonus 😉

  • When i rented a copy of the first Fable for an overnight release and played it from start to finish over the course of the night/wee hours of the next morning.

    Also when I was 8 my dad let me stay up until 11pm on a school night to finish the Legend of Zelda. Just thought i would include that to show i have always been this Extreme.

    • Syndicate was the only game I ever played through in one sitting I think. I really should take a look at fable, it is still in my Xbox pile of shame!

      Wow, we got up to page 6 fast ;^)

  • A few years ago, I was employed to teach a space unit in the Science at my local high school (I’m trained in Art). When a year 8 student who was trying to be clever asked about the forces required to get a large space station into orbit. I bent down, pulled out my old laptop, connected it to the interactive whiteboard and loaded Kerbal Space Program, after a discussion about the components of the station, rocket and the concepts of DeltaV and escape velocities; I built and flew a large rocket into orbit, and to top it off then got the class to work out the mathematics using formulas I wrote up on the board.

    After the lesson, the student walked up to me and apologised for the disruption and admitted that he wasn’t serious about the question, I replied that I knew, but couldn’t resist the two opportunities that he provided me, the first being to teach him never ask a hard question unless you actually want an answer, and two, being able to get through a fifty minute lesson while playing a game in front of students and calling it an education experience.

  • I found out about the “birds and the bees” by playing Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Till this day one of my favourite games for teaching me various things 😉

  • I played Witcher 2 on my Dell laptop that has a GT520M graphics card. Burnt the motherboard which led to the couch catching on fire. Parents kicked me out 2 weeks later.

  • my most extreme gaming experience was probably at Spawn Point bar in the city in Sydney – they have a bunch of video games set up, including some horror game for the oculus rift. I was walking down a dimly lit corridor and just waiting for something to jump out at me while my friends watched the screen and waited for me to flip out. I’m pretty used to horror games so when I inevitably did encounter a zombie witch thing it was more shocking than scary – what was ACTUALLY scary was all my friends screaming and grabbing me at the exact moment the zombie did. I took off the headset and immediately had several drinks.

  • About halfway through a long train trip from Sydney to Newcastle, I boldly decided to play a ranked game of Dota 2 on my laptop. I had just rolled over to a new month of data on my phone, so I logged in and queued up.

    I decided to play support, as I wanted to avoid causing problems for the team if I lagged or disconnected. About 10 minutes in, a voice from the seat behind me said, “Mid is missing, be careful.” To my surprise, a young school boy had been watching since the start of the game. The boy and one of his friends got up and sat next to me to watch the rest of the game. With surprisingly little lag problems, some great teamwork, and the assistance of my two new friends, we were winning the game.

    It got a little bit more extreme when I realised I would be at my stop in 10 minutes. We lost a crucial fight in their base, before coming back and winning a Throne race that came down to the wire. I thanked my two coaches, and got off the train just in time.

  • My most extreme gaming experience happened in about 1991. It was the era when the first fledgling attempts at VR were in flight. An awesome fellow had rigged up 2 Amiga 2000’s with all kinds of crazy hardware and setup a Mechwarrior styled game with full VR getup. It was the first time I felt like gaming had transcended… now there’s a laptop that can drive a VR setup 🙂

  • i remember the time when gta 5 came out on pc me and my friends played it for 24 hours straight without sleep and love every second of it

  • I used to play WoW. Actually, it would probably be more accurate to say that for a time, I dabbled in a bit of IRL while playing WoW. I’m an old man now (31- whoa daddy), but some memories live on….

    I remember I joined this high-end raiding guild; the sort of guys who would always crush end-game raiding content in the first week or two of release. I thought- ‘yeah, I’m good enough to do that’. Little did I know that the requirement for this wasn’t actually how good you were at WoW, but instead was simply: ‘how long can you play the game for without taking a break?’

    The week before a new raid was to be released I asked the Guild Master what our schedule would be. He replied: ‘Schedule? Lol. There is no schedule. We just raid till it’s done’.

    I took 10 days off work and played for about 18 hours a day. It was the best gaming experience of my life. It was beyond gruelling, and we didn’t even clear the final boss in the end, but we had clearly proven to ourselves and others that we meant business.

  • 13 years old playing Metal Gear Solid 2, absolutely blitz through the game in one sitting until the very end where it starts to intentionally give the glitched out “game over” screen, freak out and reset the PS2, happens again, reset again, happens again, reset….. lose save file and refund the game because of the glitch. got me good kojima.

  • Actually attempting the Nurburgring 24hr endurance in GT4 at 9pm, only to give up at around 6hrs. This new laptop will help with those late night Armored Warfare sessions, also starting at 9pm.

  • I have so many good memories from gaming, it’s hard to pick just one for this contest that might be considered “extreme” but for me growing up just getting out of bed used to be pretty “extreme” just due to living in pain 24/7, which although I’ve gotten older and stronger I always will suffer some amount of chronic pain.
    For me though I remember I was 14-15 lying in hospital learning how to walk again after an operation, craving to just escape and play a game again and to find my freedom. First day after surgery they brought in this walking frame, gave it to me for barely a minute or two before saying I was good enough for crutches. And then heading home a day or two later I remember just racing (well as best you can when you’re walking with crutches) back to my room to get on to the computer and getting stuck into what I recall turned into an all night session of gaming. Runescape was the rage back then with my group of friends.
    Even now though gaming is my escape from a harsh reality and I now have a vast collection of games (1000+) !

  • Back when the 2011 floods occurred in Brisbane our street turned into an island, there was no way in and no way out. We had sent out a distress call in which police had responded that night..
    I had to leave my gaming computer at home and placed it on the highest point in our house (It wasn’t enough).
    When the clean up occurred I quickly retrieved my computer and cleaned it out as thoroughly as I could and let it dry for a few days in a tub of rice as a gesture to the Shinto gods for its safe return.
    It didn’t work!!
    I had to spend over $1,000 to get it running again so I could retrieve my uni work and save files (the o so important saves!)
    Needless to say if I had this laptop this disaster would have been averted all together. And who knows it may have even stopped the flood waters from coming anywhere near my house due to its awe inspiring fan cooling system 😛

  • Over a decade ago, a bunch of the SA LAN crew and I left adelaide after I finished my afternoon shift to make the drive to Melbourne ready for the start of the Ausgamers LAN party at the AGDC conference.

    After the long drive and no sleep, we spent the day playing games and eventually entered the BF1942 competition. We made it to the finals which were to be held the next day and started spacing out (or sleeping in the hotel room we had).

    Danger! The final was moved to the evening as many attendees were not staying the night! After spending an hour roundig our team back up, my computer died (win98 corrupted reg).

    Got to play on the final on a loaner pc which included my first LCD gaming experience!

    (We lost and slept like logs after)

  • My wife played Runescape for years prior to meeting me,
    and she was familiar with WoW, but had never been
    a big gamer for years – experienced and enjoying a
    level of status through obtained rewards, but not a big
    leader or anything.

    We didn’t game together until Guild Wars 2 came along
    and 6 months after it started, we started playing to
    enjoy the game, which was and still apparently is quite
    good, but also enjoy each other’s assistance online. And I
    saw my wife really blossom as a great gamer and
    a guild leader. We gathered a small tight knit guild
    of new friends and allies, with my wife as the
    in-game leader demonstrating instance runs, questing after points of
    interest and leading jumping puzzles, and I did more of the
    forum recruiting. But pregnancy and having our little girl together
    took us away from the guild and back into solo gaming.

    My wife loves Skyrim/ESO and she would love to get back into gaming with
    our little girl almost two. But our computers are quite slow these days and
    she would love a new gaming computer. So winning would give her a new gaming life.

  • [edited to bring down to the word limit]

    When I was much younger we had a LAN party at their fairly remote property in Adelaide, playing Doom II, because it’s awesome and one of the few games stable over LAN (It was a long time ago!).
    Because we’re alone on a large property unsupervised, we decided to do something fun and hooked massive speakers to the PCs.
    About an hour or so into the session, someone noticed a car coming down the driveway. This was unusual as the remote-ish location meant we didn’t get many visitors. It wasn’t until the big dudes in blue and black got out of the car that we realised they were police.
    After a mild bit of panic as we were, ahem, “inebriated”, the owner went to greet them.
    They come down to the shed to find 5 glassy eyed geeks laughing their guts out surrounded by a mess of computers, monitors, ashtrays and bottles.
    Apparently there was a phone call from a neighbour (who was a good distance away) complaining about a “war training” happening at a nearby property. The police didn’t know what to make of it all and just told us to turn it down, and went on their way.

  • Back in 2009 we played a lot of Left 4 Dead, most nights for a few hours, however one night will always stand out. We’d screwed up bad in a ladder match on the Blood Harvest campaign. Last level and we only needed one to survive to win. We stepped out of the safe house and one of our players got smoker drawn straight off the cliff, so now we were down to 3 at the start of the finale and really had no chance to win.

    So we said screw it, let’s just leg it and do whatever. No plan, no team work, just run and react. Somehow we managed to get to the last wave holding out for the ATV, I was down and the only person still up had under 5 hp. From the ground I watched him jump and flail around while the Tank tried to kill him, somehow it kept missing. As I died he managed to get into the ATV and the end triggered, he had made it. Somehow we won. The buzz after that was insane. It wasn’t even an important game but man was it a good one.

  • Probably that time in online GTA4 when we were in our getaway vehicle with me behind the wheel, surrounded by the fuzz.

    “Alright guys, I’ll get us out of here!” I said, as I hit the accelerator, immediately slamming into a barrier, sending me flying through the windscreen and into the water below.

    “uh.. where’s our driver gone?” said someone.

    “I’m in the water. Just leave without me” I replied.

    It was EXTREMEly embarrassing.

  • My extreme gaming moment came a few years back playing Medal of Honor Allied Assault MP. I was running up a spiral staircase while my mate was coming down. We both got such a fright when we appeared in front of each other, we both emptied our full machine gun clips at each other, completely missing with every shot. After we were both empty, our characters were standing in front of each other reloading frantically. I stopped laughing long enough to switch to my pistol and take him out before he had finished reloading. I’ve never laughed so hard in my life after being scared witless. It was such a great game for random awesomeness.

  • When my son was a week old, he lay upon my chest asleep and I braced him between my arms with my PS3 controller in hand. Without waking him, I managed to not only get a six in a row kill streak at the start of the match in Battlefield 3 but also won top ranking in a match for the first time ever. Being a dad is awesome.

  • Many moons ago I returned back to a friends house after a party, they had been drinking all day whereas I’d arrived late and wasn’t too inebriated. Everybody who came back started drifting off to bed or passing out on couches and I was effectively left alone in the house.

    Lacking anything better to do I flicked on the PS3 and loaded up the game that was in there, Uncharted 2, and started a new game on the hardest difficulty (no idea why). I’d never heard of the series, and to begin with I sucked, truly truly sucked. I kept getting spotted by guards, grenades launched at me from every direction and generally shot full of holes.

    It was addictive as hell though.

    When I actually started making some progress, the drunk and hungover alike started waking and crowding around. No one else wanted a turn and that didn’t bother me a bit. The sun had risen hours ago, the volume was near maxed out, I had a living room full of spectators cheering Drake on as I took down the insane shotgun wielding final boss and escaped the crumbling temple.

    Easily my most extreme all-nighter ever.

  • Camping World Boss / HNM on FFXI which takes a long time to do.

    One thing i remember i did was camping Tiamat with my guild which has re-spawn chance between 36 hour to 99 hour with 30 minute windows in between. On night time, i had to literally set my alarm every 25 minute and sleep in between those windows.

  • In my youth I remember playing Ragnarok Online, and in that game boss monsters (MVPs) respawn an hour after they were last killed. And to keep a monopoly over one of the MVPs and it’s loot, I spawn camped it every hour for a week.

    I would set my alarm for 55 minutes, get up in the middle of the night, kill it, go back to sleep, rinse and repeat. I can’t say that it was healthy, but definitely extreme.

  • What in the seventh circle of hell is extreme gaming?

    Is it something akin to, “I beat the entire elite four in Pokemon gold while sky-diving 10,000 feet without a parachute”, or is it more, “I defeated Dark Souls in one sitting, with one hand, while I juggled chainsaws in the other”?

    Don’t mistake my cynicism, I’m legitimately intrigued.

    I can recall gaming sessions that lasted nearly an entire day, but I wouldn’t call that extreme. Not by any definition of the word. Likewise I could recall turning a competitive match around single handedly, but that is still not extreme.

    I game for fun and because I enjoy it.
    Maybe I’m doing it wrong if I can’t think of anything “extreme”…

    • Yeah, I wonder the same thing, but long gaming sittings can become extreme – I had a blister the size of a 50cent piece on the ball of my thumb, attempting to break the world record for Williams Defender on my Atari 800, by playing for 16 hours straight with those old square Atari joysticks. So I was in extreme pain if that counts 🙂

      Worst thing was, it turned out the record was 200,000 or so points, I racked up over 16,000,000 points, so probably could have stopped after about an hour. I thought the record was 20,000,000 not 200,000.

      Other things are really just 3 days benders of gameplay in the shed with my mates when I was young, on the big CRT projector, not really extreme, but I certainly couldn’t manage it today.

  • I’m in the IT Dept at work, while people are drinking on Fridays my team plays Left4Dead (while drinking of course!)

  • Hired a copy of Mass Effect 2 on a Friday, sat there for 3 days straight only having toilet and pizza breaks until i finished the game on the Monday morning at 6am, dropped the disk off at Blockbuster on my way to work where i had a nice long nap in the corner of the server room.

  • Back in my college days we would play various shooter games including Call of Duty 4 and Counter-Strike Source often with around 30 other players. I cannot remember a time where I did not top score.

    What I learnt from it was the importance of how friendship and teamwork has its applications outside of things that are strictly social. My friends and I would always play on the same team and this was the recipe to our success.

    There is perhaps nothing more exhilarating in the world of video-gaming than a well-played team game, the moments when only one player is left on each team locked in a hunt for each other, the knowing that within seconds the outcome could go either way, the uproar of the winning team and the gloomy groans of the defeated. It’s something that you really can’t experience without friends who can share these experiences with you, with whom you can reminisce about for years after. Solo gamers are really missing out.

  • Rocket League ranked 3 v 3 match. Score was 2 nil and one of my team mates voted to forfeit then quit when we didn’t comply. So 2 v 3 and 2 goals down me and my random team mate came back to win 5-4. The best part was the other teams reaction in chat. Made my day. Down side, I saved the replay but the last 20 seconds or so got cut out so I don’t have definitive proof.

    Another Rocket League story, 2 v 2 down 3 goals with 30 seconds left. Manage to get three quick goals to force the game into overtime. After 2 and a half minutes of the most intense overtime my team mate scores the winning goal. This story is for those soft cocks that quit when their team is two goals down. Your cowardice disgusts me.

  • Christmas Day the year Tomb Raider 2 released. I was about 15. Unwrapped the game at 7:30am, pulled a chair up way too close to our old CRT Tv and didn’t move for 13 hours. Refused to eat Christmas lunch, no toilet breaks, nothing but total immersion in Lara’s world. My family were not impressed.

  • My girlfriend loves cuddling in the morning. So waking up and playing X-Com Enemy Unknown first thing in the morning, on her first day back from a 3 month trip would have to be my most extreme (and dangerous) gaming moment. Vaporizing extra-terrestrials is uncomfortable with daggers in the back of your skull.

  • A (what seems like) long time ago, in a lounge room (not) so far far away there were 2 younglings (probably around 16 or so I think) playing a game that they didn’t realise would change their lives forever.

    Picture this if you will. School holidays, parents away for a week or there abouts. 2 young lads (me and a friend who weren’t really massive gamers at this stage) with a vacant house to do as they choose, what do they choose to do? PARTY (surely you say) that’s right we did party, but not with other humans but with the mother of all horror games, Resident Evil 2 (my elder sister had bought it for me for Christmas)

    Instead of heading to the pub and getting beer, calling our mates to see who can score some weed, or trying to figure out which one of us was going to get the balls to call some girls and invite them, we dug in and we dug in deeeeeeep!!!

    My parents had left enough food for me to survive, my mates parents thought he had gone away with me and my family, we were set. We played that game for what must have been 2-3 days straight with alternate sleeping times (and occasionally just passing out with the controller in your hands for a few hours) we did not stop playing until we had completed the game as Leon and were chuffed with our achievements. We watched the credits roll and thought we were surely the gaming gods of the universe!!! We used no cheats or guides just pushed our way through.

    Then it happened……..what is this trickery my sleep deprived mind is playing on me, it….it..cant be!!!

    At this point we realised that we could play the game again in the B scenario as Claire. With a look of excitement and probably a little/lot of fatigue we looked at each other and just nodded as we started the game over again in scenario B.

    The second time through was a real slog as we were pretty much walking zombies (ha ha get it?) at this stage, but the excitement of working our way through and seeing the changes from our first playthrough and the storey from the other side was enough to get us through. We played, we laughed, we fought and i’m pretty sure we may have wept a little bit (no really its just something in my eye). In the end we got there, we had done it. I am not sure of the exact time frame it took for all of this but I think it was around the 4-5 day mark without the PS being turned off once. At one stage we actually hid from one of my other mates who had come around to see me because we didn’t want him to mess with our dynamic (or maybe just because he smelled I cant really remember).

    It changed our lives forever and made us both massive gamers to this day (we still play online as we are in separate states these days), as we realised that not all games were just games, if you dig a little deeper you might find a lot more that you think.

    As a side note, when my parents came home I was so obviously sleep deprived that they actually though I must have had a massive boozy party while they were gone and were going to chew me out about it. That is until they asked the neighbour who said he thought I had gone away with them because he hadn’t seen me at all for nearly a week (ha eat that mum and dad)

    So that’s my best/longest gaming experience and as far as the extreme part goes (if the length of time isn’t enough), well I was a skater back then (still am but just old and fat now) so you can only imagine the kind of terms that were used in the mid nineties, I can guarantee we used the term extreme at some stage (but more like XXXXXTRRREEEEEEMMMEEE DUUUUUUDEE!!!)

  • Shortly after the PS2 came out, my friend borrowed one from a friend and rented Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance for an over night gaming session on a new system we’d never played, only problem was we didn’t have a memory card so we couldn’t save progress.

    We spent 6hrs straight hours inching through the game, making sure at least one of us was alive at a time so we didn’t have to start over. After we’d finally saved up enough gold to buy all the shiny new armor and feeling invincible we hit a surprise platforming section (with classic randomly falling platforms) that we approached with undeserved confidence. Sure enough within seconds we had both fallen to our deaths.

    We literally sat in silence staring at the screen for about 5 mins processing what had just happened, turned to face each other and without saying a word, turned it off and went to bed. Good times.

  • It’ not really extreme but when I was 5 my dad used to give me grief about staying inside all day playing asteroids on the old Atari 800 when I could be playing outside. One day we got the call to say he had hurt himself at work and was taken to hospital. Long story short after a couple of back operations he was laid up for 5 months unable to move properly. To pass the time I got him playing Asteroids and we used to have competitions on who could get the highest score. It wasn’t uncommon to spend around 5 hours straight staring at that bloody triangle ship trying to beat my old mans score. To this day my dad is 67 now we still sit down and have a game whenever we can catch up. Not really extreme but Its the one thing that’s connected us when we have completely different interests

  • This calls for only 1 experience a game i still consider to be one of my greatest games of NBA ever, It was my 18th birthday and i had a few mates over not being a drinker alcohol was not exactly flowing, roughly 5-6 of us were sitting in front of the tv with the PS2 hooked up, all big basketball fans so only 1 choice and that was NBA Live 2005, i chose the 80’s all star squad my mate chose the East all star – I am all for the older guys he preferred the younger guys- it was going to be good.

    The game started off fairly mundane a few back and forth scores until i fell behind by 20 points thanks in part to tiredness hitting in (it was about 3 am at that point) half time hits and i am well behind with what seems to be no hope, Then it hits i start hallucinating and seeing the game as if i was back in the 80’s watching Larry Bird and Magic in real life, don’t know how it happened but being in that zen like moment hit a switch in my game play and i rallied back to close the game to 4 points going into the 4th. The hallucinations stopped at that point and i was back in reality.

    I eventually won the game by 3 my mate was upset at the blown opportunity to shut me and my old guys talk, all i cared about was that moment where the whole world seemed to stand still while i played, in the 10 years since i have never ever been able to get into that sort of a zone.

  • Once, I thought I was let down by nearly all of my friends.

    It was 19:00, thirty minutes past the scheduled login time, and I had been anxiously staring at my guild roster for every one of the 1800 seconds, eyes crawling over each greyed out status marker. This was the first time I had tried to rally the troops as a Guild Leader.

    Sure, we had played together. We’d played together a lot, in impromptu events, more like drivers on the same freeway who suddenly found themselves going in the same direction. But this was the first time I had actively tried to bring them all together in a common goal.

    My second most extreme moment was feeling like every excited “I’ll come!” was a lie. My most extreme moment was seeing the list of names flash on my chatlog, all of them asking when I would launch the mission.

    My most extreme moment in gaming is the simple, quiet satisfaction of teamwork and trust.

  • The first car I had was a little 4WD Daihatsu. Too much free time and a part time job meant that it ended up with about $3k worth of sound system, blue carpets and a laptop in the glove box storing music.

    As an avid fan of DKC and a uni student I ended up putting a SNES emulator on the laptop to play in the carpark between classes.

    One weekend some mates and I went to Myalup for a mini break. Ended up going out 4WDing a heap with the cursory jumps, slides and crazy climbs. Mate in the passenger seat was changing up the music when he noticed the emulator.

    The DKC music/experience is good normally, blasting over a great system as we screamed around the bush tracks with my mate collecting bananas and stomping Kremlin’s was unreal. You might even say it was X Treme…

  • I hope someone can relate to this:
    >be me at the age of 16
    >wait till I hear my parents snoring and sneak out to the living room
    >turn on computer,hamachi and Warcraft 3 for cheeky midnight dota match with the bois
    >the lads start trickling in and the match begins
    >choosing mid solo carry cuz I ain’t no side joe
    >game is super intense, neck and neck and we are about to gank the opposing team
    >then suddenly I hear door opening and corridor lights being switch on
    >while the gank is being initiated, I turn off the monitor and crawl underneath the desk
    >mum come into the living room scanning the area
    >she finally goes back in and I jump out to see the aftermath
    >caps locked messages everywhere, all towers destroyed, on verge of defeat
    >my lunch money on the line here
    >time to pull that Magic Johnson clutch
    >while team defending the world tree I sneak into the enemy base with my mate
    >back door creep and towers
    >win by less than a few hit points
    >the next day at school I get beaten up anyway cuz I’m a backdoor scum
    >would still do it again/10

  • Extreme vs Reality

    Case 1
    Over the course of a month, I bred roughly around 6,000 Scythers in Pokemon X in the hopes of getting a perfect IV Scyther for my competitive team, and maybe even a shiny along the way.

    I was literally just passing time while on the toilet.

    Case 2
    When the Last of Us remastered version came out for PS4, since I never got around to finishing it on its first release, I decided to sit down and play it all through from start to finish, in one sitting. It took around 12 hours to complete for me.

    I really just didn’t want to do university work, and ended up with a massive headache.

    Case 3
    I have over 700 hours logged playing Destiny on PS4.

    I’m too money-conscious to buy another game…

  • Of the three bosses at my company I happened to work for the most cantankerous one (read, very much old-school) who believed in ‘order’ above all else (including any semblance of fun, as you’ve probably guessed). Balance, like anything is the key to a healthy mental state – so with that in mind, once all the tasks of the day were dutifully completed, City Bloxx on my old Nokia 6120 (this was circa 2008) was my little escape.

    The scene was set for an incredibly high-stakes race;
    i) The boss walking back-and-forth past my desk, brow becoming more furrowed with each pass (you can only look like you’re picking up a dropped item under your desk for so long).
    ii) Battery on the verge of dying (my charger had been ‘borrowed’ earlier in the day).
    iii) On a record (for me) stacking run of 100+, extending into deep-space.
    iv) The overwhelming urge to continue until the end (whatever that was going to be).

    It was my own folly (the pressure!) causing this extreme session to draw to an abrupt close – 121 Bloxx. On the plus side, my citizens were happy to view the curvature of the Earth from their balconies.

  • My most extreme gaming experience is one that goes through the 5 stages of grief. Many years ago when I was playing Final Fantasy 10, I successfully captured 10 of every monster in the game (to unlock the secret uber boss) and completely re-done the sphere grid (replacing crappy sphere nodes with higher level nodes).
    This took many, many hours.
    My brother, who was visiting on army leave, deliberately took my PS2 memory card back with him, as he had his crappy car game save on there. He was then deployed overseas and lost my memory card. I was shocked at first; how can he even LOSE a memory card (something so precious)? Then I was angry; how dare he be so careless and thoughtless. I was then depressed; losing so much work really makes you uninterested in starting a new game, let alone the same game again. I then tried to bargain with him; I will reimburse him for time spent searching the barracks if he found it (he didn’t). Then there was acceptance; I may have lost my save game, but I still have the (painfully) fond memories of finally capturing monsters like Great Malboros and Demonoliths.

  • Magisters Terrace in WoW, when it was relevant. Healing up a storm on my shammy until Kael’thas Sunstrider. I let my team down, watching them drop one by one until i was the only one left standing, and Kael still had 30% left.
    I should have let myself drop, falling on my sword (and board), but then my stubborn gene kicked in, and through some fancy air swimming, fire and earth elemental summoning, and cheering on from my fallen comrades, i actually overcame all the odds and dropped Kael’thas.
    I ressed my party, apologising for the deaths and time it took to down him. They were great, the mood was upbeat and no one could quite believe i’d solo’d him down from 30%, most of all myself. Then we looted the body to have the rare Phoenix Hatchling pet drop. Even before we had time to oo and ahh over it, they decreed i’d earnt it, and all passed on the drop.
    The tragedy, the one man mission and then the elation of success and reward, it was an amazing feeling.
    200 words isn’t enough to really relay how grateful and pumped i was. Could be a novel;)

  • When Gears of War 2 came out, the first day I went over to my friend’s house and we set up 2 consoles and 2 televisions to play the campaign co-op on hardcore. I would’ve been about 14 at the time. We played non-stop through the night and finished it at about 5 o clock in the morning. We weren’t tired so we immediately started the campaign again now that we’d unlocked insanity difficulty. A couple of hours later we started falling to sleep so we went to bed but by the time we got there we couldn’t sleep. After about 30 mins of lying there awake we decided to keep playing. In the afternoon we got stuck at a really hard part about 2 thirds of the way through the game and then I went home exhausted. It was awesome!

  • Biggest WTF moment I had was watching the demo of the system someone built that was powerful enough to run 7 different gaming setups out of one system. The amount of power in that box was ridculous.

  • Last year i went travelling to Europe for a working holiday and managed to find myself in Stockholm and Berlin for the League of Legends EU LCS Summer Finals and World Finals respectively!

    I’ve been watching pro level players and playing myself (at a non-pro level) for years and actually getting to go to a live event instead of sitting in front of my screen on the other side of the world was insane. I got to meet tons of cosplayers and fans as well as some of the pros and casters I’ve been following for ages. It was super cool to actually meet these people in person and talk about the thing we both love, coming from so many different countries to the same place to play and watch League.

    Just the fact that I never thought I’d meet these people or get to go to the world finals since i live in Australia (until OCE wins worlds of course OCE > KOR) and actually getting to go was crazy and I loved every second of it.

    Shoutouts to Krepo, Rivington, Origen, Fnatic and especially Spawn for some OCE rep! Made my trip.

  • Back in the days of World of Warcraft’s Cataclysm expansion, the first raid was Blackwing Descent. My guild had been raiding it for weeks and weeks, finally getting up to the final boss fight, Nefarian.

    After about 3 consecutive weeks of 3 nights a week, we were getting up to the final phase but would just run dry of mana, cooldowns etc. Nefarian, on a measly couple hundred thousand health, kills our tank and wipes out all our melee DPS. Our resident pro DPS (you know the one, that guy who just pulls mega numbers all the time) kited Nefarian for what seemed like hours, peppering him with shots (hunter) and with everyone screaming over ventrilo, the hunter finally downed him. That moment when the Ventrilo server erupted with cheers, and the screen exploded with achievements… It was all anyone could talk about for weeks.

    Hands down the best experience I’ve had in gaming. I only wish I could go back and feel that again. Thanks for giving me a reason to remember that!

  • Most extreme: Titan in FF14. With an average ping of 500 across the raid, we never expected to clear it (but secretly really wanted to). Instead we were betting on who would get sent flying to their deaths 1st and how far they would get kicked off. This went on for 14 hours straight. Still have the battle lyrics engraved in my head. Good times.

  • my earliest fond memories of LAN parties are probably “extreme” by todays standard. Having to carry my monitor (CRT) and desktop on a skate board (made an excellent carrying device) to the local LAN party armed with a sleeping bag, later you leave the slum you called home for the past 2 days, eyes sore from daylight recalling the amazing Counter Strike battles you had.
    miss those days but thank god for LCD monitors and a decent internet connection 🙂

  • Getting dressed up in a suit and tie to attend the FA Cup final in Championship Manager probably ranks up there for me.

  • I was testing fallout 4 on my new pc, spawned 13000 melons. Vault 111 radroaches were moving at 60 but their animation was about 3, models were destroyed, textures where broken. Guess when you rename 1 files it breaks it to hell and back.

  • Going on a murderous solo rampage on Battlefront. Other team didn’t even make it to 2 digit kills (individually)

  • My tale is not the good kind of extreme…
    I was seeing a girl who would game, play until she could defeat me. Years passed, she had lost interest in gaming. One afternoon after returning from work I switched on my xb360 and found a gamertag I didn’t recognise. I thought nothing of it however…assumed her brother played. Weeks on and this mysterious gamertag had more than tripled in gamerscore. Once again, I didn’t question…she playing while I was gone?
    It was around 4pm, raining hard with storms loud enough to scare the pants off our household pets…but they were scared long before the storm hit. My girl and I had gotten in a argument for well over three hours prior. She had left her phone beside me and received a text reading ‘Hey, how’s it going baby?’. Yeah. Not cool. I did the stupid and approached her aggressively, which she turned on me, accusing me of snooping on her phone. After much beating around the bush, she admitted cheating on me…and she responded angrily. She eventually cracked to the point of various object throwing. Uh-oh you say…similar to what I said too. Trouble is, my xbox didn’t fly at me when she hurled it…but flew into the storm raging outside. The moment my electric brother hit the ground outside, I left that house and her. Not even going back for my considerable game library. I put two states (moved from ACT to QLD) between her and I. She contacted me months later with a picture of my xbox, functioning, with the word ‘Sorry’. I did not reply. I’m sorry brother, I know you’re trapped with a demon, I know you saved all those games for me…but I can’t save you.

    Sorry about the word limit Judges.

  • I’m gonna do an abridged 200-word version, and a full story for anyone who’s interested.

    Abridged: My friend, the most hardcore person I know, was crushing these dudes at CS1.6 at an internet café in Bangkok. They didn’t take it well, and tried to start a fight with him – he ended it though. One of them was stabbed in the leg with a steak knife, another had his nose broken when my friend hit him in the face with a keyboard, and the third had internal bleeding. My friend was subsequently arrested, and spent 2 days in a Thai jail waiting for his mum to come bail him out. Moral of the story – Don’t start a real-life fight with someone over a video game, because they might just kill you.

    Full story:

    This isn’t my experience, but it happened to a close friend of mine and it is hands down the most extreme thing that’s happened around gaming that I’ve ever heard of.

    So before we start, I need to explain a bit about my friend – possibly the most hardcore person I have ever met. The only time I ever saw him cry was tears of joy, as he chowed through the spiciest thing on the menu at a restaurant in Bangkok. He was next-to-impossible to piss off; he was half Thai and half English, and had the perfect mix of Buddhist Zen and English reservedness However, when he did get pissed off, he was a force of nature… One guy was determined to start a fight with him, but my friend wouldn’t bite… until the guy picked up my friends jug of beer and poured it on him. My friend calmly reach up, yanked out the guys nose piercing, then knocked him the fuck out.

    Anyhow, my friend was staying in Bangkok while his mother was visiting her hometown. He was playing at an internet cafe; one of the typical southeast Asian ones where you were allowed to drink and smoke and eat at your computer. My friend was pretty good at CS 1.6, which was all the rage at the time. He ended up playing against a few of the guy at the cafe, and he was absolutely crushing them, even while eating a steak. Now, being quite reserved, he didn’t talk trash or make anything of it, but these guys took it badly. They figured out which computer he was playing at, and decided that if they couldn’t beat him in CS, they were going to beat him in real life.

    So these 3 Thai guys start hassling my friend. He calmly tells them to piss off, and keeps playing. They started to physically harass him, egging on to come and fight them. One of them hits him, and he snaps. He reaches over to his empty plate, grabs the steak knife, turns around and stabs one of the guys in the leg. Before the other 2 have time to react, he grabs his keyboard and whacks the second one in the face, breaking his nose. He then tackles the third guy and they start fighting, at some point during which my friend gives the other guy internal bleeding.

    So the police arrive and arrest everyone. My friend ends up spending 2 days in a Thai jail, waiting for his mum to come back from her village (which didn’t have a phone) to bail him out. Apparently he didn’t sleep a wink the whole time, and kept the other prisoners at bay just by scowling at them.

      • Nothing – he got off because it was in self defense. There were plenty of witnesses around saying that the other guys threw the first punches, and he was outnumbered 3-to-1 so was deemed to have used acceptable force to protect himself.

        Or they could have bribed the judge/police. This was Thailand over a decade ago, so that’s also a possibility.

  • I travelled to Tokyo Game Show 2010 with my mate, and we played and completed Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker on the PSP during our flight – we didn’t even have a break during our 10 hour flight. We were hooked with it and loved every minute of it! Then when we finally arrived in Tokyo and we saw all the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Promo material at the show and that reminded us, how awesome it was and I purchased a playarts Big Boss figure 🙂 Oh and Japan was awesome!!! I differently want to go back again <3!

  • My most intense memory that haunts me to this day, I was 12 and playing Wipeout64 on the N64. It was my favourite game and the entire series is my favourite of all time.
    I wasn’t a super coordinated racer but I tried hard and spent hours on the game. On the final and hardest race I played the same level over and over until it finally nailed first place. I thought everything was now unlocked! Until my console froze because it overheated. I was so devastated!
    I don’t remember finishing it back then but to this day whenever I play a Wipeout game I have something to prove!
    I hope it is resurrected one day.

  • Almost 2 years ago to the day, I was in a grungy, hot, smoke infested, underground Romanian computer café, in the heart of the city of Timisoara. I had ventured to the café because I had received word, that there was a League of Legends tournament taking place, and it was open to as many teams that wanted to enter. Being an avid player at the time, I gathered my mates and off we went to compete in a tournament that ran ALL day. After registering our team, Copii ale Curcubeului, meaning Children of the Rainbow, we waited eagerly with about 100 other players for our first match. Screaming, and swearing permeated the air, the atmosphere was electric, full of cheering and jeering. When finally our turn came to play, we sat in our seats and started champion selection, but we didn’t see what was coming next…Teemo, it was already over in our minds. However, this Teemo happened to be a God among Yordles, and tilted us so hard that there was no coming back. We lost, badly, but I will always remember the moment I fulfilled a dream, feeding Teemo in front of 100 laughing onlookers. RIP Esports career.

  • Just a few months back, i had hit some hard times emotionally, and the only way i could get through was to game. i work full time, and have a wife and daughter, but i would jump online at about 7:30ish pm and game to 4 or 5 in the morning, then get 1.5 to 2 hours sleep, go to work – then rinse and repeat for a week and crash on the weekend. Some of the time was spent in rocket league and GTA V with work mates – they’ll never know how they helped me pull through. Other times it was wandering through Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings Online and jumping in group sessions just to not feel alone in my self-inflicted loneliness.

    This has been a pattern for a lot of my teen years and young-adult life, but I don’t think I would still be here had it not been for stupid, sleep deprived, Extreme gaming sessions online and in worlds like Skyrim, San Andreas, Middle Earth, Sylvarant/Tethe’alla and 2Fort just to mention a few.

  • It was during the classical Xbox era.

    Me and my sister were playing some Halo, the campaign mission when we it came to the last mission, and it was an intense car run to the exit, we tried numerous times, mowing down countless amounts of elites and grunts, it took us all day but we couldnt make it.

    On the final day, before we were going to get the new Xbox 360, we played the game one last time, we got in the warthog, and went through the hordes of enemies, untill then we made it, our struggle to get to the end, the running as the counter reached 15 seconds, we got inside the aircraft and got to see the glorious ending to Halo, Combat Evolve. it was an amazing day.

  • Back when me and my mates used to spend our weekends going to the Sunnybank Mall in QLD. Our typical Saturday was spent eating yum cha or KFC, seeing a movie and then hitting one of the various LAN Cafes there. This was when Battlefield 1942 first released. This Cafe had the demo running on every computer in the place. Keep in mind the only map available was Wake Island. We spent 6 hours playing Wake Island that day and returned the next day to play some more. There was still 2 dudes sitting there in the same clothes. I didnt go close enough to smell them but they obviously hadn’t moved or subsequently showered. 1942 was such a revolutionary game at the time people just couldn’t stop playing it. I wonder if we’ll ever get the magic back of releases like Battlefield 1942 or World or Warcraft that just completely change the game. Well thats my story.

  • My most intense, and actually most recent gaming moment happened during The Division Beta, in the Dark Zone of course. I was going in solo, and found some sweet loot I wanted to extract, but I’ve seen how those have gone down from afar. Worried I’d lose my hard earned loot, the wait for the chopper was the most intense, nail-biting experience I’ve ever encountered.
    Suffice to say that my pulse was beating so fast it seemed I had just run a marathon (I could actually feel it without touching), and I hadn’t even encountered anyone yet! This was all in the anticipation of a seemingly imminent attack or betrayal, I was crouched and hidden until the final few seconds, making a final dash to secure my cache to the chopper. Relief! I turn around, pulse starting to soften, and realise I am all alone, with no threat in sight.
    Honorable mentions to the tense stand-offs between siblings on N64 Mario Kart Rainbow Road, with extreme frustration. Also to tagging along with my older brother and his friends when I was a young lad to internet cafes, only to be T-bagged and laughed at by all of them.

  • Started playing Darkest Dungeon and ran into the Swine Prince two rooms away from the entrance. The characters were all pointing out that he was protecting the the little pig waving the flags and so concentrated on bring it down… which only enraged the Swine Prince and he brought down his massive cleaver crushing all four members of my party. The vestal’s pitiful heals could only manage a quarter of the damage being dished out and so one by one they proceeded to die whilst trying their hardest to take down the hulking beast until only one person survived – the paladin, by virtue of having the highest hp.

    he went home with 2 hp left. the rest were promptly replaced with the arrival of a new stage coach.

  • It was 2013 and SWTOR was still a pretty new MMO. So every day I woke up at 6 am just to play the game (My favourite game of all time is KoToR, so you must understand) and I intended to at least stop gaming to eat lunch but one day I got a pretty good group (there were no more than 10 people on high level planets at the time) and so I happened to be playing the game non-stop until 1 am in the next day. By the end my eyes couldn’t see anything properly for 2 days in a row; I found out that I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink for more than a day and I was just so focused on doing as many missions as I could with the group I was in. That was when I realized gaming habits could actually kill you. 😀

  • The night sky flashed with lightning, as the storm raged outside and wild winds buffeted our aircraft. We were flying across the Atlantic when we exploded!

    Before I could react, inside was out and up was down. I must’ve blacked out as we fell, because the next moment I was swimming in cold waters, surrounded by sinking wreckage.

    Struggling to catch my breath and stay afloat, hope arose when I saw a bright light nearby. I swam through debris and corpses, focussing on the promise of rescue. Scrambling onto rocks, I found a stairway to the door of a lighthouse.

    Inside, the statue of a man held a banner that spoke of gods and kings. Beyond, a strange sphere would soon take me deeper into this nightmare than I’d ever thought possible.

    Then there was the time I clung to a train which was itself hanging over a cliff, high up in the Tibetan mountains.

    Or when I was president and had to fend off an alien invasion with only my bare hands and super powers.

    Even bring your daughter to work day, was a tense experience, having to out-think an AI gone mad.

    My entire life is extreme!

  • Last lap on that annoying desert and train Mario kart track and miles in front with finish line in sight, and then BOOM…. phone call from boss… BOOM I’m way off the track into the sand.
    Phone held between ear and shoulder, pedal to the floor, sand flying everywhere, slowly making it back to the track, mate/eternal rival coming up fast, striving to go faster, anyone’s race at this moment, I’m stressing, his stressing, everyone’s watching in awe…. BOOM I’m hit with a green shell from third place…..

    I come third. I’ve never recovered….

  • I suffer from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. I recently partially dislocated my elbow closing a door a couple of days ago. Something as inconsequential and normal as door closing caused me excruciating pain. It’s another incident to include in the huge list of how my body is failing me. I miss out on being really physical and doing normal things.

    Luckily enough I can still escape it all with gaming. I can go on extreme adventures. Do extreme things I wouldn’t get to do in real life. I can go tomb raiding, I got to be a goat falling of a construction crane once, I’m Batman gliding with ease and punching baddies, I get to rescue little girls (never harvest!) while wearing an awesome diving suit in a dystopian underwater city and getting attacked by disfigured crazies, jumped off Il Campanile into a haystack in Venice, run the gauntlet as a meat boy and make myself stupidly dizzy while jumping high using portals. Games give me superpowers at my worst times. I can’t control what happens to me in the real world but I have a choice to be anything I want to be in games. To me at least, it’s extreme.

  • In europa universalis 3 I unified Ireland, took over Scotland and finally England. Its not exactly extreme and nobody really understands how hard it was………..I oppressed the oppressors man!!

    Also give me the thing………I want the thing…….

  • I missed the last train home from Brisbane to the Gold Coast and ended up at a train station in the middle of nowhere along the M1 motorway. It was 3am and absolutely nobody was around. I walked onto the 4-lane motorway and lay down right in the middle of the road. Then I turned on my Nintendo DS and played Mario Kart. The sound was turned all the way up, loudly echoing in both directions. A car eventually came speeding toward me but I wasn’t going to move when so close to winning my race! The car merged into the far lane and sped past me just as I crossed the finish line. It was the most intense game of Mario Kart ever.

  • My most extreme gaming experience.

    I think actually playing competitive Smash Bros, or any competitive game really. The game is so intense at that kind of level, especially when you are on game 3 of a super intense set with both of you one hit from death. The mind games you play with your opponent, the intensity as you are both concentrating, trying to find an opening while not messing up, the sweat on your hands as you grip the controller, the adrenaline rush when you win or the frustration when you lose. It truly is extreme in every sense of the word…after the match you actually feel exhausted! But I love it, and I love competitive gaming in general.

    And I need the hardware to take my PC competitive gaming to the next level! 🙂

  • As an adult I laugh about this but… Clanker’s Cavern in Banjo Kazooie was the most intense gaming moment of my life.

    Growing up I had always had a bit of a fear of water, swimming through the murky water in that level I couldn’t even make it through the tunnel into where Clanker sat because as soon as he started to speak I freaked out thinking that he was swimming up behind me. At that point I would start hyperventilating and turn the console off at the wall… This continued for days until I finally just gave up…

    What I now know thanks to an emulated version of the game is that Clanker may just be the nicest mechanical shark ever made and I finally completed the level 15 years after I started it.

  • Playing Fallout 2 on my parents old Pentium I in a poorly ventilated room during a 40 degree Brisbane summer, drenched in sweat, old pedestal fan blowing hot air in my face, until the mouse pad melted and fused to the computer desk. I feel like it really added to the immersion of the game

  • My craziest gaming moment was all about the stress of both game and situation. Back in primary school, when I played through the Original Doom (or Doom 2, can’t recall exactly) in a single co-op session over direct connect dial-up modem. It was terrifying knowing at any stage someone could call/pickup either of our landline phones and we’d be booted from the game. We somehow got through the game in that one session.

  • Back in 2009 some friends and I went to a party. It wasn’t a big party or one with a lot of alcohol, more the kind where people enjoyed PAPER craft. You know, cutting little squares out of PAPER. General PAPER stuff. It was basically a PAPER PARTY. Get my drift? Anyway, we were playing a lot of COD4 at the time and somehow thought it’d be a good idea to bring our computers. Three of us: towers, monitors, keyboard and mice, etc. Shipment level, shotguns only. It was amazing and liberating and terrifying all at once. My most distinct memory is wondering why I could no longer look around, only to discover that I was holding my mouse above head height. Also I felt like my avatar was flying and I was flying with him. It was extreme. I was COD4. A little part of me probably still is.

  • My most extreme gaming experience was about 5 years ago, and happened at high school.
    Near the end of the term us nerds would gain access to the computer lab at lunch time (My mate’s Dad was a teacher) and play Halo CE. Now this wasn’t proper Halo; it was a multiplayer only .exe file that didn’t require a disc. And because all the school’s PC’s were on the same server, we could play together.
    This particular day, we somehow ended up with at least 12 extra people because word about the game had got around. We had kids from all cliques coming in to play with us nerds. This led to an incredibly intense 8 v 8 match of Halo CE during school hours in a computer lab that was supposed to be used for only schoolwork.
    We spend the entire break killing each other on Blood Gulch. One kid came 4th by only running people over in warthogs and ghosts, and the other team managed to stick my friend’s banshee with three plasma grenades at once. All while looking over our shoulders to make sure the teachers weren’t coming. Definitely the most fun gaming experience I’ve ever had.

  • My friends and I were playing SWAT4 co-op. For the first time ever we were having a good run. Most of us would normally die, or a hostage would get executed, or we’d get penalised for unauthorised use-of-force and so on. This time, things were looking up; all suspects and civilians were cuffed, all status updates called in and no one injured. All we had left was to secure a missing weapon before calling it in. The excitement and anticipation for our first perfect mission rating permeated our group call.

    We split up and started sweeping the map. As I crouched down to look under a desk, one of my mates stifled a giggle. I turned and found myself staring down the barrel of his M1911 and BLAM! The call erupted with yells of “What happened?!”, “Nooo!” and “Kevin, you asshole! What was that for?!”

    The mission was a scrub. The rest of my team shot the traitor and cleaned house. The moment we respawned, we encircled him. There was no mercy. Not even his pleas of “Come on, guys. It was funny!” could drown out the sound of 50,000 volts repeatedly delivered to his face.

  • Most extreme and funny experience. Years ago a mate convinced me to go with him to a Marathon Session (6pm – 6am) at a local LAN center. The game of choice was CS and I was pretty bad at it running around with only a shotgun while 99% ran with AWPs to see how long I lasted. I managed to survive to a 1v1. Maybe I could win this? Both pop up at opposite ends of a gantry that ran the length of the map running towards each other. Full action movie style. 2 shotgun ammo left. Too far away to be effective. Must get closer. He takes 2 shots with the AWP both miss. He switches to side arm and makes a few good hits. I’m nearly dead. Finally close enough to take a shot. First shot a hit. Still alive… closer again. second shot HIT and KILL winning the round for my team. All watch and cheer as I jump around on the gantry celebrating. I miss judge a jump. Fall of the gantry take damage and die….. *sigh*

  • Like most people I’ve done some marathon sessions, but I’d say the most extreme thing that has happened was playing Monopoly. I rolled a double 6, counted out the steps as I moved my piece along the board, and as then as soon as I said 12 as I placed the piece down the light globe above my head exploded.

  • Over the years I’ve done a heap of marathons, a heap of LANs, but I would say the fondest one that comes to mind.

    Back in the early 2000s probably 03 me and a few friends had an idea to go camping over a long weekend, someone floated the idea of a camping lan. Someone’s uncle had a cabin in the bushy mountains up near Omeo/Kosiuszko. No running water, no power, dirt roads.
    We loaded up what we needed, generator, fuel, food, booze, water and off we went.
    After hours we were there, cabin had the bare minimal, 3 rooms, a few solid tables a mis mash of rusty cots, old pot belly stove, we squashed the 4 of us in with our computers, using fold out chairs, generator set up on the veranda.
    It had an outhouse, a rusted corrugated iron shed filled with red backs, we designated a latrine area.

    Everything setup we got to drinking and getting into the right mood, we watched a few horror movies, The Blair witch project, cabin fever, wolf creek. as the sun went down ,then we settled into the main course, a CO-OP binge through system shock 2. 3 people playing one person watching. The cabin was dark, lit by candles, warmth from the stove, there was comradely, we were all tipsy, everyone was there and things were good, outside was dark , cold and forboding. We had done a good job of spooking each other, so heading out the sky was overcast, it was pitch black, when the generator cut out it was deathly silent. You could hear nocturnal animals moving around the place, to to the slightly tipsy on edge mind they were creatures out to do you harm, toilet breaks were hurried affairs. Problems with the generator were group affairs, least we be picked off one by one.

    Midway through the second day it started to storm, which continued into the night, the four of us moving onto slightly friendlier less creepy movies and games, the cabin leaked, there were some resuffles and buckets moved to strategic places. But by the second night we were tired, worn out and had resorted to watching movies on a laptop and card games by candlelight to save on restarting the generator.
    I don’t think any of us slept, trees hitting against them, rain rattling against the corrugated roof, everything outside moving and thrashing around.

    3rd day we all packed up and settled in for the long drive home. I would do it again with laptops so we don’t need to worry about lugging screens or the generator going out as much. Or if the place had electricity going to it. Games have only gotten creepier.

  • Many, many moons ago I was gifted a case of Jolt cola (double the caffeine of regular cola) and decided to cart it along to a CS LAN party. Thinking it was like regular soft drink, I downed half the case before turning into a lanky version of Homer Simpson on the Guatemalan Insanity Pepper. I tried to eat 3 pop tarts at once for a laugh, started choking, then attempted to jump away from the choking hazard from the 2nd floor balcony. I wound up in hospital with a sprained ACL and severe ticker palpitations. Good times.

  • Total hours logged into World of Warcraft consists of over a full year of my life… Too extreme to think about, really…

  • I used to play Need For Speed: Underground so much on the XBox. During one of the final 10 lap races, i was concentrating so much on the race that during the last lap i proceeded to bleed from my nose. I didn’t realize until my brother told me during the lap. i finished the race and won and stopped playing for the evening. The next day i played again on the next race, it happen again, i got another nose bleed. That was the last time i played that game and have never clocked it to this day.

  • Rhyming is extreme.

    ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ is a game me and my friends play loads.
    We’re given a bomb with eleven modules, five minutes and a room.
    It’s our job (four of us) to make sure the bomb doesn’t go boom.
    The game doesn’t bore us but it might be our doom.
    Our families ignore us except when we fume.

    My friends have a book called bomb defusal.
    I’m left with the bomb after their refusal.
    The moment in question occurred five hours in.
    Just before we threw the laptop where it belonged in the bin.

    Three modules left: A button, wires and Code.
    We were stressed – and it showed.
    I first hit the button and it glowed blue, they said to release it immediately and it turned out to be true.
    Then came the code with dots and dashes we had to be quick or I would be ashes.
    Last of all was wires to cut, I felt the panic in my gut.
    ‘Dude, cut the wire before we expire.’
    ‘Black, blue or red? Hurry, we’re almost dead!’
    They were yelling.
    So much emotion.
    But I cut the right one.
    Thank god. . .
    No explosion.

  • LAN’ed for about 34 hours straight with no sleep. Everybody by the end to me sounded like a computer generated Stephen Hawking voice. I couldn’t wait to get to sleep as a result of that. The same LAN brought one of my friends for the first time. Didn’t bring the usual snacks or munchies, but brought along home-made food from his mum for everybody. He copped flack initially but by the evening was praised and loved by all due to his mum’s kick arse home-made chicken noodle soup. Best invite decision ever.

  • Playing Alien Isolation, I was running away from the alien and I just got captured by the alien and I was terrified.
    Just as this happened the power went out in my house.
    I was all alone and it was like I was in a horror game of my own….

  • I was playing Dota 2, about 5 minutes into the match 3 of my team mates disconnected, despite this I managed to hold my ground thanks to Clinkz’s mobility, for a while we were at a 5v2 stalemate and as they caught up with my gold and experience they slowly overcame me and began taking towers. Then one of their players dc’d and suddenly it was 2v4 and we managed to push back and win the match. I went 37:2, my team mate went 1:1

  • 48 hour levelling grind when WoW: WoD dropped, played through server crashes, bugged quests and over populated areas to grind out 2 toons and get them raid ready. I have never wanted to smash a keyboard in frustration more in my life as when Highmaul eventually dropped but still a 2 day gaming binge fuelled by pizza and energy drinks was great fun, the nap afterwards is the best sleep I have had in my life (18 hours)

  • Highschool 2001. Couple of the guys had managed to get a couple of computers into the dorm. Red Alert 2. Hammer and Sickle. 1v1. I choose Allied forces, he goes Soviet.
    We progress but I eventually lose my base and all my units, except for a solo Chrono Legionnaire. Thankfully Short Game was not enabled and Crates Appear was on.
    I chrono hop around the map, picking up crates. I amass a fortune and send the occasional unit to its death. Resources are low for my opponent. One, two MCVs. I quickly establish a base and with my superior resources, I crush him into the ground with a glorious victory for me and the Allied forces. There have been some crazy Battlefeels and great times in 2Fort, but that stands out as my most extreme gaming moment.

  • I once purchased what I thought to be an Extreme Gaming Laptop. Enter the Acer Aspire 5740G.

    This powerhouse of a portable PC included the latest Intel Core i5 430M Arrandale mobile CPU, a mammoth 4GB of RAM, Radeon HD5650 mobile graphics and a 750GB(?) HDD. All for an impressively low price of around A$1,600 in 2010. I knew Crysis Warhead would run so smoothly on this.

    Sadly, the reality was this; The keyboard was terrible. The trackpad was terrible. The ultra glossy screen was detracting. The top blue lid was a fingerprint magnet. Battery life was two hours, tops. Kids in sweatshops were involved in the making of. Animals were also harmed. And Crysis Warhead only pulled about 10-20FPS at best and as such I only played about half an hour of gaming on the machine, total. Huh. I ended selling the laptop on to a friend for around $500 six months later, extremely disappointed.

    However I now continually upgrade my desktop where necessary to accommodate my extreme gaming needs. Help me Acer Predator, you’re my only hope!

  • Playing skyrim and whilst levelling up my sneak and pickpocketing, getting caught and accidently killing the entire town to prove it wasn’t me that stole the goods. Thats how you get rid of a bounty folks.

  • When I first got my playstation 1. My 1St game was crash bandicoot 2. My parents did not buy me a memory card, so I started playing straight away and played through the whole game without saving. Upon finishing it, realised you could 100% a game, so continued playing. Four full days later, after taking sick days off school, I got 100%. Then turned it off. Then bought a memory card a week later and did it all again!

  • My highschool had laptop usage for all classes and it eventually led to most students having giant lan parties throughout the day mostly playing CS and starcraft.
    Of course the teachers didnt like that so if they caught you they would send you to detention. But the detentions turned into lan parties real quick anyway.
    My most extreme gaming moment was in detention playing cs, where we had to keep alt tabbing out to avoid detection and try not to get killed while we were out

  • Back in the days of LAN my group of mates would frequent a cyber cafe which some great PCs.
    We went in one Friday afternoon. The temperature outside was 37, and as we walked in expecting air conditioned comfort we were met with sauna like conditions. The worker there explained the air-con died.
    We paid, grabbed drinks, sat down and started BF1942.
    During our fourth game I noticed a friend was AFK. I looked over and saw him slumped with his drink spilt everywhere. I alerted the clerk who called an Ambulance.
    We placed a wet towel over him and he had awoken before the Ambos arrived. My friend insisted we stay as he got in the Ambulance.
    Sometime later another group came in to play, minutes later there was a tremendous bang loud enough to make everybody jump.
    We stood up and saw a cloud of smoke billowing from the PC my friend had used. Sprinklers came on, dousing everybody in filthy water. We evacuated and went home.
    Weeks later they were a closing down. Word was the spilt drink had dripped into the PC and blown the PSU, the sprinklers screwed the other boxes causing $10,000s of damage.

    • Edited for the 200 word limit – TL;DR my mate got heatstroke, spilt a drink and inadvertantly caused massive damage to a cyber cafe.

  • My most extreme gaming moment was in my first year of studying game design. My teacher gave us a group of 8 a challenge to create a playable FPS level, to be completed in a day. By completed he meant completed 3D models with textures. This was a month into a 2 year course and I can say the challenge was accepted and we pulled it off….some how.

  • Took the cover off my original 60gb ps3 and put a fan facing directly at it when playing demons souls. Would i defeat the next boss in time or would it overheat. Platinumed the game. Ps3 ylod.

  • When I was 16, I played Police 911 at Galactic Circus. For those who don’t know it, it was a light-gun shooter like Time Crisis, except there were sensors that detected your body position, so that you could physically duck into cover. I spent most of my time playing in a semi-crouched position, and got pretty far into the game.

    After sitting in the car for 40 minutes on the trip home, as soon as I got out of the car my back seized up and I fell over. I had to crawl to my front door, where my mum was greeted by the sight of me on my hands and knees because I could no longer stand up straight. I had to spend the next week at home, which I would have been happier about if I didn’t had to take public transport to see my GP, grimacing the whole way.

  • Playing Duke Nukem 3d on-line back in the day, navigating those DOS menus, hoping to hell the phone didn’t ring, waiting 25 minutes for a new map to download and play…… only to find out it was a terrible boring map with a cool name…. good times… good times

  • 3 Guys, a dragon and a pizza place.

    Hired out Spyro 1 for ps1 from video2000 as an overnighter. Started Saturday afternoon, with a turn being you either finish the level or die, with no cheats activated. Went through every stage to get every gem and secret. Stayed awake for 24 hours straight, getting closer and closer to 100%. Then we did it! And it unlocked a bonus stage, finishing the game with 120% completion 😀

    Hit the Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 demo hard. Stopped for a sandwich and cut my finger. Put a bandaid on and kept playing. Looked down after finishing school 2 for the hundredth time and the ps1 controller is covered in blood.

  • I could write about my massive CIV V or Battlefield 3 sessions with friends but what trumps both are my early memories of playing street fighter II on a hand me down sega mega drive as a 6 year old until i had blisters on my thumbs from too many hadoukens!!

  • Back in the turn of the century! I was actually living in a retirement village. (I was 18 years old, my mum worked aged care at nights)

    I was fiending pretty hard on Counter Strike, I was set up for the night. Drinks/Dinner headphones on loud and no-one else home.
    At some stage through my session (around 2am) I started hearing a banging, I turned around to see a caretaker knocking on my window trying to get my attention. Apparently I kicked my headphones out with them still attached. My speakers were turned up so loud i didn’t notice, my neighbours noticed. I guess they aren’t hardcore gamers.

  • When Elder Scrolls Online released the new raid, Sanctum Ophidia, on PTR, me and my mates gathered a rag tag team of ~15 people to try it out and have fun.
    Fast forward to official release of the raid, we ended up racing for world first, and after 2 weeks of almost 7 hours gaming almost every night. We got the damn thing to ZERO hp, and we died, wondering why the boss didn’t die. We called up Bethesda to see what the hell was going on, and barely got an answer. Not taking up the defeat, we went back into the raid, and this time we killed him for real. Turns out the boss had a mechanic that lets him do one ‘final attack’ before dying for real.
    TL;DR: raced for world first and actually claimed it for the glorious nation of Australia.

  • Back when Pokemon emerald was a fairly new game I was playing my first play-through. I was in the battle with Groudon and I was desperately trying to catch him, none of my higher level pokeballs had worked, It was on almost full health, I only had one Pokemon left on about half health (two or three hits away from death) and on three normal Pokeballs .
    It was at this moment that my parents told to go outside and move the trampoline, so praying desperately I stepped outside spamming the A button on my game boy advanced (It was night and the GBA had no backlighting). I don’t when it happened but somehow when I was moving that trampoline I managed to catch Groudon with my Pokemon on 2 HP, with an ordinary Pokeball. Now days it might not sound amazing but to my 8 year old self it was the most extreme and amazing thing ever, the defining moment of my Pokemon playing.

  • Playing 16 player Call of Duty: Modern Warfare in a demountable in Afghanistan in 2012 whilst actually under the threat of being mortared or rocket attacked by the Taliban mid game.

  • Whilst playing Star Wars: Battlefront II on the PS2 with @neonjackal a few years ago, we came to a standstill on Naboo. It was us, vs a legion of Stormtroopers. Our reinforcements were depleted, our camp was a corner in the city next to an ammo droid and a health droid and the torrents of white armor came at us wave after wave, after only one thing; our destruction. We were two lowly Rebel Soldiers, tasked with the seemingly impossible. To retake Naboo from the Empire. Blasters were obliterated, blood was shed, friends – allies, comrades in arms …. family – were lost, forever. At one point, sweat covering my face, I looked to my fellow Rebel. Our hope was fading. No Jedi were there to help us. No reports of more reinforcements coming any time soon. It was up to us. The fate of a planet rested sorely on our shoulders, our spirits, and our ability to conquer with nothing but a blaster pistol and an Elite Rifle. But through our sweat, tears, and several cans of Pepsi Max and Milo covered ice cream, we persevered! The blue title ‘Victory’ across the screen had never looked so beautiful.

  • My most extreme gaming scenario occurred early last year, as I had just setup my Frankenstein computer setup for a 24 hour gaming binge. As we fired up a couple warm up games of COD, the ear piercing bloodletting scratchy screech that melted my eardrums from a full water cooling loop hose break became clear. Roughly 700ml of plain ol demineralised min water had soaked every component to death. Everything has water pouring out of it as it was removed from the makeshift case. A quick spin in the car down to Repco, and a $30 can of automotive contact cleaner, some pressurised air and 30 minutes of brutally dry 40degree SA sunshine and she was as good as new and back up and running an hour later. All the individual parts even looked immaculately clean thanks to the contact cleaner, not a spec of dust in sight. I could not have been more relieved in my life, and the evening went on without a hitch with my paint swapping, bullet eating and Rage for ny fellow gaming brethren. Love my Gaming!!!

  • When I was younger myself and a few friends went on a 30 hour binge of runescape. We all got a membership and pooled our money together to buy a slab of pepsi from the shops. 

    We went through the wilderness and had an hour stand off With these four other guys. It was intense as we had skulls and alot of gear. We made a sprint for a house with a teleport switch in it and shut the door but it wouldn’t work, we were trapped! 

    Lucky for my friends their magic skill was high enough to teleport but mine wasn’t. The only plan I had was give my friends the most important stuff while shutting the door every time our adversaries would open it so they couldnt get in while they teleported to safety. 

    The moment my friends were gone, I opened the door and ran as fast as my character could, I sprinted for a good 20 minutes aggroing every skeleton and bandit in a strait line between me and some god fearing monks, how I survived I dunno maybe they got attacked chasing me, who knows, but it was Crazy and ill never forget it.

  • The most memorial and extreme gaming moment I’ve had was in the MOBA SMITE. 2 really good friends and I were playing the 3v3 game mode, we hadn’t been able to play the game for a while and after winning a good % of games previously, we had become pretty discouraged at loosing most of our games after returning and we were falling apart in the current game we were in and had lost our Phoenix (the last defense/tower before the Titan/ancient), and we were sure we where gonna loose this match as well. BUT I managed to hit the most amazing Thor Ult, (for those who don’t know Thor’s ult is a small ground target move that deals damage and stuns which has a fair amount of landing lag) which hit all 3 of them (TRIPLE KILL, DEICIDE) killing them, all of us, screaming, with excitement took down their tower, phoenix and titan gaining us the reborn achievement. This moment not only marked the return of our wins but the rebirth of our love of the game.

  • Way back in the day, used to play Age of Empires via dialup direct with my friend.
    The games were always great fun and ran quite smooth on that old modem.
    Quite often the initial battle would be getting his sister off the phone to her girlfriends long enough for us to actually play!
    Then once we actually got started the next challenge was for Him to keep his Mouse Moving!
    For some very strange reason, the Mouse was linked up with the Modem (via hardware IRQ or similar). So basically when he wasn’t movinig the mouse.. the Modem would not work.

    So we had this agreement that both of us would have to keep the mouse moving in circles to give any commands select units etc.

    Was funny in a make-the-best-of-it type situation!

  • My most extreme gaming experience was way back when my twin brother and i were in our early teens. He was hospitalised and bedridden for neurological tests. In the children’s ward there was a locker with everyone’s game high scores written on it. My brother challenged me to beat the asteroids high score. I sat in a chair next to his bed playing on his room mate’s atari hooked up to a tiny screen black and white portable tv for hours, ignoring the need for food and toilet (no pause on those old atari machines) so i could get our names onto that locker. Dunno how extreme that was on the all time xtreme scale but it took a lot of concentration and bladder control to distract my brother from the brain fluid pressure monitoring instrument installed through his skull so i think it’s up there…

  • Twas the the day GTA V was released been playing for 53 hours with just an hour nap. I decided to get up and get some food i got a pack of instant noodles I put the noodles down near my crotch and tried go open them with scissors in my sleep devried state how ever I cut open my scrotum. I passed out from pain and tiredness. I woke up 3 hours later covered in blood I called an ambulance and they took me to the hospital they had to cut off one of my testicles I am nothing but a shell of a man and this laptop would make me whole again.

  • Acer! WOW $2999 for those specs. thats not bad. it surely beats ASUS G752 Price.
    well good luck.. and happy new year of the Monkey 🙂

  • My most extreme gaming experience was getting a PlayStation 2 for Christmas when I was younger with Final Fantasy X. I immediately went into my room, started up the game, and played for 3 days straight with one about 5-10 minutes worth of bathroom breaks and maybe 2-3 hours worth of sleep when I literally passed out with the controller in my hands.

  • Back in the day I didn’t have an Xbox, but I really liked Halo. The night Halo 3 launched, my mate bought it and played the campaign through from start to finish, and I watched the whole thing. It was awesome.

  • This one’s a no brainer!

    During Vanilla Destiny (year 1), me and my brother decided to try out the Vault of Glass Raid. Being raid virgins and lowly LL 28 scrubs, we went to /r/fireteams and look for other virgins. After we found 4 more curious guardians, we set forth towards Venus, not knowing anything about the raid. It was exhilarating all throughout those 10 hours desipite not being able to finish it in one go. Those 4 other guardians became our close friends that we’d continue to raid with until King’s Fall raid.

    That was my most Extreme gaming experience.

  • It was a work organised paintball day with over two dozen IT geeks prepared to cry havoc and let slip the stinging paintballs of war on each other in ‘Last Man Standing’. The siren went off; I dodged a hail of paintballs and dove for cover.

    For the next twenty minutes I was the ultimate predator, hunting and slaying every khaki-overall suited enemy I could find.

    Finally there were two of us left: Myself (the bringer of death) and my immediate boss (the bringer of tedious tasks).

    We were evenly matched, neither able to move from cover without risking a storm of paintballs from the other.

    I had to move. I had to win. But how?

    Then I heard a voice yelling out across the battlefield from the nearby viewing area, “He’s reloading, shoot him now!”

    I immediately leapt up, charging at my foe before he had chance to finish reloading. I briefly saw fear in his eyes before he turned to run – allowing me to empty my entire clip into his back at close range.

    I had won. And I had defeated my boss in the most painfully embarrassing way possible. This was glory to the extreme.

  • Brought a MSI GT780, got Skyrim and played and played. I had way too much time on my hands at the period. I started to a detect a burning smell and couldn’t find where it was coming from. It didn’t smell too bad at first, but quickly got worse, I removed the laptop from where I had it placed for the 16 plus hours of gaming. I swiftly learned that placing your high end laptop on your super soft bed is a bad idea, destroyed my bedding and badly damaged my laptop. After which I ensured the laptop on a hard surface with plenty of breathing room. Lesson learned.

  • Well I had just won the Predator 15 gaming laptop from the incredible patrons of the outstanding company of Kotaku. As I adored the cold blooded killer I could not contain myself and hastily turned on the fast, fierce and ferocious tech. As my body began wallow in surges of nirvana I came to the realization that with this apex cold blooded killing machine as my predator gaming would never be the same! Thank you Kotaku for this awesome weapon.

  • ive spent many hours playing many games for about 20 years (26 years old atm) and ive played many hits like Sonic the Hedgehog on Genesis, Super Mario Bros 3 on the SNES All Stars pack, to Duke Nukem on PS1, The Original Call Of Duty and Battlefield 1942 on PC, my most extreme experience though was playing Goldeneye on Nintendo 64 with my friend when it first came out, we played it all night while downing Pepsi, Doritos, Musili Bars and Vegemite Toasts, we finish the game twice in one night, wrecked each other in Multiplayer and also killed each other because both of us wanted to play ODD -Friggin- JOB., honestly one of the most memorable gaming moments ive had, now my gaming days consist of DOTA2, Fallout 4 and attempting to try and get past the first jump scare on Outlast

  • I was playing Bloodborne in the Cursed dungeon fighting Amygdala and I had got its moved down pact, got it to its third stage without even getting hit, I had vs’ed this boss at least 20 times already and I can feel it in my bones that this run would be the one. So it rips off its back arms and I quickly run to its back to play Follow the Tail for the duration of the fight and then my TV starts to flicker (My TV has problems man) the screen goes black, I start to freak out, its literally a couple hits away from death and then the TV goes out, why now, why this run. I scramble to the remote as I dodge role frantically, on/off, doesn’t work, on/off, doesn’t work, I try it a third time, the TV flickers back on and I am literally one hit any from death and I dodge an attack, blood vial up and hit the tail a couple dozen times and eventually win, was so stressful and rage inducing.

  • My most extreme gaming experience? A fateful match of Crash Team Racing.

    As a young teenager, I was unbeatable at this game. I had finished everything that the game had to offer, and had no one around me who could stand a chance. If there was ever a game that I thought I might have a chance of playing competitively, it would be this one. (The only other one was Pokemon Puzzle League on the N64.) Anyway, being a young teenager, I was also incredibly arrogant about this fact – to the point where I made the bold claim that if a girl ever beat me at CTR, then I would have to marry her.

    Fast forward a couple of years, and I was now in my early 20s, not having played the game in quite some time. But there was this girl that had started attending my church, and in conversations with her I found out that she was the only other person I knew who had finished all three Spyro games 100%. She was also gorgeous, caring and hilarious, and I was a goner from the start.

    When she found out that I, too, had finished CTR with 100%, she challenged me.

    This put me in a very precarious position – when I beat her, should I make it close at least? Or should I throw the match so that I have to marry her? (Like I said, completely smittened!)

    We played a cup (me as Tiny, her as Crash), and I slaughtered her on the first round. But then an interesting thing happened – somehow, she beat me in the next round. I then won the third, putting me 3 points ahead, coming into Tiny Arena. I was winning, but in the last half of the final lap she got a warp orb and managed to overtake me… and win the race.

    Which put us on equal points.

    Which meant that we’d tied.

    But because she’d finished the last race in first, she got top place on the podium…

    Two years later, I married her.

  • My most extreme gaming experience was early days of Ark. I played something like 4-5 days straight since when you sleep people can loot and wreck your base. We grew to be the power house on that server until we were wiped out by a bunch of asian hackers (who were streaming as they killed us so we were able to watch it) That month made me realise I had wasted my life.

  • Coming back from a match of DotA 2 with epic teamfight coordination. I’m the low skill bracket yet the teamfights were so unlikely-ly (?) executed it was fantastic and unforgettable.

  • Dota 2, had a game which went for 2 hours and it was myself and a friend who were left on the team against a full 5 person team after our team all rage quitted and we were down and we caught up and destroyed them in the end it was everyone defending their ancients, was very intense I was on the edge of my seat and sweating a little.

  • Saving for about a year to design and build a PC rig at the absolute rock bottom price that would run Oblivion in 2006. Every part was the best price that could be had and the case was scavenged from a street verge rubbish collection. I was poor, but I built it and it ran the game.

  • I think the most extreme would be at ten when i was off school for a while with whooping cough. My dad decided to take the week off and ended up hiring some games for the computer (back when you still could haha) . He choose civ 2. Well, we ended up playing just about the entire day for a week. Me sitting on his lap for a fair bit coughing my guts up. We actually managed the one civ between us which meant divvying up cities and such, loaning units and arguing about what to do, and who to kill next. We ended up winning through military victory.

  • GoldenEye 007 on the N64. When the screen-cheating accusations start, that’s when all hell breaks loose. At least the 4 of us had fun.

  • When i was living in Canada, i did a lot of hiking but liked to game too. I once hiked up a mountain (Cascade Mountain) with my laptop and played skyrim at 2,998m above sea level.
    talk about immersive gaming hehe

  • Battlefield 2142, Minsk, titan mode. I was playing as Recon with rdx (c4). I noticed a group of enemies camping on top of a skyscraper. I pod my way up onto the same building as them.

    With their backs to me, I go prone, take aim and land a headshot. One down, two to go.

    Unfortunately for them, they were too preoccupied and over confident, a fatal mistake. Bang, bang, another dead. The third sniper has noticed me, with no time to reload my primary weapon.

    With my pistol drawn I desperately run toward the last sniper, weeving left and right. He is firing wildly, hitting me with pistol rounds, panic is his enemy and so am I. With satisfaction I emerge victorious..

    Then I notice the spawn beacon, a plan is concocted, planting three rdx around the area I await the angry pods hurtling down towards me.. As they emerge from their cocoons they catch a glimpse of me running towards the edge of the building. Shots ring out around me, but too late, beep, boom boom boom, targets eliminated and I’m out over the edge, explosions silhouetting my descent, I parachute my way down to the ground..

  • My most extreme gaming experience happened on launch day of Starcraft 2. Me and my mate decided to go hard and marathon it during the weekend. We were topping up ourselves by going to the local petrol station and filling up in energy drinks and plenty of heavy carb food (savory and junk).

    During my break on the Sunday I had a seizure and fell to the ground. My mate kept playing until finally he looked backed seeing me squirm like a worm. He tried calling out to me saying “Mate you alright?”. After a brief silence he finally freaked out and called the ambulance.

    I’ve never had a gaming marathon since

  • Back when world of Warcraft wrath of the lich king launched. Pulled a marathon gaming session with my mate for realm first levelling achievements. This is back when levelling was an effort. Two of us on vent for nearly 3 days straight levelling, absolutely delirious by the end. My parents walked in on me playing it at 3am on one of the nights and gave me a yelling. But it was all worth it.

    Realm First Level 80 Priest.

  • My ‘Extreme’ gaming would be the time when i was around 15/16 give or take – I attend to the ‘DLAN – Deaf LAN which is organised by us, group of Deaf friends with varies of age from youngest which would be me to oldest as my dad! Each one of us would host every LAN party by turns and play many different sort of games. The incident when we were playing at our friend’s garage during winter time and it was pretty cold! So he had a fireplace which is directly front of me while i was playing the CS Source LAN and then the item next to fireplace suddenly start fire because it was getting hot by fireplace and take a guess what I did? I looked at it and looked back at screen while beating everyone senselessly. Gaming is serious allrite! Everyone keep taunting me about this incident… never forget 5/7!

    (Pardon me for my broken grammar/engrish! Auslan is my first language so yes, pardon me! 🙂 )

  • My most extreme gaming experience was a self inflicted endurance test playing the City of Heroes MMO. There were adventures called Task Forces (TF)of several linked missions that required six players and were a good night’s play.
    Starting at six on a Friday night with a full team of six we started the Statesman TF. After the first mission just a friend and I were left. We slogged with carefully planned hit and run tactics. At midnight we decided to keep going as our characters had leveled out starting level for the Task Force rather than quit and fail the task force, we played on.
    Thirteen hours later we faced the last boss and started an epic fight that took close to an hour, we burned everything gained from missions so far. We were close to collapse both players and characters when he fell.
    We finished the Task Force everyone said we couldn’t finish with just two players an epic feat that few believe we accomplished. We got the badge and bonuses before we leveled out of the TF. Later we found you could continue a task force if you logged out without quitting

  • Kill or be killed. Rust where your killed just because your alive. Naked spawn at the far end of the map miles from home. No pressure, naked right? Until I come across the airfield, the plane flies overhead and DROPS A LOOT BOX. Players like locusts at a free for dinner will arrive soon. Seen it happen – a bloodbath. Terrified I watch it land. Nobody around. My heart beating wildly I run to the box and get the loot. I run. No idea where I am, I run for the sun and hopefully home. Killer bears wander my path, I am so scared. I keep running. Shots fired, bullets missing by inches. I run and run. I reach a river, shots fired. I swim and sink lifepoints dropping. I gasp for air, bullets hitting the water right and left as I weave madly. My heart is beating so fast I can hear it jack hammering away. I make it to the other side. Home on the horizon but not safe yet – I run. A terrified search for a key. I open the door to safety and close it behind me. Extreme.

  • My most enjoyable experience was a year ago when my laptop used to work. All it does now is shut off when i try to play any sort of game. Tried to get it diagnosed and no one can find the fault. I would like to play a game one day.

  • Trying to play Persona 4 and my parents mysteriously show up to question me about the game as soon as Teddie appears.

    Very intense.

  • Back in the good old days, me my mates had an epic LAN party, with three xbox’s linked to play Halo. In one particularly tense game, were playing capture the flag on Blood Gulch, and had reached a stalemate.
    Both teams held the oppositions flag, but could not claim it because you had to have your flag in place before you could properly capture your enemies. No one could break through each other’s defences, so it was a tense game of chicken to see who would break first. This must have gone on for what seemed like hours.
    Suddenly the doorbell rang at the end of the house our opposition had set up their TV, and my mate (who’s house it was) got up to answer it, leaving his character holding the flag, but not being controlled. My team had no idea that he was AFK. We swept in for the kill and successfully captured the flag, winning the game.
    To this day my mate is sore about this act of “cheating”, and to this day we deny hearing him say “pause the game” when going for the door.

  • I was playing Destiny with 5 mates (4 of who I have met online and are great blokes!). This was just after the release of the first expansion, The Dark Below. It surely was a dark time for us. My raid group decided to try the first section of the newest raid blind and not watch any YouTube videos about how it was completed. We stood there killing Thrall for 5 minute straight before finally deciding to run for the first pillar! Countless attempts later, we finally made it to the final Pillar. And then they spawned. The Ogres… 1 by 1, they destroyed us. My team mates dropping like flies.

    I was the only remaining Guardian. The noise behind me surged as the light bridge finished building. With all I had left I made a mad dash over that bridge, ducking and dodging Thrall, Ogres and Knights. Sprinting as fast as I could towards the blinding white light while my team mates cried out in terror. The final flash. I made it. The loot arrived and my team mates respawned. We had done it! Now… onto that bridge…

  • I need it because my laptop recently broke so I borrowed my mums laptop and it got stolen at work today around lunch time. Also I’m having withdrawals from gaming. My hands just don’t stop twitching…

  • When I was a lot younger we didn’t have a computer until one day my dad brought home an old pc that his work had replaced, it was only missing one thing: internet, basic dial up later we were in business. Me and my mates got real deep into Brood War, and as much as I finally was into PC gaming, the rig did not have its heart in the game. So one fateful summer afternoon in the upstairs, uninsulated rumpus room we were an hour and a half into the best starcraft match I had ever played, room temperature was about 45 celsius and old faithful started overheating, I was trying to keep playing while grabbing every single fan I could from around the house. I ended up in this strange dance with my right hand glued to the mouse while I plugged in extension cords and powerboards, rewiring the room all while still trying to keep up with the game. I was fighting on two fronts now and it was intense; It was both terrifying and amazing and I somehow managed to get all of the fans running and all of the rewiring of the room done and was still keeping up in the game. Old faithful seemed to have stabilized and I started my catch up efforts… then I heard it, that noise that terrified all dial up gamers: the home phone, I screamed at the top of my lungs “DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE!!” over and over like a child gone mad. Brushing my screams aside my mum answered the phone and in the blink of an eye it was over. With all my effort gone to waste I slumped down in my chair and accepted defeat. I had fought on two fronts and lost on both.
    It was quite a day and I still think back to it and bring it up when we talk about what PC gaming was like back in the day.

  • I recently got Space Engineers during the steam winter sale and played on a pvp survival server. Being a naive and friendly player, got killed on sight, had my ships and space stations destroyed twice.

    Still naive, I created a faction called the TestEagles and messaged on global chat for any lonewolfers who want to join. Safety in numbers right?
    Wrong! Turns out one of the applicants was a backstabbing mole. But this time I lost the Station and not my whole ship (which I named it Nest).

    The rear half of Nest was completely blown off, forcing me to fly away using my side and forward facing thrusters. I guess the black and dark grey paint has made virtually indistinguishable from the back drop of space to the mole.

    Fortunately the cargo containers of Nest were still intact. The Nest wasn’t a ship designed to for combat. It was a mining ship with an automated conveyor system set to filter out rocks and transfer all ore from the drills to be processed by the refinery. Basically I had plenty of resources to rebuild the Nest.

    I reluctantly turned the ship towards the former TestEagles base and used a camera to zoom in. There was a very large battle ship parked nearby, which I assume belongs to a friend of the mole. They were salvaging my space station for resources.

    My ship had no chance against that thing. Knowing that they’ll take a while to finish salvaging the station, I decided to put the surplus of resources in my cargo for some sweet revenge.

    I built 5 missiles and 2 decoys. Each of the missiles have 2 nuclear warheads attached to a reactor and artificial mass blocks. To launch these crude missiles and decoys, I quickly built gravity canon with 8 G’s of force.

    The decoys and missiles were launched towards the battleship simultaneously. It’s turret guns had no time to shoot down the missiles. As the dust settled, I noticed that the battleship’s turrets weren’t moving anymore. The blast took completely disabled the ship’s power.

    Yes! Revenge is sweet. And I wanted moar!!

    No way I was going to give them a chance to repair.

    I rushed in with the Nest and used all my turrets to take them both out and rigged a lot of nuclear warhead traps to the dead battleship incase they ever return to reclaim their lost ship.

    Now I’m a blood thirsty space pirate. A far cry from the friendly astronaut when I first started.

  • This was back in 2002 – I was renting a house with 2 other guys, it was a small dirty smelly house (3 guys in their early 20s)- the we discovered Counter Strike, we loved the game, but all sucked at it!!!. We were all uni students, so over the summer we decided to “get good” at Counter Strike.

    It was the middle of a Perth summer (35+ degree days) – no air conditioning – no working windows – 3 guys – 37 large pizzas – 3 desktop gaming rigs all in the same room – 8 days without leaving the house – no one showered. It

    On the 8th day my girlfriend at the time came over to visit on the 8th day. She walked in the front door and SHRIEKED!!! Apparently the house smelt like 3 dead bodies were in there, she was literally crying from the thick stench of gamer sweat wreaking from the house. It was an intense time.

    Dammit we got got good at Counter Strike Source though!!!

  • In league of legends the opposing team was pushing mid and we were on our last turret but then someone on our team talked us to push against and for about half an hour we struggled against the enemy team me always falling back for health with master yi’s meditation we managed to push them all the way back with 15 mins left then we won.

  • one of my most extreme gaming moments is when i was playing gta v and i had 5 stars and i had actually killed arround 235 civillains

  • Long ago when I was a 6 year old boy I had a certain love for my Sega Master System and the game Alex Kidd. Our whole family would play that game to death each taking turns to see who could get the furthest and for some reason no one could beat my mum. Except for this one day I managed to snag a decant run and was smashing my old record and for some reason I had a block of Lego in my mouth chewing away, then I beat the boss that mum couldn’t get past and in a joyous leap I shouted and yahooed and then inhaled that block of Lego. Not wanting anyone to beat my record (as progress didn’t save in those days) I pushed on, not realizing that basically my lungs were filling with blood and I was slowly drowning. Mum from the other room could here me gasping and choking and saw I was turning different colors and grabbed me and turned me upside down and tried to shake the Lego out, we got in the car sped to the hospital, on the way a police officer pulled us over saw the state I was in and escorted us there, got the emergency procedure done to remove it and now I am here telling this story. My mum ended up completely finishing the game so she was the victor after all.

  • Every time I hear a song from either Beastie Boys – Hello Nasty or Jurassic 5 – EP, fond memories of Fallout 2 flood my brain, due to the many hours I spent playing that game with those 2 CDs in the 6 stacker on repeat.

  • The year was 1997, at 11 years old, I’d just received Abe’s Oddysee on PC for Christmas. My neighbours and I gathered around CRT monitor as the giant boxes hummed to life. The game was no match for the mighty Pentium Processor (clocking in at an impressive 90mhz) and the 4MB Voodoo card that powered the graphics. Having recently upgraded to windows 95, Oddworld was installed in a breeze.

    We spent the entire school holidays that summer playing our way through that game. There were casualties along the way; we lost 2 keyboards smashing the keys -> Shift + space bar (Run + jump), replacements were hurried in over from neighbouring houses. Swearing, fighting for the next life. Playing 10 hours plus a day, in 40+ degree unconditioned space wreaked havoc on the archaic pc architecture, game freezing at critical moments was commonplace. With 4 of us hot seating, stress levels were high; to the point where individuals were allocated specific roles as we progressed and our skills developed; ‘Scrab Runner’ ‘Jump King’ ‘Chant Lord’ ‘Slig Sneaker’

    By summers end Abe’s deathcount was well over 9000, thanks to Big Face this wasn’t an issue.

    After finally completing the game, we received the bad ending, we hadn’t saved enough. Fingers were pointed, friendships strained to breaking point, tears were shed.

    We emerged out of the house on the first day back at school with our moonlight tans, we already had plans for the first school holidays; We were going back to Rupture Farms, but this time, no-one was getting left behind…

  • Mines a little more tame but still one of my more memorable experiences XD When I was a kid my dad and I would play quake a lot to my mothers dismay as I was pretty young at the time (8 or 9 I think) and my uncle used to have these lan parties every other week with his squad (he was a solider :P) and every now and then id come over and watch em play. Well this one time they where playing quake and after a solid hour or so of pleading and asking for a go one of em finally caved, the string of foul language I heard as a bunch of soldiers got their asses kicked by a little kid can still be heard echoing from my uncles garage XD

  • I remember when the harsh realities of uni had not occurred, and my friends and I would meet up and play a variety of very low intensity games, as we all had fairly trashy computers.

    One particular moment was a game of Supreme Commander, a classic RTS struck down by how some strategies were well in advance of others (Quantum gate spam anyone?). We had an unofficial rule that no combat was to take place until an agreement could be made by all. Nevertheless this game had been going for 4 hours or more, but some clear titans of the game were emerging.

    One of my friends (henceforth friend 1) had only ever used the same strategy. Fast tech to SCU (support commanders) and then centre everything to maximise production efficiency. He was well known for this strategy, and within this game, hated for it. He chose it due to the unique ability of support commanders to not take up resources, but produce them. Over time and units his economy came to the point whereby he could produce a unit every half-second, and soon he was cackling like a mad scientist, almost vibrating with joy over his vision of dominance soon to come.

    However another friend (now friend 2) of mine had been planning. Planning well in advance of this LAN sesh. There is a saying in Kendo: 1000 hours of training for 1 moment of struggle. This was his time to flourish. Friend 2’s strategy was simple. Create an elite strikeforce (read overwhelming numbers of the same unit) to remove one aspect of Friend 1’s defences, and then strike. If any of you have played, you will know how good the tier 4 unit ‘Broadside’ gunships are. They rain fire down like nothing else. And other players will know of the final touch in Supreme Commander: the nuke launcher.

    The time had come. Hostilities declared and in true LAN fashion, backstabs were stabbed and alliances created and broken at the same time. But Friend 1 had pushed out fast, and had almost cleared the map. All except for Friend 2. Under the cover of stealth, the Broadside gunships launched, and away from the prying eyes of the Support Commanders now spreading across the map, they flew into Friend 1’s main base and suffered heavy losses, but completed their mission. Friend 2’s nuke defence was gone. And no sooner had it than the words ‘NUCLEAR LAUNCH DETECTED’ were broadcast. Friend 1 instantly set upon Friend 2, and as I watched the minimap, I tracked the falling missile with the advancing Support Commanders.

    One particular element friend 2 had failed to think about was when a Support Commander was destroyed, it self destructed in an explosion about half the size of the nuke missile.

    The nuke missile hit. Framerates dropped in expectation as large blooms of explosions lit Friend 1’s base. By mere chance of production, friend 1 had put Friend 2’s base as the rally point for his produced Support Commanders. Combined with the half second production time, a chain had been created across the entirety of the map, all the way to Friend 1’s base. One Support Commander self-destructed under the might of the nuke missile. It was enough to set of the Support Commander next to it. And the one next to that one, and so on.

    The framerate fell to about 1/sec as white blooms trailed over the map. No action could be taken by either party as we watched in horror as the entire map, Friend 1’s base and now finally, Friend 2’s base exploded in the way only SupCom has ever managed to portray. After a long time, the map and the smoke cleared. Friend 1 and Friend 2 were both destroyed in a scene reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove’s plans.

    A winner was declared. You won’t believe the shouts of anger and aspiration as it turned out I had set 1 engineer (the creator unit of the game) into the far bottom corner of the map to hide away. On its own little island, surrounded by craters everywhere else, was this lone tier one engineer, wondering why the world had gone quiet.

    To this day my friends now always check every corner of the map before they attack, searching for that lonely villager, engineer or townsperson to steal their victories from the jaws of defeat.

    • Even though it means more competition for entries, (and I *really* want to win that laptop, I fried my desktop last night – badly) just thought I’d let you know the T&C specifies a 200 word limit, so you might need to edit it down to be considered in the comp.

  • One of my best gaming memories was heading out to a mates barn in the middle of nowhere, about ten of us, each with an Xbox360 and monitors of varying sizes. Unfortunately we spent the first few hours of the night sharing around the USB WiFi adapter and my 3G Android with hotspot getting everyone’s copy of CoD up to the same version so that we could finally start playing. Once we had sorted all of that it was twelve solid hours of CoD and Halo, music blasting in the barn, as we all slowly got worse while exhaustion kicked in. Great times!

  • The boyfriend went invisible on Minecraft multi-player and kept placing random blocks around me and freaking me out. Constantly interrupted our conversations with exclamations of “Omg dude did did you see that?!”, “No I swear it wasn’t there before!”, and questioning my sanity. Fun times.

  • Back in 2009, after a motor vehicle accident I had to have external fixators on my broken ankle,femur and pelvis.
    When my bones finally healed I opted to have them removed from my bed instead of having to prep again to go into the operating theatre for another operation.
    When the doctors came to remove them they suggested not to watch and for me to distract myself. So I did what every sensible gamer would do and brought out the big gun. My Sony PSP with Crisis Core 🙂
    So yeah, literally gamed through surgery and FF7 Crisis Core has never felt the same since.

  • I was gaming on my old Alienware laptop and at the time my house did not have Aircon and it happen to be a very hot day. So during a gaming session (my wife was out for the day) my laptop kept on overheating and so I had to go down to the supermarket and I bought 10 bags of frozen Peas and every 20 minutes I would swap out the now warm bag of peas with a frozen pack and then I would stuff it under my laptop to help keep it cool. It was annoying as all hell doing this but was worth it as I managed to game for the whole day the only issue was I had to explain to the wife why our freezer was full of frozen Peas.

  • Back in high-school in the days of BBS and dial-up multi-player, a group of us managed to get Blood installed on the computers in the computer lab and spent the next few weeks enjoying the new experience of more than one-on-one multi-player. That was until the teachers found out what we had done and installed better security software. Still, when all any of us had experienced before was the frustration of trying to get two computers to talk to each other via dial-up, this was ground-breaking for us.

  • It was a warm summer evening and I was placed upon my couch enjoying the fruitful experience of Project Gotham Racing 2. Everything was superb. I was pulling Kudos moves so good that even the Queen of England sent out a decree on Xbox Live about it: “XxUbErQueeniexX: cookienut is pretty damn rad at PGR”. I was chuffed. What I didn’t notice was the bowing ceiling above me. With an almighty crack, the ceiling came down upon me mid race. As plasterboard hit my head and ceiling insulation fibres filled my eyes, I powered on finishing a sweet combo to beat the Platinum goal for the race. I stood up, brushed off the ceiling dust and proclaimed this to be my most extreme gaming event of my life. I then ate some bacon.

  • Has to be in the (good ol’) days of the LAN!
    Me and 9 mates would lug our desktops and monitors to one of our houses, connect them up and play DOTA till 4 or 5 in the morning. Multiplayer game used to be so much more fun when you were in the same room as your enemies; you could laugh and abuse them all you liked!

  • I’m in a mostly Battlefield clan and every year we have a LAN which someone in Australia and mainly includes drinking and giving out trophies and awards. (I won the biggest rager award)
    Anyway last year one of out members was diagnosed with a brain tumor and after some unsuccessful surgery he passed away. The clan was able to raise a significant amount of money for the member’s family, a lot more cash than anyone thought we could raise! Made me proud to be a gamer.

  • I’m a physicist (nuclear) and my last trip to the US I was travelling via Iran, Russia and Cairo. I was travelling for a conference and I was stopped at LaX and when they saw the stamps and job title they decided it would be best to have a sit down and discuss why I had travelled to these places given my profession…. I ended up being detained for 24 hours of questioning! I had my bags confiscated but was allowed my Surface Pro 2 which had travel documents and information…. I had half-life 2 on it and I played for hours in-between questioning sessions from different people. It was an awesome way to break up the tension. Anyway I was let in eventually but my surface pro 2 is no more and was not really meant for gaming anyway so this would be amazing. Cheers

  • i once played serious sam 3 with mates we ordered pizza, its was gonna be fun chill day,… until my housed got raided and searched, turns out the person they were looking for had put a false address (still didn’t stop them from searching my whole house). so yer a laptop would be good for mobility/uni work too.

  • Back in my World of Warcraft days when I was you with no job and studying I would spend all my free time (and most of my non free time). Sunwell Plateau was by far the most brutal raid I remember. We spent months on the Eredar Twins. At a minimum we spent 4 days a week, 4 hours a day. I still remember the feeling of euphoria when we finally got them down. All the frustration, the doubts and arguments all got wiped away in seconds.

  • Defending a town, totally outnumbered, in Total War: Shogun 2. Nothing can beat teaming up with a friend in multiplayer and fending off waves of enemies as the underdog. So much fun and satisfying when you pull off huge victories.

  • My mates and I squabbled over titles such as the best FPS sniper or the most powerful gaming rig, but none was more coveted than the best RTS player, i.e. the “Strategic Genius”. One LAN party stands out as the greatest. Now, RTS games are known for their intelligent plays and that’s what we aspired to… We just strayed from the confines of the game. Could you uninstall someone’s graphics driver during an intermission? Could you blackmail an enemy using their browsing history? Anything was fair game and the more elaborate your ruse, the more profound your victory. It was 4:00 AM and tensions were high. The lesser players had fallen to a suspicious case of food poisoning and only me and two enemy players remained. The ace up my sleeve was that I had convinced the beta to subvert his alpha teammate. The betrayal was a master stroke; however I underestimated alpha’s resolve. As I raced for the win, shouting taunts from my room, the alpha burst through the door screaming and spin kicked my PC tower from my desk, unplugging cables as it went. I chuckle now, but was furious at the time. Winning is winning I guess!

  • Ah, good old CS1.5. Last round of a 6v6 match on Aztec, I’m playing CT and equipped with the Scout and Deagle, 90 seconds or so into the round I’ve got a kill or two and we’re down to 1v1. Not long after the second last CT gets killed, the bomb gets planted, so I know that the T is around the bomb site. 45 second fuse, no defuse kit, buy time has elapsed. Carefully scout the smaller bomb site, at the end of the bridge – no dice; move carefully to the larger area, desert eagle in hand. Spent a few seconds checking hiding spots, but couldn’t find the T and didn’t have the time to spare to go searching, so I start the defuse. T emerges from hiding and, wanting the glorious knife kill to end the round, rushes at my back – that was his mistake, heard his footfalls, waited for him to close a little further, then turned and put one .50 into his head, turned back around and finished the defuse with almost no time to spare. Cue the last T getting a new one teared in the chat at the end of the round.

  • World of Warcraft vanilla; where the raids were 40 men strong, Leroy Jenkins was a celebrity and grinding was a way of life.

    It was the first time our guild had entered “Blackwing Lair”, a 40 man raid consisting of 8 bosses and bucket loads of trash mobs. Here we had our first encounter with Razorgore. The Hunters role in this raid was the most difficult I’d ever encountered. The job was to get the attention of as many trash mobs as possible and kite them around the room, keeping them busy until the main raid was able to kill Razorgore.

    Countless attempts were made and countless wipes were had, mostly because I couldn’t do my ridiculous job. The final attempt of the night, 2% away from killing him, the whole raid wipes……..except me. While kiting 10+ mobs Razorgore comes at me, I focus all my dps on him and begin to kite him and every other mob around the room. Now 2% doesn’t sound like much but in WOW terms it’s a lifetime. After a solid 5-10 minutes of kiting, Razorgore went down, his minions disappeared and I was left with 39 people cheering my name. BEST MOMENT EVAR!

  • I was asleep, I heard an ear piercing scream from the other room, my girlfriend runs into the room and squeals “WE JUST KILLED NEFARIAN(mega WoW boss), DO ADULT THINGS TO ME!!!!

    note: she said something more X-rated than that, but you get the idea


  • My most extreme gaming moment came from a factor outside of the game I was playing and it incoherently blind-sided me. It was a factor separate to the gaming world I was lost in and has forever changed my life:

    Years ago during a momentous month I played Mark of the Ninja. Lurking in the dark as a shinobi I was content when I became the Champion. One afternoon arched over with forearms on knees and controller in hand, I blissfuly slinked from shadow-to-shadow. Soon after I hid to await my victim a familiar voice reached out to me. The voice was broken, sombre and the words were not many in life would want to hear. ‘We ha-a-ave t-t-to go-to the hos-s-spital’ … I paused and stared blankly. This snuck up on me. I was being unknowingly dispatched like the guards from in-game. My newborn child was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder. I tried to hold back the tears. It will be okay I said… it will be okay. Alike to the game this new life together was supposed to go the way of the player. I put down my controller to leave and fell out of the shadow. Killed instantly on sight I was overcome with joy amidst my trepidation of what the future held. It created a moment I will never forget: We as a family will beat this. Just as the guard had. We will win.

    Side-note: Im kind of a socially awkward person and get uncomfortable talking about my personal life. I don’t want to go into much detail so just to touch base incase Q’s get raised. My child will forever have this genetic disorder. duh. It is 100% non-life threatening and easily manageable. They are just as healthy and fit as any other kid as long as we keep on-top of it 🙂

  • My most extreme gaming experience was when World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King Released and my guild and I was beating The Lich King(Arthas) in the Icecrown Citadel for the first time on 25 man Heroic, as the cinematic and suspense for that entire duration had quite an impact.

  • My most extreme gaming moment was when I realized my gaming career has been REALLY boring. I’m not really that into the action games.

    I suppose that the most extreme moment was when I forced an employee of a loan shark car dealership who had ripped off my son to drive at gunpoint through the window of said car dealership and beat the snot out of it’s owner in GTAV

  • The Counter-Strike Spectator

    I was hooked just watching so take action I did,
    I salvaged a laptop from searching the tip.
    She overheated violently so take action i did
    and researched a method to restore this antique.

    So youtube I visited, looking for a solution
    one stood out, I knew it would be my conclusion
    So dismantle i did, detirmined to play
    to live in the land, of spray and prey.

    I reached for the motherboard amongst the wreck
    And chucked her in the oven,
    that was far from high-tech.
    I preyed and preyed
    hoping to play, this game one day.

    Then the moment of truth as the fumes subsided
    I reassembled the beast and can now say
    dust_2 is t sided.

    Little did I know this fix was short-lived
    As days went by she started to howl
    pheeeww, she blew burning my wrists.
    I ignored the signs wanting to go higher
    she died that day, her name was Acer Aspire.

    My most Extreme week of gaming. I searched a tip and slow-cooked a motherboard to play a video game. . .yep, I just wrote a poem . . .oh boy I’ve done it again

  • My most extreme gaming moment was while playing Goat Simulator. I travelled to space, jumped on a trampoline, played “flappy goat”, felt compelled to lick the screen – so I spent half an hour licking my monitor, got hit by a truck, became goat Satan, turned into an ostrich, flew around with a jet pack, got hit by another truck, did a triple back-flip on a trampoline, licked the bacon beacon and got abducted by aliens. If I won an Acer Predator laptop, then I’d probably lick that too. 🙂

  • Ironically it wasn’t any of the big Triple A game I have recently bought but LEGO Marvel Avengers that was my most extreme gaming experience. I was at EBgames at 9:00am. Got my game drove straight home and began the install played through the first 2 hrs of LMS then got into LMA and in the first 1 and a 1/2 days played 18 hours. In 3 days I had more time in it than Fallout 4! No idea why I got so into it but I have almost 100% it now. Haven’t done that with any other game!

  • When I was around 12, I was at the local K-Mart with my Dad and we came across a lady standing beside the brand new SNES with Super Castlevania 4. It was a competition to get the highest score in 5 minutes. I ended up walking away with a free shirt. My dad dropped me off after school until this one day some teenage boys (around 16ish) were there. I got ushered up to play and the guys crowded in pretty close. I finished with a new high score beating one of the teenager’s scores. He wasn’t happy and waited for the lady to turn away before pushing me and accusing me of cheating. I kinda went flying as I was tall but just skin and boned back then. The lady turned to see me hit the empty boxes of upcoming SNES titles (I recall Mario World and F-Zero boxes getting crushed, I felt really guilty about that). She didn’t believe the teenager and told him to leave the store as she was helping me up. My dad then accompanied me until I got to the National Finals… but that’s another story.

  • I remember when I was doing programming at TAFE and we were all bored. So we decided to LAN Halo. Well there was this one guy in our class who kept kicking our butts and would always call himself ‘Jesus’. So after the first few days of it we kind of got sick of him killing us all the time and modified the game so that if you called yourself Jesus and died your respawn time was 3 days. It took us all a while to kill him but in the end he said he enjoyed the mod because it made his life more valuable. Thankfully he sucked at counter strike.

  • After a 7 hour session on Red Dead Redemption, grinding my way through the Sharpshooter challenges, Master Hunter challenges, aimlessly wandering around like a knob for the Treasure Hunter and Survivalist challenges, I decided to give the old fat PS3 a rest. As I was about to turn it off, my brother came home, and we decided to play Black Ops instead. We were in our fifth game with Bots on Nuketown, calling in dogs, Mortars, Rolling Thunders, laughing our asses off, whilst my brother was destroying me with the Gunship. I ran around trying to take him down but he killed me as I spawned, so I had no chance. I managed to get enough kills for a care package and scored myself a Chopper Gunner. His time in the gunship ended, and I get to exact my revenge. I was wiping the floor with him, coming back, and all of a sudden the game froze. We stared at it for a good five minutes and decide to hard power it off. Upon turning it back on, we were confronted with the yellow light of death. We tagged teamed that fatty to death, and lost all of our saves.

  • When I was a child, I had just made it to the world cup final of Fifa ’95 for the Sega Megadrive. The clock was ticking down and I was seconds away from planting my flag as champion of the world.
    Then my cat brushed the reset button.
    I spent several minutes verbally abusing her, ranting and hollering in a deranged manner. She stared at me blankly before swanning away.

  • Digging up the legendary lost treasure of Melee Island and only finding a stupid t-shirt. I was extremely disappointed yet delighted at the same time.

  • The finals of the last ECTFC, where we lost against Sweden (I was playing in France at that time); so much pressure! We gave our best! Was really tense til the last minute on the 1st map but then defense screwed up on the 2nd map 🙁
    Good times!

  • Final Fantasy 12 -in order to complete it I had to face Yiazmat , a boss with over 50,000,000 HP, it took me 7 hours to vanquish.

  • I once played World of Warcraft for 105 hours in 1 week on my Easter break of year 10.
    This was back when it was only for 1 week.
    None of my friends saw me.

  • This tale goes way back to the ancient days of 1991 and the release of the original Street Fighter 2 arcade machine & weekends of slipping coins into machines to beat bosses & high scores as well as your best mates.
    People had never really seen anything like SF2 before & it was very hard in it’s original form (to squeeze more coins out of you). During a hard session, I was playing as my usual go to guy, Blanka, & had managed to defeat all of the standard characters on just a few coins.
    Now, no one had ever done this at the arcade before, so we had no idea what happened once you had defeated everyone.
    Suddenly, the plane took me to Las Vegas & Balrog appeared. His appearance took everyone by surprise & I managed an upset victory. By now, word had spread through the arcade & people gathered as I began to fight Vega. I’d never fought anyone like him & his wall climbing frustrated but I one narrowly. This victory sent me against Sagat, who pummelled & pummelled me, draining my wallet but not my spirit. People were giving me money to keep fighting & I eventually won through.
    I had at least 30 people gathered around me as I squared off against M. Bison & we were all in awe of how he fought. It took 3 goes but I won out, by hitting Bison with a Rolling Thunder into electric shock combo. The entire room erupted in cheers, being the first person in the arcade to ever beat the game. I was slapped on the back until I bruised & smiled for a week at the win.

  • My most extreme experience:

    In dark souls, i was facing Ornstein and Smough. I been at it for 40 minutes; dying in every attempt. With each death, i was getting closer to winning. I know that with this attempt I will do this. I will win. So I defeated Ornstein and Smough powers up. I have 7 esca flasks and feeling confident then… evil emerges.

    My battery warning light.

    10 minutes remaining and my charger is on the other side of the room

    Only 10 minutes remaining and I realize… I realize I can’t pause this game. I.CAN”T.PAUSE.THIS.GAME! Now I am against the clock.

    Now I am against the clock. Every button pressed drawing precious battery life. Breathing hard, i continue the battle. 2 minutes pass and another warning.

    I am only 3 hits from the win.

    1 hit…

    2 hits…


    As soon as I know I have won, I drop my computer on my bed go straight for my charger. As quick as I can, I plug it into the wall, and into my computer. I look at my screen and see I’m safe. I’m safe with my battery at 5%… and charging.

  • Without a doubt it would be the first ever overnight session.
    Ok it doesn’t sound so extreme but let me set the scene….
    Sometime mid 1995 I was 14 and playing Final Fantasy III (6) us version on my AU SNES using an ntsc to pal converter.
    Man I shouldn’t have been up so late playing with school the next day but I was working my way though finding Terra and then by the end of the Floating Continent (mind blown) it was dawn.
    Or dear, saved game a few hours sleep and off for school for the day (I was useless that day hah!)
    I spent all day thinking about what and how much had changed after the floating continent had crashed and wanting to see where the story would go next……only to find that the save file had corrupted and it was all gone…Oh the heartbreak! Why hadn’t i used a second save file??
    Anyway many more an overnight session later and I’ve never gone though such a range of emotions as that very first time.

  • Once I scored 100 on Don Bradman Cricket 14, it was on the hardest difficulty, I got dropped twice, and my strike rate was worse then Glenn McGrath – pretty extreme!!

  • My most extreme gaming experience was when I was in early high school. The game all my friends and I played was called Urban Terror. I remember fondly the day we first took it from casual games on servers through to starting a clan and entering a Cyber Gamer ladder.
    Flash forward a year and we are a fairly competitive clan in Urban Terror on the Australian scene and are dominating most teams we face. This all reached its peak when we had a clan match at 2pm in the afternoon, on a school day. The team we were playing was one we had been waiting to challenge for a while, as they were a team of Kiwi’s. I remember four out of the five of us were sitting there in school, in Social Studies class when the 5th member of our clan finally turned up to class late…. without a mouse.
    Half an hour later we won that game, with four mice and a touch-pad against a team of Kiwis whilst sitting in Year 9 Social Studies. Every time I play any sort of clan match today I think back to that game and how glorious we felt.

  • I went to a 3 day LAN event when I was at uni. I had never been to big LAN event before so I did not want to miss any of it. I skipped two nights sleep. When I finally got home I sat down in the living room, I have vague memories of someone asking me how it was and no more memories until 5pm the next day.

  • Back in 2012 when I was rocking out my gaming on an Acer Aspire laptop, pretty average gaming experience before I upgraded to my desktop, I was really into DayZ on the Arma 2 engine.

    I discovered that one of my close friends also played it, so one night at our regular LAN night where we usually played Age of Empires 2 or Leauge Of Legends, we loaded up DayZ and found each other in game after a lengthy amount of time trying to work out our in game location.

    We ran around, avoided the infected , found weapons and scavenged for food for hours and found a random player in a shed where we threw flares in his direction for the laughs. Our fun was short lived though, since I had a lower frame rate I overshot a keystroke as we were climbing a ruined tower and I fell down, breaking my characters leg. With no meds to heal me, my friend dragged me around for as long as possible before I succumbed to my wounds. Then we never played again together ?
    Was an intense moment after finding so much gear and loot, to the lose it all because of a laggy , low frame rate laptop!

  • My most extreme gaming experience was every night playing playstation while my parents were asleep in the next room with the door open. Snake had his stealth mission, I had mine.

  • When I was 12, my dad bought me a copy of the original mortal kombat for my sega mega drive. i heard that there was a fatality that makes sonya fart. it took me ages to work out how to do it, and i had to use a level select type cheat, but by fighting reptile at the bottom of the pit in “endurance” mode, you could get a green, glitchy sonya to fight as the second fighter. when she killed me, her fatality was that she bent over and did a green scorpion fire fatality out of her anus which burned me to a crisp. as ridiculous as this sounds, it’s absolutely true.

  • Two friends and I were trying to finish Gears of War 3 on Insane difficulty. We’d spent pretty much all weekend playing and got up to the last boss. We then went on a 4 hour adventure testing friendships, controller strength and our ability to keep composed under absolute torture.

    We were constantly checking videos online of people strats and trying to mimic them, always ending in complete failure. One friend left for an hour and when he returned we were still going at it so he rejoined. Luckily it all culminated in that moment where we shot that stupid flying bug in his stupid face and he died.

    I don’t think I’ve ever felt relief like that after finishing a game and after that final achievement popped I turned off GoW and only returned if someone wanted to do Horde mode.

  • Playing four player splitscreen Blur on 360 on a friends’ MASSIVE Home cinema with rumbling speakers set into the chairs. We played the San Fran level, everyone picked the Ford Transit style vans we dubbed the “party vans” and the only powerups were the Speed Boosts.

  • Most extreme? I dunno if i’d classify this as extreme, but, when GTA V was announced I was bummed there was no PC release & being a PC Gamer I had no way to play it, so I went to EB Games (who I ended up working for later that year, heh.) & put on lay-by a PS3 & then went to JB HiFi & pre-ordered the Collectors Edition, with the stupid hat, the lock bag & the fancy steel book case+ blueprint poster & “exclusive” DLC. I paid something like $400 in the end to play GTA V at launch. Yeah, now my PS3 I just use it for blu-ray movies, Netflix & recording free to air television.

    There’s also the fact I went & built a moderately good ($1000) PC back in 2012, to end up playing Source Games, World of Warcraft & Fallout. All of which run at max settings with ease.. Hell I even run GTA V at med-high settings.

  • It was the first time my guild in WoW had come close to clearing Kara back in Burning Crusade. We’d tried for months (we were a casual guild, so getting a group together was hard enough, let alone the raid itself). My laptop charger died midway through the second half of the run, and we rushed hard to clear as much as we could. The added pressure of having the Main Tank Healer running out of battery seems to have galvanized our group, and we made it right through to Prince Malchezaar (the final boss). I was on 7% battery. We rushed, yelling at each other over Vent. The fight was going well. We were going to do this!

    Malchezaar was at 20% health when my laptop died. It wasn’t until the following afternoon when I picked up a replacement charger and logged back in that I discovered the guild had killed the boss. Only two people survived, but we won. They still bring up my charger from time to time -_-

  • When it comes to most extreme gaming experience, I would have too many to count, but the most unforgettable one yet was my first offline tournament. Moments after the group stages were drawn I could feel my blood pumping with excitement and adrenaline running through my veins. Yet its odd how all these feelings just dies down the second I went in game. The grand feeling of excitement turned into dead seriousness and the adrenaline became an urge to play at my very best. Even though we weren’t able to make it out of group stages, it was a great experience indeed.

  • I was about two thirds through Metal Gear Solid IV (playing as an avid fan), when I had one of the worst fevers of my life. I was delirious, but despite the game’s extensive cutscenes I refused to stop playing until I had at least finished the campaign. My head was spinning and cooking, I couldn’t really grasp what was going on, and apparently I was literally rolling around in my bed murmuring incoherently about nanomachines and old man arse, getting internally frustrated that I couldn’t somehow absorb the information from each cutscene quickly so that I could finally pass out.
    I got to the point where Snake had to crawl through a microwave hallway, failed to button mash through several attempts, then it all went dark. I woke a full 24+ hours later briefly with a dry mouth/throat, and someone brought me a glass of water, which I drank in moments before immediately falling asleep again. I woke early the following day, and realised that I hadn’t even retained any information from the game, and had been pretty much sprinting through the levels with a heavy machine-gun. I’m a big fan of stealth! 🙂

  • My friends and I are huge Star Wars fans. Back in the day we played all the Star Wars space sims; X-Wing, TIE Fighter, X-Wing Alliance, etc.
    The usual stuff happened; one of us boasting about destroying a Super Star Destroyer in a Y-wing or freighter, and the others attempting to duplicate the feat, with varying levels of success.

    Everyone thought they were good, but no-one knew how good, not having faced other players.
    One in particular bragged how he was so far beyond us, we didn’t stand a chance.

    We organised a weekend LAN party, everyone brought their computers.
    Remember this was before every person had their own computer, I ‘borrowed’ the family PC for the weekend. “Yes mum, dad said it was OK.”

    After many victories and losses, Mr Braggypants was out of control.
    I challenged him to a duel; me a TIE Interceptor, he in a far superior TIE Defender.
    Seven times out of seven, I smoked him, even with shields. The last few duels he didn’t fire a shot, it was all he could do to evade.

    The extreme part of the story was how much trouble I got into when dad found the PC missing.

  • This year, I turn 30. Since 21, I’ve worked full time and between work and relationships, I don’t game much. All night Diablo LANs with my brother was epic but it’s a faint memory. Additionally, my partner and I are trying for kids and I know what comes after. Gaming time is going to evaporate in a poo-nami of screaming, sleeplessness and indescribable filth.

    So, when the Fallout 4 launch date was announced, I decided to recapture that magic. I put in a week’s leave and I waited. For months, that receipt taunted me.

    The big day rolled in. We had NBN hooked up but opted for a 25mbps plan. By the time mine was done, two friends were three hours ahead. Salivating, I jumped in. It was Tuesday.

    The real world disappeared. Noises from my partner as she left for work, then came home, then put food in front of me, then went to bed. External stimuli became white noise.

    At the end of the week, my partner came by, took the headphones off, cleared the Red Bull cans from the desk and forced me to the bathroom to shower. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

  • I don’t know if it’s extreme enough but I am entering this competition while laying in the surgical ward of an Adelaide hospital, doped up on pain killers and I’ve been playing Pokemon X most of the day while waiting for my turn in surgical review.

    Is that 200 or less? I can’t count past yellow at the moment… Back to fighting of team flare!

  • The most extreme moment happened to me a while back playing Insurgency.

    The opposing team had pushed us all the way back to the last base and there were only a handful of us left trying to hold them all back. Eventually I was the last man standing and my adrenaline was spiked so much that my shaking was translating on screen and the fact that I knew all the rest of the team was watching me did not help. With no respawns and my trusty rifle I managed to John Rambo it and kill about 15 dudes winning us the match.

    Everyone went nuts and it was the best feeling I’ve ever had gaming, I’ll never forget it.

    Every other time I would play like trash though…

  • Civlization 4 – 60 hours one map, spies deployed everywhere, poisoning cities’ water supplies, all resources across a gigantic map improved and the whole map open by satellites and stacks and stacks of units for the win, playing as Washington (with Marines in tow). Good times, good times. Before children, before marriage and before having a full-time job. Argh! Life!

  • Growing up with an Atari 2600 I had ample games, but no manuals. In this day and age that may seem trivial, but in archaic times it meant the difference between playing a game and passively watching nauseating graphics spew forth upon your TV screen.

    Tethered by a woefully short RF cable, I would sit closer than the recommended distance to my TV attempting to coax games into heeding my will. Activating complex sequences of buttons and switches located on my controller (and the console itself), I would uncover secret textless menus that served only to drive me further into madness, merely providing more questions to be answered. But never answers.

    Underlying the experience, 8-Bit musical butcherings of popular tunes. As these samplings assaulted my unprepared ears, I entered my first goa trance. Within this state my rage focused into the controller and I ripped the joystick clean from the base. The guts of the joystick followed. Awakening, I realised my folly: I was now even less equipped to play these games.

    This lapse in judgement taught my young self a valuable lesson in gaming, and has resulted in my only broken controller to date. Also, I never beat Ghostbusters.

  • I was about 8 and the whole family was visiting my dad who was working in Kuala Lumpur. My dad worked overseas a lot so we’d travel all the time, but there was something about Malaysia that was absolutely terrifying to little baby Monkey Butler. I just couldn’t cop it. I wouldn’t eat the food, I wouldn’t leave our apartment – It was a deadset nightmare for my parents, who hadn’t seen each other in months.

    As a last resort they dragged my brother and me to some markets where I came across a games stall, with all the bootleg Mega Drive cartridges a 90s kid could ever want. And so home we go, the pinnacle of modern gaming that is the side-scrolling beat-em-up Power Rangers: The Movie in my xenophobic little hand.

    Still too scared to leave the flat, my brother stayed up with me all night playing that stupid game. It was rubbish, and we beat it a bunch of times, but for about 12 hours straight I was safe. The next day, too exhausted to argue, I even managed to get talked into going for a walk around the city.

  • I woke up at 2am for Destiny’s kings fall HM raid. With the intent of helping a group of people who I didn’t really know. Having never done anything quite like it before. This is a thing I thought. That people do, that have friends and groups they play with. How exciting. This excitement was short lived. I fell asleep in my chair, in party chat just as we reached the jumping puzzle. Everyone thought it was hilarious. I woke up a couple of hours later and crawled into bed. My most outgoing ‘hardcore’ gaming moment and I blew it haha.

  • My most intense gaming experience was with the Witcher 3, in the final scene when Ciri is about to leave to become the new ruler of the empire. On the way Gestalt is constantly trying to engage her in conversation, but she is distant, closed, and that hurt me so much! I had to pay the second half of the game again to get a better ending, where Ciri stayed a full time witcher. Then I missed everybody so much that I played the whole game again totaling over 300 hours. Best game in the universe!

  • Oh boy, here we go! It was late 2003, I was 14, my friends and I were at our local internet cafe (AXG). The cafe has a team of staff and players that played competitively around the state (nothing like today’s esports, largest prize was usually about $100). That day was an open qualifier for the best unreal tournament player to get a position on the team and I was head to head with another guy for first place with over 110 kills in a 5 minute game. I was pulling ahead in the last 30 seconds and boom… the time ran out on my account… I watched in shock as my position on the team went flying out the window. I learned a valuable lesson that day, always fork out for the full day worth of game time :\

  • I was having a LAN with some friends playing a bunch of shooters and RTS’s and generally loving life, but they all decided to call it a night around 11:30.

    Unsatisfied with their level of Xtreme, I decided to stay up and play Doom 3 until I physically couldn’t any more.

    I thought that would mean falling asleep in the chair, but according to a friend (who woke up to wizz) it meant playing by staying perfectly still, my character crouched in a corner behind some boxes. When he asked if I was alright I said “SHHH!!! THEY’LL HERE YOU!” and turned back to my screen to continue crouching.

    I have no memory of this and don’t remember when I went to sleep.

  • When I was around 17 y/o I was LAN gaming in a mate’s double garage for a week. We survived every day and pretty much only ate domino’s pizza and drank coke because the host was getting it on the cheap as a delivery driver. Let’s just say it was a gastro-intestinally challenging time. We slept on the floor, couch, or in the case of my friend in the gaming chair. It took us a while to realise he was asleep, even though we were all confused and talking smack about his lack of shooting and walking into the wall every round of counter-strike. We just thought it was some herp derp until we looked over to see him fast asleep with his face plastered on the keyboard.

  • On one fateful day, my parents left me alone at home. I was left with the burden of looking after my younger cousin. As soon as I could hear the car revving die down into the distance I scampered onto my feet and took off for the computer (Counter Strike, of course). After many hours I had an idea, I confidently walked into my cousin’s room and took one of his diaper. It was a brilliant idea, I could play for hours without having to pause. After 10 hours of gaming, I heard the familiar rattling sound of my parents’ car stopped in front of the house. Realizing that I haven’t seen my cousin all day, (forgot I was wearing a diaper) I raced down the stairs. Only to see that my cousin was wailing his heart out because half of his ring finger had been lacerated, with bits of flesh still attached. In panic, I ran down the remaining stairs but tripped and landed on my bottom. It produced a sound ‘pfffhhhh’ like a blob of paint dropped on concrete. As if time froze, I sat there, unable to move, while my parents looked down at me in disgust.

  • In 2001 we decided to host the largest LAN possible for us in the middle of the summer holidays. We had 70 people between two houses, everyone with their own computer. However we didn’t think about how much power this would require. With most of the neighbours running their air conditioners, once we started turning on our PC’s the drain was too much for our area. We ended up causing a 2 hour power outage for a few streets. Needless to say that a few of the neighbours where not happy about this.

  • I’d say my most extreme gaming experience was playing Monster Hunter 2 with my friend, who was in the classroom next door, via ad-hoc on the psp during accounting class back in high school. Sorry Mr. P but balancing ledgers did make me really sleepy…

  • Hoo, boy. I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver not long after it came out, and was battling Claire’s Kingdra, and it was left at around 50% health. She’d taken out all of my Pokemon, except for my Lv23 Sandshrew, which I’d pulled out of day care. It knew Cut, Sand Attack and some other useless moves.

    So, I spammed Sand Attack, lowering its accuracy. The Kingdra had already used up all its Dragon Pulses, so all it had left was Smokescreen, Hydro Pump and Hyper Beam. It spammed Smokescreen to bring my accuracy down to close to nothing. From there, it was pure luck. Somehow, all of its Hydro Pumps and Hyper Beams missed me, and eventually I was down to one PP for Cut.

    Somehow, I don’t know how, that last Cut got a critical hit and the Kingdra fainted! I screamed so dang loud my mum came in and almost slapped me. Turns out I woke the baby up.

    Worth it. Well, except I had to babysit him afterward.

  • Me and 3 friends played Singstar for 13 hours straight. This was the early days of Singstar. We only had 2 discs, Singstar and Singstar:80s.

    The next day I couldn’t speak…
    Or the next day…

    Yeah, nothing more hardcore than Singstar. Can I get a high five? Anyone?

    I’ll get my coat…

  • I’d long since gone to the bank to get a cheque in US $ and sent it off to be part of the Ultima Online beta.
    Knowing that my disk was arriving soon (after the long wait we had), I waited until my parents were out, snuck into the roof and rewired our phone system so that I could sneak a socket into my room without anyone noticing ( for a while at least).
    I stocked up on internet access, as it was $1 – $5 per hour depending on the provider / student access, and was already for a serious gaming session.

    Well the disk arrived, and I got well stuck into ‘testing’, as soon as I got home from school.
    Had the required breaks and such (dinner, pretending to go to bed).
    Spent many hours walking around (running wasn’t possible due to lag time) and marveling at the amazing graphics, sound and gameplay !
    Pretty quickly worked out I could make in game money from being a hunter with a bow and making arrows (finally a chance to use some of that school maths in a useful way).
    After what didn’t seem like a very long time I was hunting some birds for feathers to make arrows with. The sound was so amazing I could hear this bird chirping, and knew it had to be close by (can’t remember if UO had tracking or not at that stage). A few minutes later I realised the bird sounded loud, and didn’t want to wake my parents, so I turned the sound down a little…..but the bird didn’t get any quieter.
    It was at this point I stretched my eyes over to the window and could see light starting to come through the window.
    Looking at my clock, it was now only 15 minutes before I had to get up for school !…..that’s 15 minutes more game time I thought 😀
    Wasn’t a very productive day at school….but the other nerds were real interested to hear about UO 🙂

  • Sitting in the back of my mum’s decades old Ford Cortina, playing Game Boy on long drives. The car was an ancient relic with no belts fitted for the rear seats. At night I would pop on my Light Boy (The hideous light contraption that stuck out from the screen). Playing in the dark was near impossible without it.

    To a kid my age, Super Mario Land was punishing at best, a gruelling slog at worst. It was Dark Souls before it’s time, only if you lost you had to repeat the whole damn game. One trip I was doing the best I had ever done, and as night came I was sure I would finally beat it.

    It was a rough trip, and my lack of seat belt had me flung side to side in the back of the car. My heart sank when the Light Boy’s batteries ran out, and I had not packed spares. Even so, I was determined, refusing to be defeated by poor planning. Simple jumps became mammoth obstacles, every small enemy became a boss. I played on, blindly pushing Mario onward, praying for small bursts of visibility from streetlights outside the car window.

  • My most extreme gaming experience would be during my school holidays, playing non-stop mmorpg game – Maplestory for 12 hours a day to reach level 200! When I went back to school, my friends was shock to see me because I had lost close to 20 kg, having only eaten a single meal a day.

  • My most extreme gaming experience was when I was playing Burnout Paradise. There was this AI dude challenging me to race against him. Needless to say, I accepted. It was at about 100m near the finish line that I decided to use my boost and right before I reach the finish line, my PC blacked out. Apparently the heat from my car boosting was too much for the PC to handle. As you can probably guess, it was a “Burnout experience” (or extreme experience, whatever floats your boat).

  • When I was 14 I manged to make a small hole in my oesophagus from a peanut over xmas
    I was rushed to the hospital and had to stay 2 weeks, now this was 1998 so this was when Pokémon was everywhere i couldn’t play my red version as my father wouldn’t bring my gameboy to the hospital. My friend across the street had Pokémon blue and he left me his gameboy and Pokémon blue. I played that all day and night for 2 weeks straight the nurses always would come and tell me to turn the lights off, you have to remember this was before the luxury of backlit screens.
    As a bonus I could go to the tv room to watch cheesz tv and Pokémon as my father didn’t alow tv in the mornings.

  • Playing Final Fantasy 7 until my PlayStation started to cook. Used some books to chock it up and pointed a pedestal fan at it. Best school holidays ever.

  • When I was 14, I brought my 486 dx2 66 with 8 megs of ram and 14″ monitor over to my freinds house for a LAN party to play doom 2. We set the computers up on his dad’s 8 ball table and created a network using old coax cables. It was awesome until I spilled my Coke on the table ruining the felt – needless to say my freind’s dad went ballistic and kicked us all out.

  • It was 3:44PM, a day like any other day. My sister and I were playing a game of Mario Kart: Double Dash, but even for we dashing veterans, it was a losing battle — it was endgame. One balloon left and there was danger on every side. Our only weapon? A mushroom, used to turbo us away from those that would pop our balloons. Suddenly, out of nowhere on the horizon, there was a banana peel. My sister hit the brakes with all she had and the kart’s wheels screeched; for a second I thought they would give — that we’d slide straight into it — that this was the end — and then the screeching stopped and the stench of burned rubber surrounded us, but the balloon remained, proudly unpopped, above us. The banana stood not an inch from our wheels.

    And then I used the turbo.

  • Gaming has been a part of my life since a fairly young age so there are many, many gaming sessions that are extreme in one way or another.
    My brother and I used to fight a lot as kids and playing video games together only made it worse. Bouts of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter2 often ended with fists flying off-screen as well but by far the most memorable battles were many years earlier, back in the C64 era.
    One of the games we played most back then was Wizard Of Wor, an old school maze shooter for those who’ve never heard of it. We used to play two player mode and always ended up fighting over it because one of us would “accidentally” shoot the other, which usually led to retaliation…which led to further retaliation…which led to failing the level, which then led to fighting…which then led to us getting a kick up the arse and sent outside.

  • most extreme? a tough question but if I close my eyes and chose one it would probably be when I was playing prop hunt with my close friends (betting our money on eb games expo tickets) and I morphed into a shed (which had a lot of health) and 5 seconds left they found out what I was and the three of them was shooting at me.
    WAS IT THE BULLETS OR MY HEALTH… 4…3…2…1… Pop. i managed to survive with 4 health and I got to go to the expo for free 🙂

  • hmmmm…so it was a hot day and my teacher was very cranky (she’s always cranky) and being a hot day I did not feel any motivation to do class work so i decided to play yandere simulator in class.
    So in order to kill the girl I had to go nude (surprise) in order to wash the blood, timing had to be perfect, my mates were staring into my screen, I were so immersed I did not hear my friends send the ‘teacher alert signal’ and the teacher walked behind me. A shadow loomed across me and I quickly alt+tab the screen into my math homework. My heart was racing, I thought I was sent to the principal for watching ‘youknowwhat’. Luckily she didn’t see me play a partial nudity murder game. Well done agent MobyDik.
    Is it too long? But it was soo scary but fun

  • January 2008. The Burning Crusade was a year old and our Guild (Wrath on AmanThul) was just starting to progress through endgame. It was a beautiful hot Melbourne afternoon and like any other WoWhead I was inside in AC comfort of my flat on my main, a warlock. Next to me, my sister (priest) and her partner (mage). We grouped up with another two Melbourne friends (another warlock and a rogue) for a grind session pre-raid.

    After getting bored, the other warlock suggested we try to run Heroic Mechanar with him tanking, just for giggles. He grabbed his PVP gear and specced up for maximum aggro gen and we went in to clear trash, expecting not to get that far – I mean, four cloth wearers and a leather wearer in a heroic 5 man? The first trash mobs fell easily with good crowd control, then the first mini-boss went down. Suddenly we were all taking this a lot more seriously. When Mechanolord Capacitus went down, it was ON. Time to knuckle down.

    Two and a half hours (and quite a few wipes) later, the entire instance was cleared from start to finish. If not world first, certainly a server first.

    Proof on YT : watch?v=PlOZfzTEruM

  • One of my most extreme gaming experiences was also one of my most extremely bad decisions.

    During high school, I had a mild obsession with Counter-strike that became a full-blown addiction by the time the HSC came around. The night before my English exam, I began to play again, telling myself I would study after an hour.

    That hour became two, then “just one more round”, and before long, night became day, and I was late getting to my exam.

    Thankfully I managed to stay cool during the exam and passed with extreme mediocrity — and thus ends one of my most extreme gaming experiences.

  • Just after Skyrim came out I bought a new graphics card for my pc. I thought my new gpu was invincible and equally I wanted desperately to see Skyrim the way I imagined it would/could look in my dreams; draw distances and detail that went on forever, perfect lighting, hi-res textures etc etc. So I LOADED it up with mods, .ini and prefs tweaks until the game was visually STUNNING…. and I had a frame rate of about 15 fps. I was trapped, I didn’t want to go back graphically, but I had to play the game. So, I soldiered on with 15 fps until the very end. It was not really that much fun. From that time on I promised myself I would aim for good frame rates rather than the highest detail. But it would be good to have both. Kotaku, my fate is in your hands.

  • I was playing Dota 2 for 35 hours straight, and my mom that just came back from a trip with a Razer Naga as a reward for me not playing for more than 2 hours, didn’t even realise she was behind me for a minute, and she literally threw my hard-earned Aspire V Nitro VN7-792G-709L down from the second floor, the screen shattered and the left hinge broke

  • After quite a few days of back to back work at my awesome job and juggling study for the HSC I picked up some awesome gastro. Real nasty stuff. But I had organised a halo 1 lab party. No way we were going to cancel.

    So I packed up my 26″ crt and drove to my mates place and we set up. 13 hours later we were still playing, and even with one underpants change, and a few close calls (I should have not had so much Mountain Dew) I managed to come out 2nd and was undisputed sidewinder driver!

  • I have 2.
    Number 1: When Red Dead Redemption came out, I played the hell out of the stronghold missions, evening skipping uni classes to play. I ended up being 18th in the world on the stronghold leader board 🙂
    Number 2: I once got drunk on red wine and started playing Hyrule Warriors. I was yelling and swearing at all the characters, calling Agatha a pink little b***h wh*re, Impa a lesbian trying to get in Zelda pants and Zelda a home wrecker cause Link should be with Lana. Fun night 🙂

  • Raiding ICC (WoW) on launch and clearing up to 11(th?) boss then having server maintenance kick in. What a stupid raid date! Then getting far too drunk the next raid to finish it haha ?

  • When GTA3 came out, a friend and i played it for 36 hours straight, if only i had the time to do things like this again

  • I recall, back in the 90’s, loading 4 guys into my busted Ford station wagon, with all their computer gear (full towers and 20″ CRT’s, driving from Ringwood to Footscray and trying to get some LAN games going.

    I think we spent more time trying to get the all the PCs to communicate, over coax, than we did actually getting to actually play. Many a sleepless night was had playing Quake, Duke Nukem 3d, Master of Orion.

    Then in the late 90s playing Half Life (orignal Team Fortress mod) Quake 2 (action Quake mod), Total Annihilation and getting the money together to pay for Cat5 networking. oh the wonder.

    Kids these days have no idea how hard it was back then.

  • Playing Diablo III running a Greater Rift in Rural WA while there was a lightning storm approaching. Lightning here can fry anything plugged in if it gets close.
    I started the solo GRift( lvl 19 still gearing at the time) thinking I’ve got plenty of time before the storm gets too close. It only takes a max of 15 mins after all.
    Its slow going sparse packs with long narrow corridors for my pet geared witch doctor to grind through and that storm is getting closer and louder. Flash of light and 2 seconds for the thunder to hit. Ok maybe its getting too close I should unplug things before I lose them. A burned modem could take a week or two to replace here. But then I hit 2 elite packs together and think well that should make it quicker lets push on. Besides each second is a kilometer right? Finish the corridors into the next level and its a bit more open. Thunder cracks outside the rift guardian spawns and I beat it down, I frantically click all the loot, portal out chat with Oren and run and start unplugging everything. The risks we take for loot.

  • I remembered my extreme gaming experience when I was playing Angry Birds and that session ended with mess, broken vases, crying, shouting, throwing up and clean up. I was babysitting my 5 year old niece and was also playing Angry birds in the meantime. Along with all the usual bird chirping and pig stomping in Angry Birds, my babysitting session rapidly turned from polite introductions to angry tantrums. First came the request for ice cream. Surprisingly, a 5 year old does not understand the word “no” . So I relented on jelly babies, Bad idea! She became so energetic and so active that she did a mess in the whole house and broke two vases in her catch-me-if- you-can moment (blame the sugar rush). When I finally calmed her down and put her to bed, I indulged in my game only to realise later that she was sick. There was a lot of throwing up, cleaning, crying and sobbing … It all got resolved with lots of hugs after. This was my most memorable and extreme gaming session. WOW and Skyrim never came near that.

  • Back in the Call of Duty 4 days my school friends and I had a competitive team in the CyberGamer public ladder. We slowly made our way to the top mostly with forfeit wins against teams that couldn’t get 5 at the time. Finally we got a game against a team in the top 10. This was our moment to actually win some prizes. This was our time to prove to our parents this hobby was something more. We heard the game was going to be cast live and this was our time to shine. We spent the next few days constantly pugging, a real montage moment. It was finally our time to prove we deserved a spot in the invite only league. The underdogs were hungry.

    We got destroyed, 1-23, Dreams shattered, egos crushed we resorted to flaming in chat. The cast team was embarrassed to cast it. The other team questioned why such lowlife was brought before them. But for one sweet moment we tasted the big time. We sparred with the titans and, even though we were bloodied and bruised, we were still there, and will be forever. Crash, 1-23. Never forget. I know I never will.

  • A particular LAN night comes to mind, completely un-organised deciding a few hours before 6 of us would cram into a friends stupidly small dining room.

    One PC set up on the kitchen bench, three rigs set up on a tiny dining table which barely even supported all of the weight, one person trying to use a hall table and hilariously failing. Another had given up on getting space altogether and tried setting up on the floor.

    Despite the lack of space and comfort we made it work, playing Battlefield all night. Even the guy with his rig on the hall table had a blast!

  • Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction had me Good(Bad). I was playing this game constantly to the point it was severely affecting my grade, performance in sports, and just general awareness. I would often go sleep but only set my alarm for 2 hours later so I could fit in a good 4-6 hours before school. I would have literally down over 10,000 Baal and Meph runs. It was a terrible(Good) time. Often my day being a builder would get up at 5am to go to work and would still see me playing D2… Glorious days of Dialup were always tricky making sure not to wake my parents up when I was connecting.

    Fable 1 when it came out was amazing for my mate Richard and I. Also at the same time was a violet crumble think shake from Gloria Jeans(important). I don’t know why we became so fascinated but over the span of a week we beat Fable1 probably 30+ times. We played every build possible and play in rotation sleeping in from of the TV and binge on violet crumble think shakes when they were open. It was a glorious week which we still reminisce about!

  • Guild Wars 2 on a balmy night.
    Just my wife and I home, our teenage kids have gone out.
    This is just after Teqatl has been buffed, and I’ve managed to get into a properly organised attempt on him.
    I’m nervous as hell, shaking a bit, and really focused on the game. Things are going well though, and we’re looking good for a successful kill.
    Suddenly I hear a gasp from the kitchen, and my wife calls for me.
    Now, I KNOW real life is more important than a game, so I go running.
    She cut her finger while chopping veges.
    I make all the right noises, and words of comfort, and ask to see it, all the while with one eye on the game. “No no I can’t show you”.
    “Fine then”, I run back to the computer.
    She goes postal. “Come and help me you Bastard”.
    “No you didn’t let me” I call over my shoulder.
    This goes back and forth a bit, and then my kids get home.
    My wife acts like I’ve ignored her bleeding out on the floor, and my boys start yelling at me.
    We finish the battle, and I get a couple of achievements, but no awesome loot.
    Was it worth the massive family argument we had afterwards?
    Yes, yes it was.

  • Conquering the water temple on Zelda: Ocarina of Time. So extreme I started on my brothers N64 as a kid, and finally managed to beat it on the 3DS while chilling on my honeymoon (best wedding present, hands down!). I have yet to beat Ganondorf, though… I got him on the roof, am I close to finishing? I hear they made another Zelda game; wanna get to that one before retirement. ;p

  • playing rad racer on the nes when i was 4 years old, a few weeks before christmas. still hooked on racing games, never going to stop.

  • During the uni breaks, my mates and I have a boys trip down the coast to a caravan park (the town being a retiree haven, where we are the youngest trivia players at the RSL club by about 40 years). We always load up the car with consoles and laptops with the intent of finishing our piles of shame accumulated during the semester, but end up playing yugioh or monopoly; because really, what is more fun than quibbling over the smallest details/rules of play?
    Anyway, this one time we thought it would be “fun” to combine monopoly the boards we into one and make Triple-opoly, with auctioning and bankruptcy quibbles being decided by yugioh duel. Before beginning we feasted on garlic bread that was cooked in a typical caravan oven, where lighting the pilot caused me to say goodbye to my eyebrows for two weeks: had some strong coffees, and began.
    Everything started off well, with only a few pieces being thrown and a couple $100 of monopoly money being torn to shreds…
    Twelve hours later, the game came to an abrupt end when a Mirror Forceresulted in the Triple-opoly table being thrown through the annex glass door…

  • N64 was out. I just got perfect dark. I had to play this game but high school finals started in 2 days. I got myself expelled the day before finals and played perfect dark the entire time. They invited me back for finals. . I declined. Now I work a dead end job. Minimum wage and average pcs for gaming. . Best decision ever

  • I have always been into retro gaming. My husband never knew emulation existed and thought it was silly that people would go back to play “old” games. I got him playing some of his old favourites and I saw that sweet moment when his eyes lit up (its was whilst playing circus charlie on FCS). He went on to make an awesome custom arcade cabinet running a sweet hyperspin setup and makes custom raspberry pi retro consoles. its fantastic. id say from where he was to where he is now, thats pretty EXTREME! Hed love this laptop

  • A fair few years back I stayed at a mates place with 3 other friends and we had a LAN party playing Counter Strike all night until the sun came up. I had a bad computer back then so I borrowed a 256 mg stick of ram which made all the difference. This was my first overnight LAN party and needless to say it got me hooked on gaming. We were all so tired the next morning we got the giggles, and burst out into fits of laughter when I stuck my head in a bucket of ice water to wake up!

  • 17 kills in a row in karkand in bf2 at 4am. at a standing desk with a sleeping 3 month old in a baby carrier strapped to my chest.

  • When I was about 10 I got Pokemon Blue for my Game Boy pocket. That was the first time I got really hooked on a game – I had to get my mum to buy me the AC adaptor for the Game Boy, because I was burning through too many batteries. Man, I loved that game.

    You know the best thing? I still have the Game Boy and the game, and they both work!

  • I was in a Trials of Osiris match in Destiny: The Taken King with a few of my clan members. We had 8 wins and no losses. If you get to 9 wins without a single loss, you are able to go to the Lighthouse which is a place where you can get a few exotics and such. All of us have never even seen the damn place so we were really pumped to get there. We entered into the match. The other team had about the same amount of Light as we did. Before you knew it we were with tied 4 wins which meant the next round was our final. We all knew this so we rushed em with our Supers and BAM they all died. That was until two of them resurrected, killed two of us and revived their third friend. At that point i was the only one left for about 50 more seconds before i was shotgun’d.

  • When I built my PC I used a 60gb SSD for the OS drive. That got full pretty quickly with a lot of internet history and other junk as well as a few programs I foolishly didn’t install on my 2tb HDD. After accidentally (don’t ask) resizing my cache attempting to download an drive cloning utility I found I couldn’t boot up games anymore. This was on a tuesday, when I have a friendly semi-competitive tournament with some friends on a custom TF2 server and I very much didn’t want to miss it. I ended up having to delete all of the programs on my OS drive, my anti-virus software and my complete internet history just to be able to play that match, but darn, it was worth it.

    For the record I vote for the guy playing on his GBA while undergoing chemo, Cancer strikes me as just about the most extreme situation you can be in.

  • Getting Company of Heroes 1 on release day, after being a beta tester for it, getting real excited, only to find that the System requirements to play it on highest level had changed. So i drove into work at 2am and use a live CD to get into one of our Cad workstations, Installed it and played it all night. did fall asleep at work the next day and got reprimanded for doing it. Luckily not fired

  • Years ago my best friend told me about Runescape and how he was 70+ lvl, so I joined the game and played it constantly for a few days and over took his lvl. Little did he know I had a competitive streak. He was so pissed at me cause he had spent a few months or so playing it 😛
    We went dungeon raiding together and he gave me his adamantine armor to use on the boss. I ended up dying while he was outside the bars watching. He freaked out and played through the dungeon to he get his armor back. It was such a rush lol

  • Me and my cousin had a sleepover at mine, for a week long straight we played Minecraft at least 8 hrs a day. We built strongholds, houses, railways, a stream of water that we built from my house to his, using a boat to traverse. We defeated the Ender dragon and had such an amazing time in this blocky pixelated world. Who knew? It proved to us that graphics don’t matter. As long as you’re having fun. 🙂

  • Playing Arma 3 Domination with mates on my Acer Aspire laptop (my daily driver).
    It sounded like a fridge with the door left open, but that’s only because it was punching way above its hardware grade.
    In order to play, I had spent hours on the net looking for ways to make it run better than lowest settings at 20 fps but with no result, so I decided to keep playing even though the laptop was screaming in pain.
    The next day I decided to pull it apart to see what else I could do to increase performance with disastrous results. I lost most of the bottom screws and managed to disable some of the keyboard (the main key being space-bar). I played for another week until the hard drive decided to quit.

    So about a year, 2 new screens (don’t drop laptops!), 2 hard drives and one SSD later here I am wanting this new Acer laptop, not only because of the graphical capabilities, but because I put my Acer through hell and I’m using it now to comment (using on screen keyboard which is really painful), so I know it will last (especially if I look after it).

  • Went to a Lab at 1am in the morning with my younger brother, played CS:S till 2-3am, plus I was around 15 at the time.

  • In 2007, a portion of my Year 10 co-horde and I received all-day detention for unsubmitted assignments. We had our clueless year level co-ordinator place us in a computer lab to finish off whatever it was we hadn’t handed in.

    This was a period where most teachers hadn’t quite caught on to the use of alt+tab in Windows. Also, most of us already had circulated a copy of the Soldier of Fortune 2 multiplayer demo on USB drives.

    What ensued was probably the most intense and awkward LAN deathmatch between twenty something high-school kids; everyone silently trying to out-frag each other and alt+tabbing back to Word whenever a teacher paced into their vicinity. It was a game within a game; we had to constantly shift focus between looking busy and racking up headshots whilst maintaining both in-game situational awareness and real-life teacher positioning and orientation. All it took was one slip-up for extra detention.

    At the end of the day, none of us had done anything and the poor co-ordinator let the N on our reports slide as he “let today serve as a lesson to try harder next term”.

  • When the old man came home with a Amstrad CPC 6128, my innocence was lost when I beheaded that poor sprite in Barbarian. Oh dear 80’s.

  • My most extreme gaming experience was on my sad little 2007 macbook, At my high school they were handed out to the students to “aid” them in doing school work. Now of cause we played games on them when we could, and after many trends going around school most people settled on Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare. This was perfect as the school network worked as lan and we had nearly 800 kids with macbooks. Now I was doing a basic free-for-all with 7 other people while pretending to do my history project, It was rather humorous as I play games often and don’t have outburst when I get killed but as I was nearing the end of the game with me a few kills of from winning. At the time another sportier kid from my class was a single kill from winning, I ran around a corner and fired my sniper, It managed to kill 3 people via headshot and secure my victory. The best part is the instant the kill cam appeared I heard F-*/ing hacks being shouted out by the sporty kid and another kid next door shout “I know right.” Needless to say I couldn’t stop laughing and the teacher confiscated the macbooks and built a tower out of them, All in all a pretty good day.

  • Most Hardcore experience I had was completing the 40 hour famine, which involved me slaying monsters in monster Hunter 3U on my wii for 40 hours straight. Still didn’t reach g-rank. Probably wouldn’t do it again though, my thumbs still haven’t recovered.

  • My most extreme gaming experience was in Roller Coaster Tycoon and discovering that by launching and crashing roller coasters into the neighbouring parks it would not lower my park rating.

    10/10 would launch again.

  • I remember Lugging my Old Computer (then an Intel Pentium 1333mhz) computer to my mates place on Friday night, so that we could LAN game Warcraft 2, Never winter Nights, or Age of Empires. It would start Friday night and by Sunday lunchtime just crash until school Monday!, some of the loudest and obnoxious comments were made during this time!, We still game occasionally for many hours of a weekend, but its just not the same as lugging a 17” CRT and a Heavy Beige Metal Case to your mates place and screaming across your desk at them saying they cheated or trash talking each other!

  • Playing Battlefield 3, rush mode.
    Circling a transport heli around our targets (we were attackers) letting whoever wanted a go on the guns try to pick off enemies. Saw an enemy sniper on the outskirts of the sites in some green hills. Dropped down and squished the sniper with the heli before continuing to circle the sites.
    Got tired of this after a while so I ditched the heli in an attempt to land on the site and get a plant. As I’m drifting down to one site which was in a warehouse my abandoned helicopter caught up and decided to help me one last time with its final moments by crashing through the roof of the site, allowing me to drop in and start shooting folk. Was dropped by an enemy in about 5 seconds but at that point I didn’t care, I’d experienced everything life had to offer.

  • What about most extreme gaming glitch? It happened in Ocarina of Time just after it had been released. I had reached the boss in the forest temple for the first time (18 year old spoiler: Phantom Ganon) and started going through all the different phases of the fight. During the tennis portion of the fight, Ganon fell at the edge of the arena and became stuck within the environment. If you can recall correctly, there’s a fence made of sharp spears at the edge of the arena so it looked like he had been impaled. This allowed me to run up and slash him mercilessly until he died, all the while his model was twitching everywhere on each slash. Totally thought at the time that it was meant to happen and that it was the coolest/most gruesome boss fight ever – I was pretty disappointed on my second playthrough.

  • I used to LAN with two buddies in one of my friend’s room, which was a converted garden shed. It had one window, which was tiny and almost always shut, and was lit by fairy lights strung about the ceiling. It was a cave. Anyway, one particular LAN took place during the beginning of the summer holidays, and we wanted to get the most out of it we could. We also had university assignments to finish. So, on the first night, there we all were hammering out assignments for electronic submission. The moment we finished them and hit the button to electronically submit, we were straight into CoD4, Crysis, and whatever else we could play – all day from the moment we woke up until three to five AM the following morning. We spent four straight days in that room, no showering, and subsisting on Frosty Fruits, hot chips from the service station, Mexicana Doritos, and water. The only reason we went outside was to duck over to the main house to use the bathroom. The room stank so bad that, upon retuning home and switching my PC back on, it belched out a cloud of stink from my buddy’s room that made my room smell like his.

  • Back when Fifa had its lounge mode – a mate and I had racked up 100 games of Fifa over a year. We were both on 50 victories each. We were both on 148 goals each with almost identical stats. Without getting into it to much my mate won the last game on golden goal. Benny (aforementioned mate) passed away two days later and will forever have his awesome moment that I get to share with others.

  • The sound of my breathing was punctuated by the slow edging crack of the cockpit glass, a growing spider web pattern the only distraction between me and the endless void outside. The blackness of space was overwhelming and strangely compelling, it gave me time to think about the futility of taking a knife to a gunfight, or in this case a Sidewinder Mk1 to an impromptu meeting with a Viper Mk3. The battle had been short, arcing lasers thumping repeatedly into a shield-less tin can will do that. I had just enough power to frame shift to ‘safety’.

    Twenty five klicks from the outpost my fuel had finally run dry and the engines were silent as I drifted, powerless to my fate. It may be true that in space no one can hear you scream but there are worse sounds. Like knowing that you are listening to a finite number of breaths and they are your own.

    I counted them.

    When it was finally over I took off the Rift headset and returned to reality knowing that my gaming world was changed forever – and it was glorious.

  • My most extreme gaming experience happened when I was in my mid-teens without any cares or worries apart from what game we shall play next.
    My mate and I decided to pull off a 24hr (no sleep) gaming session (The 1st of many). Sounds amazing in theory right?
    Kicking off at 10am, after a mammoth task of packing up my PC (19” CRT….need I say more) and relocating it to the “gaming zone” we got stuck right in. Rainbow Six, Revolt, Diablo and many more.
    Now as any gamer know you need a fuel source in order to avoid the enemy of gaming we call “SLEEP”. Our poison was lots and lots of lollies and coke. Seemed like a perfect plan….until about 4am in the morning. I can confirm that the human body can only take so many gummie bears and coke before system shutdown. We both spent most of the morning with our heads in the toilet. On a side note it was colourful and didn’t leave a nasty after taste in the mouth.
    …..good time good time.
    I would do it again…in fact we did many times!

  • 10 years ago started playing counter-strike: source.
    Two years after the beginning we played in our first LAN event and won!
    A few went by and we became the best LAN team in Melbourne under the name CZAR!
    Invited to Cevo-Professional invite league where we struggled but the real thing about all this is that 5 delinquents from different backgrounds and races came together to have a amazing few years that gave us memories and dreams we could of only dreamed of as kids!

  • The first time I played DoTA. Having grown up on a gaming diet of Warcrafts 1 – 3, I thought “Hey, this won’t be any different to what I already know”. I couldn’t be more wrong.
    I wanted to find my feet on my own, so after a couple of games where I had gone okay, I thought it was time to try my hand at devising a game winning strategy. I had my epiphany and crafted what I believed to be the smartest strategy in DoTA history. Stacking Boots of Speed! I proceed to spend all my gold on boots, figuring I may not be the strongest, but I will at least will be too fast for my opponents.
    I call “mid” to begin my reign of speedy terror, it’s a lan party and the other team hear clearly where this Noob is going, but they don’t know of my winning strategy. I proceed to taunt them with my speed, which turns out is lacking. The start to hunt me down. They start to catch me. The most extreme, intense 15 seconds of gaming began and ended in the hearty laughter of others, as they discovered my flawed strategy.

  • Back when the original F.E.A.R came out, I was 17 and should have been diligently studying away but (naturally) I was more interested in seeing if this game was a scary as everyone was saying. Now I was aware that there was a supernatural horror element in the game and as such decided the best time to install and play was when I was alone in the house one night; this was a bad decision. It started off fine, jumped the first time Alma’s shadow ran across a door, shot at grates that moved, scared myself witless climbing down ladders and finding her standing there.

    A few hours in I’ve become used to the theme and while it catches me off guard I’m not losing it when she appears, that’s when someone came home without me realising. I’m sitting there immersed in the game when I’m tapped on the shoulder resulting in me having an almighty scare, flinging my mouse away and ending up falling off my chair.

    I’ve played games that have scared me more since but this was the first time the atmosphere they cultivated was so persuasive that it became a part of the real world.

  • Had to get a wisdom tooth removed when I was younger. So they put me on that local anaesthetic. As a child I was nervous, so they let me play on the DS while they administered it. I got to the loading screen on Pokemon pearl before passing out.

  • Me and my mates typically hang out and bust some COD, with zombies and all. One night we tried something a bit different. We rented out Just dance 4, and had a serious go at it. It was all just laughs and giggles until 2 of us started dancing on a chair like they were given someone a lap-dance, trying to be as sexy as possible…..I think they found their true calling… Anyway, that was pretty intense, and ended up having nightmares about it. So yeah, do ur best to stay away from those dancing games

  • once i played donkey kong country on a projector in a hall with a friend in an attempt to beat the entire thing in under 2 hours

  • I played Wow for a long time and racked up 365 days playing whilst maintaining a relationship and a job, I have since left the job and married the girl, we now have 2 kids a house with a picket fence a mortgage and due to all of the above a very average machine play to games on. That being said ill still sneak and play when i can.
    I should also add i once took my xbox to work as did about 5 co workers as we worked on a trade floor there were loads of tv’s so we hooked up a hub and some really really long network cables and played Halo till about 4 in the morning whilst enjoying beverages/pizza and abusing each over on the trade floor.

  • My most extreme gaming experience came with consequence. It takes me back to my high school days, during English class in the computer rooms we were supposed to be typing up assignments, I had other plans.
    On the networked computers I installed multiple copies of Doom and with some friends we played an epic few games whilst dodging gazes from the teacher. I thought I’d gotten away with it scott free, but little did I realize that my student pc account was triple the size of any other. This led to me losing my house captaincy and academic achievements recognition. Worth it. ?

  • When I steal peoples pentakill and see them rage. It feels like I have completed a mission of being a superb scrub at its finest. I feed off their rage and eat it for breakfast.

  • Most extreme? Definitely Smash Bros Melee … my brother and I have an annual Christmas Eve smash competition, best of 3 games, 5 stock each. Each fight is intense and evenly matched.

    Marth enters the field of battle, the sun glinting down the length of his sword.

    Zelda gracefully makes her way into the fray, ready to transform into the lighting-fast beast that is Sheik.

    Two players enter, only one can be crowned the winner.
    Then Marth fell off the edge on his last life. Huh.
    Stupid Marth.

  • Take 1
    Gunnin’ n lootin’ in Borderland 2,
    Picked up a shotgun that screamed ‘screw you’
    Bandits all around me, I ain’t scared,
    Finger to da’ trigger left the bad guys dead.
    5 minutes later, my laptop spit a dummy,
    I was havin’ too much fun, so it froze into a mummy.
    Take 2
    Hackin’ n slashin’ in a dungeon so bleak,
    Raiding with my peeps in Deeyabalo 3,
    Torment level 3, the elites were so mean…
    Still they had nuthin’ on my party of 3,
    Loot be droppin’ not 1 but 3!
    Oh wow! there’s a Legendary just for me!
    Said to myself ‘not a bad night’…
    And that was when my Laptop said to me ‘nighty night’
    Yep! You guessed it! Reboot it went…
    This is how it ends…man I need to vent!
    Predator be good, Predator be great!
    Give a dude a break…
    I need this upgrade.

  • A few years ago, I was invited to a paintball tournament in Perth and was told that everything was provided. The only caveat was that I had to get myself there. The other main issue, was that I was a last minute ring in, it was 3am Saturday morning, I had been drinking and teams needed to present their players that Saturday afternoon for registration.
    So ensued a taxi race to the airport and I managed to get a last minute seat on a 5:30am flight. All I had on me was my tiny netbook.
    The only game that it’ll run is the original DOOM so ensued a 4 hour marathon of DOOM, I was absolutely transfixed and couldn’t stop playing. So for the rest of the tournament, in between every match, there I was sitting on a friends gear bag constantly playing DOOM. Soon it began to blur into the matches, I wasn’t shooting fellow players, I was shooting cacodemons.
    Since then I’ve played DOOM, cruising down the Murray River in a canoe, by a waterfall at Hall’s gap and I even sent that netbook with my dad to Nepal where he played doom while hiking the Himalayas.

  • Athens 2004, middle of the Olympic Village, sneaking in some time playing Lands of Lore on the laptop I had carted literally around the world with me as some down time between competing against some of the best athletes in the world.

  • On league of legends getting a pentakill with Yi. First time ever playing as Yi and first pentakill ever… it was epic. But we still lost the game even though the opposing team’s morale was crushed. lol

  • I was such an extreme gamer when I was a kid, my parents would read me the Sonic the Hedgehog instruction manual as a bed time story. To this day I still require a page from the manual to fall asleep.

  • I imported Demon’s Souls in 2009. No co-op available to me due to international servers and crummy internet. Platinum’d it on Sony on my own. I’m extreme-ly certain this is my proudest gaming moment.

  • Back in the days of three-letter high score names I was R.Y.V.

    I felt more at home in an arcade than anywhere else. Until I was able to convince my parents to buy me a Commodore 64. Then that 8 bit world was the only place I wanted to know.

    One dark and stormy night in Canberra I was playing the Commodore 64. As I was platforming through Mission Impossible a lightening bolt struck our house. The electrical surge pulsed through my beloved console. The crackles and fizzles were its death rattle.

    I screamed “Noooooo!’ so loud the neighbours asked if anyone had been hurt in the strike. My reaction was the catalyst for the most tragic of decisions. My parents did not replace the console.

    For all intents and purposes this made me an orphan. My thirst for games grew steadily over the subsequent years and, when I was finally free of their tyranny, I became Ryvman.

    But I’m no hero. I’m a silent protagonist, a watchful gamer. The Dark Sprite.

  • So let me set the scene, my brother and I had saved up our money for Borderlands 2 GOTY Edition and we finally bought the game. After hours of leveling together and enjoying our badassness in the game, we made saved Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep for last after reaching level 72, it’s a lot of Grinding. By far the most extreme thing that has happening in video games was the very last boss of the DLC, the four Wizards, the awesome soundtracks in the background blaring as we shoot endless rounds at the wizards. When they were all finally defeated the explosions of loot went off everywhere and we screamed with joy at our achievement. We love Borderlands, I also need a new gaming computer :\

  • Played and finished GTA5 in 3 days straight. I lived the meaning of eat, sleep, game, repeat.
    3 days= 3 pizza boxes, 4 cans of V, 2 bags of chips, 1 bed, 1 xbox, 5 packets of migoreng.

    Steps to success:
    Step 1. Disregard all responsibility along with friends and family.
    Step 2. Acquire 100% Completion Achievement and a successful career as a criminal.
    Step 3. Curl up into a ball and realize that you just spent 3 days of your life playing a game.
    Step 4. Seek out next game to consume your life for the next 2-3 days.
    Step 5. Profit.

  • Back in the day my brother, best friend and I ran a LAN from the hanger out the back of our house “Goblin Gamerz”. This was during the coaxial days and sometimes we had more people then we had planned so had to get creative as there were not enough cables. We managed to always get everyone connected sometimes using electrical cable or even metal clothes hangers.
    When people arrived late we would have to stop our Duke Nukem 3d / Shadow Warrior game to let the new players in. (Waited later in the night to play games like Warcraft 2).
    Once we had two people arrive late, and stopped our game to let them in (we had enough cables so should of been quick). However they were not able to see any games when we resumed to play. Spent 2 hours troubleshooting (swapping out network cards *swapped out mine with them as well as spares). I couldn’t find the problem as people on either end of the bus network from them could connect to the games and their cards worked in my machine. In the end we finally noticed that they had connected themselves in a token ring and reconnected the bus network back to what it was before they arrived. They cost us a couple precious hours of gaming.
    The next week one friend packed early causing us to disconnect our Warcraft 2 game, this happened because we ignored his complaints about a spider on the roof above him.
    So many good LAN stories to share as those were the best days of my life. Would love to share them all.

  • During uni break over Christmas, I decided to stay at my dad’s house. So one day I was home alone and figured I could kill some time playing some games. So I got my 3yr old 17-inch Alienware laptop out. Now, it was about 42°c outside. And the house had only ceiling fans. Before I even opened my laptop I was sweating and within about 30 seconds of gaming, my laptop fans were going crazy.
    Within about half an hour to an hour, I started getting massive frame rate drops, which brought me out of the game and back to reality, where I noticed the burning pain in my thighs. I decided to open up ‘speedfan’ to check my temps. Now, I’m not entirely sure how accurate the numbers it gave me were, but according to it my cpu was at 100°c. ONE HUNDRED DEGREES! ON MY LAP! WITH A ROOM TEMP OF 42°c. Is that extreme enough? I immediately shut my laptop down. Peeled myself off of the lounge and went and had a cold shower. The red marks on my thighs from where the fan exhausts sat lasted a day or two.

  • My most intense gaming experience was shared with my son, 5 at the time… He’d been playing Kotor on his iPad since he was 3 years old, restarting with a new character over and over whenever it got too hard… When he was 5 he finally rescued Bastila all on his own without a single bit of help even though he could barely read, it was awesome. He’s now hit his final challenge, trying to defeat Malec…

  • Playing the recent beta, The Division, and a group of four had just achieved man-hunt status upon themselves. The feeling I got leading a charge with my group (and soon, a half dozen others we came across) up stair upon stair with the sole purpose of putting those rogue agents down, it was quite the exhilaration.

    Plus the fact that these four players had just about every player in the area converging on their position with the goal of ending them was hilarious. When the inevitable firefight started, I think the game was put through its paces with the inclusion of explosions every few seconds, bullets shooting every which way and doing your damnedest to make sure you don’t accidentally shoot a non-hostile agent. A fast and furious exchange, so many strangers and familiar faces shuffling over the ground bleeding out, being revived, being downed once more.

    Eventually we were able to put the rogues out of commission, and I reaped a snazzy new beanie for my troubles… I mean… contribution. Sure there was a dozen other agents that helped but finders keepers in times of pandemic yo! 🙂

  • Way back in the year 2001 I bought my first computer to a LAN party. There I played my first game of Diablo 2 local multiplayer, I played the Sorceress because I like to throw around magic and the other two people who I played it with were already playing as the Barbarian and Necromancer.
    We spent 14 hours playing Diablo 2 that night but as we ventured in to take on Diablo himself disaster struck, the Barbarian had forgotten to repair his equipment and it broke during the fight! He soon died when he was trying in his inventory to equip another weapon. The Necromancer and I managed to knock him down to under half health before the Necromancer fell after Diablo caught him with his red lightening leaving me alone against the Lord of Terror, the next several minutes were spent franticly using my ice magic to slow him down as well as do damage then teleporting away when he closed to melee range (as well as popping potions like some sort of addict) just as I was about to use the last of my potions I finally managed to killed him.
    It was glorious.

  • The most intense and devastating time playing DOTA in a really crappy looking LAN cafe in Western Sydney around 6pm.During an intense match that was neck and neck very end game, the area suffered a major blackout in the area and the entire building exploded with yelling and screaming that all computer’s were gone. Within an hour the power was back on and all of us dived straight into another match and kept playing till the next morning.

  • There’s one really intense experience that’s only for gamers. It’s always the same, I think.

    You’ve got a horrible sinking feeling deep in your stomach. You see about fifty immediate threats, and you haven’t even figured out where you’re meant to be escaping to yet. You’re doomed. You’d give up, but your instincts won’t let you: all of a sudden your fingers are flying over the buttons and you’re doing crazy combinations, constantly dodging death by milliseconds as you flawlessly play like you’ve never played before, where one slip-up would mean your end. Out of the corner of your eye you glimpse a way out, and you pull out some obscure game mechanic to hurl yourself full-speed in that direction, in the split-second you have before the giant swinging blade slices through the spot where you were standing.

    Your heart is pounding, your fingers still tensed, but you blink, and slowly your mind catches up with what’s just happened. You’ve done the impossible. You’re safe. 90% chance you call someone over to tell them how awesome you were and you’re so distracted you accidentally walk off a cliff, but still.

  • 200 hours+ of Xenoblade X probably isn’t extreme enough even though it’s just a single player game. What is though is falling off the edge of a cliff for the first time… and realising you don’t die from falling. So what to do? Jump in skell, fly to the highest peak in Oblivia and jump off! Great way to view the scenery, terrifying, but still amazing. Made more terrifying by the fact I hate heights, and Xenoblade X has quite realistic scale (I think that’s the best way to say it).

  • A few years ago I broke my knee pretty badly. I was unable to walk for around 3 months. During this time I did 2 things, a lot of gaming, and a lot of painkillers. I was prescribed morphine for bouts of extreme pain however was told only to take it under extreme pain as I am known to have ‘adverse reactions’ to the drug. In other terms, it makes me trip out, hard.

    To cut a long story short, I was attempting to Platinum Trophy ghostbusters on PS3, while on morphine. Now ghostbusters itself was not a great game, but it was by far, the most intense gaming experience I have ever had. It was about 10pm, the lights were out and I was playing the level in the library from memory, where all the library sections are breaking and floating in a big void. Well, suffice to say, the morphine was working overtime. The room was breaking apart in real life, my armchair was being sucked into the TV which had become a void, ghosts were coming out of the TV, and I was, a real ghostbuster. Phenomenal.

    After that experience, I never played Ghostbusters again, I never want to tarnish that memory. Because the reality of that game, can’t POSSIBLY be as rad as what I experienced that day.

  • Years ago I used to play in a Counter Strike clan and my then-current gaming monitor used to blackout periodically. I remember being in a match point kind of round, winner takes all (my vague memory suggests that it was something like 12 all with 13 to win) against another clan that we had a friendly rivalry with. I’m the last man standing hiding at the back of some boxes on de_cbble (my favourite map for sure). Bomb is planted, ticking away, when I start to hear some footsteps. I wait a few seconds for them to get closer, then decide to strike. As I leave my cover I get a flashbang straight in my face which lands at my feet. My screen turns to white and I back up to where I hope my body and face is covered from the fire that erupted seconds prior to the loud bang. As colours fade back in I see the shape of a counter-terrorist turning the corner of the box and I get a quick headshot from my AK to his face. I know there are two enemies left with the bomb so I decide to take my chances. As I come around the corner of the box I see one CT crouched and defusing with his buddy aiming over his shoulder right for my face, not a second later my monitor cuts out. My dead teammates are yelling in my ear to open fire so I do a second passes and my monitor comes back to life and in front of me are two limp bodies and two headshot symbols in the top right corner.

    My favourite saying is ‘sometimes it’s better to be lucky than talented’ and for that very reason I have entered this competition. All I need is a bit of luck as I on that day over a decade ago and I could end up with a new gaming PC and finally give CS:GO a play.

  • My girlfriend of 4 years, lived together for 3, told me she wanted to break up while i was playing splatoon.
    Needless to say, i made her wait til i finished the round to discuss it.
    Honestly one of my better games!

  • My most intense gaming moment all revolved around Metroid Prime. I actually bailed on school early so I could get to the mall in time to pick up the game. When I got home I wasted no time getting it in my GameCube and immersing myself in my since then favourite universe. I played the game from start to finish in one sitting, finishing the game 100% in just under 20hrs. It hardly seems extreme but when its 2am, you’re tired, and spent 9hrs looking at a screen, Omega Pirate is no walk in the park. I must have failed 4 or 5 times before I defeated him, I had never been so frustrated with a game all my life and even when I did finally take him down I was left with only a sliver of health. In those final few moments of rapidly pressing ‘A’ to blast the son’a bitch to hell my heart was racing, he only had to flick me and it would have been me who’d perish again. I’ve never had a more satisfying moment in my gaming life to date.

  • During my second year of uni, I invited members of our Dota 2 society to join me in watching The International 3 Grand Finals between Na’vi and Alliance.

    I had my laptop hooked up to the projector in the largest available room in the library and 40 odd other guys and I rocked to the best grand final games the world had ever seen. We knew the world would not be the same. A few people laughed, a few people cried, most people were silent, until the final game.

    The librarians knocked on the door a few times telling us to be quiet but after 5 minutes of screaming and shouting they finally kicked us out.

  • A few lifetimes ago, my brother and I were closet gamers. We lived in the hills, so networking was done by me. Then came uni social clubs, which became our first LAN party where we didn’t already know everyone. We rocked up, had our PCs connected and talking within minutes. While we were waiting for everyone else, we fired up Doom 2 for a quick deathmatch, first to 100 frags. This soon became a crowd with the scores were about 90 [brother], 70 [me] and the other two were below 10. I looked around and saw jaws dropped at how fast we were playing the game. I looked at my bro and said “Shotgun fight?”. We both abandoned our weapons of power and switched to the Super Shotgun, dodging and weaving between pillars, neither of us able to make the killing blow. The other two in