Win! One Of 30 Double Passes To The Triple 9 Preview

Win! One Of 30 Double Passes To The Triple 9 Preview

Here’s a big one guys! We’ve partnered with Roadshow Films to book out an entire movie theatre for the Australian preview of Triple 9, for the readers of Gizmodo, Lifehacker and Kotaku.

Kotaku is giving away 30 double passes to the March 2nd preview (in Sydney only, sorry guys), a day before Triple 9 opens Australia-wide. Here’s how to enter:

In the comments below, tell us about a time you overcame the odds — in 25 words or less — more if you’re keen — but you don’t have to. Pull off a killer presentation you didn’t think you would? Outlast 30 foes in your favourite video game? Did you overcome stomach bugs to hike Machu Picchu? The most fun and creative entries will win. Keep it clean.

  • Entries close at 10am on Monday the 29th of February and winners will be contacted later that day ahead of the screening the evening of Wednesday 2nd.
  • Each double pass is valued at $50.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

A gang of criminals and corrupt cops plan the murder of a police officer in order to pull off their biggest heist yet across town. Starring Aaron Paul, Norman Reedus, Casey Affleck, Woody Harrelson, Clifton Collins Jr, Anthony Mackie, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kate Winslet, Teresa Palmer, and Gal Gadot.

The screening will take place on Wednesday 2nd March at Event Cinemas George Street, Sydney. Winners need to bring photo ID and arrive early for a 6:30pm start to avoid disappointment. We’ve slightly oversubscribed to ensure a full house, but if you miss out, we’ll give you an in-season pass (in person only) to Triple 9.

You can give yourself a better shot at winning by entering on Lifehacker and Gizmodo as well.

Win! One Of 30 Double Passes To The Triple 9 Preview
Win! One Of 30 Double Passes To The Triple 9 Preview


  • If we’re talking gaming, it was when I unlocked the final cheats in Goldeneye on N64. Those cheats required you to beat specific levels in the target times and they were *tough*. I spent days (weeks?) trying to beat the last two–Facility and Aztec Complex–but could not do it, no matter how hard I tried.

    Turns out that the solution was to stack the odds even higher: to catch chicken pox and spend 2 days with a raging fever. The time not spent comatose or speaking in tongues was spent propped up on the lounge playing Goldeneye. In a waking dream, I aced those levels and unlocked the final cheats. At least, I’m pretty sure I was the one who managed it. It’s all a bit hazy. It could well have been the 6 eyed gremlin sitting next to me that did it instead.

    EDIT: The rules have changed slightly to indicate that 25 words or less is a good thing, so:
    “I unlocked the final, near impossible cheats in Goldeneye on N64 while in a fever haze caused by chicken pox.”

    • Oh yeah, games. I was revisiting Battletoads and for some reason, noting down on a bit of paper whenever I would lose or gain a life. After a few attempts, I eventually I managed to get a full run to the end and beat the game (woo!). Then I ended up checking through my markings on that scrap found that I’d made it through without having lost all my lives at any point. No continues! And, AND, I would have made it through even without using the five toad code!

      Then I was super bummed that I’d both done it with the cheat, and that I hadn’t recorded it or something.

      • I beat Sonic 2 without losing a life once, and it was coincidentally a run-through that I *had* recorded for my cousins, just so they could see how awesome the game was. Was pretty stoked about that given that I was never able to recreate the feat. Probably not on the same level of beating Battletoads without continuing, though.

        • Jesus christ, Sonic 2 was hard as friggin nails. That’s awesome :O

          I remember we used to do the reset trick to get all the Chaos Emeralds to beat the game lol

          • Turns out that there’s enough star posts to get Super Sonic before the first boss, without any tricks. I know, because I did it on that run (and was probably a major contributor to not dying)!

    • If you were decent at Goldeneye, Facility isn’t too hard. You just have to have that Dr in the right spot and follow a good strategy.

      Mine was:
      Run down the stairs, , through the door underneath, shoot the guy 9 times in the chest. You’d have 1 bullet left, mines quickly while retreating back through door. The metal door would open. 3 guys will run out, throw a mine and detonate in mid air. Activate the security console.
      Run to the security door and through it, tell it to close. Throw a mine and detonate in mid air to kill the 3 dudes in the hallway. Open and close the next door.
      Continue on to the massive lab area and hope the Dr is in there. You should know how many scientists are in each lab so you can quickly tell. Run up to him, then leave and run to the locked door. As soon as the decoder appears in your inventory, apply to the door.
      Run down, wait for Alec to talk or whatever he does (this bit is hazy). Then use your remaining mines. Throw each one and detonate when it is in the middle of 4 nerve gas tanks. You should only need 3 (which is how many you have left). Exit stage.

      Obviously strafe the whole thing coz it’s way quicker.

      • I do remember that it was luck regarding where Dr Doak was to complete Facility. I do also remember that it was Aztec Complex that caused the most difficulty of the two. Hell, it may even have been that it was the only one I had left to complete; it was 20 years ago and I was kinda out of it at the time!

        • I never completed the Rocket state, can’t for the life of me remember it’s name. Was that Aztec? There was one other one. After I got the all weapons cheat, I kinda lost interest in unlocking specific guns. There was 1 other one, I think it was for a silver or gold PP7.

          Particularly horrible levels were depot and control. Control most so.

      • So, once Cakesmith was in the USA getting his permanent residency for Australia because the government is funny like that. He’d been away from his friends and fiancée for 6 months and was getting really homesick. Finally one day the email came in, his residency had been granted and his passport was being mailed back to him. Finally, he could go home! Without a second thought he bought his tickets back to Australia, choosing a code-share connection from Chicago to San Francisco and then on to Sydney for that weekend.

        Except this was a holiday weekend, something he’d forgotten about as it was an American holiday and he was used to Australian holidays. So the weekend came and he boarded his flight, only to land in Chicago and find out that the connection to San Francisco had been cancelled.

        He ran to the check-in desk to find out what could be done. The only other connection was fully booked, or at least the ones that would land him in time to get through customs and board the ongoing flight to Sydney. He was put on a standby list and told to wait at the gate for that solitary chance to get to San Francisco and home to Australia.

        The gate is crowded with holiday traffic, and soon enough they start boarding. More and more people get on the plane. It’s looking like it’s not going to happen. The flight attendants begin to call standby passengers to line up at the gate for potential boarding. Person 1… Person 2… Cakesmith… A bunch more people.

        The flight attendants check the passenger manifest and start walking the plane. Point to person 1… come forward. Person 2… come forward… Cakesmith… come forward. That’s all, sorry folks.

        On landing Cakesmith thanks the flight attendants for their help and explains how he’s been away from home for so long. He finds out that there were approximately 60 people trying to make that standby connection, and he was 1 of 3 who got on board, and last.

        Against all odds, he made it home. Really home, to Australia. And he’s never been back to America since. Lucky Cakesmith.

  • The other day I was seconds too slow to get to the train platform, with too many slow people in the way on the stairs (KEEP LEFT UNLESS OVERTAKING, COME ON) and the doors closed just as I got there. I knew there was another train due to arrive in maybe half a minute a few platforms down, so went to run back down the stairs and head over there. Maybe four or five steps down and I hear the doors on the train hissing again. Apparently the guard is awesome, and had opened them back up! But I didn’t notice and had left too early. Or had I! I turned around and stumbled up the stairs, practically falling over and pulling on the handrail to try and get that extra little boost to get to the doors before they closed. I slammed pretty hard into the door with my shoulder, bounced off and landed on the floor inside. Just made it.

    Incredibly mundane but that’s about as good as it gets for me outside of “I couldn’t climb a route but then I did” 😛

  • Buckle your seat belts, lads. We’re going on a feels trip!

    When I was 13 years old, riding my brothers bike to school one morning, which I’d inconveniently forgotten had no brakes, I came screaming out of a hidden sidewalk and unable to stop or slow down I promptly got collected by a ute! Mangled my hand, broke my leg in 5 places and whilst crawling off the road managed to contract a very rare form of flesh eating bacteria.

    And if you think breaking a leg or ripping half your hand off was painful, you have no idea what it feels like to have dead flesh scraped off of a rotting wound.

    But after 4 months in hospital and 6 months in rehab learning how to walk and write again, I consider myself very lucky, and am very happy to still be upright and breathing!

    I’ll never forget the look on mums face the first time she saw me walking without crutches!

  • 5v1 Ace clutch on CSGO on multiple occasions, my most recent one though on dust 2 with 30 seconds on T side with bomb not down. I can still hear those cheers

  • Its the end of the afl season, we’re tied 6th with 2 other teams. Only the top 5 teams go through to finals. We were 1 game from the equal 5th.
    So for us to get in there, we would have to win our game by 60 to bump our percentage up, the teams we were tied with would have to tie for us to go through.
    And to make it even more unlikely, the cats, (who were 5th) would have to lose by 30 to a team that hadn’t won a game all season.

    The footy gods were smiling that day.

    We won our game by 80.
    Then the other teams had a draw.
    And miraculously, the cats lost by 32 points.

    “Goodbye pussy-cats, woeeee woeeee woee woeeee” we sung all night.

    Was a True blue miracle!

    • Yes!! That there is one in a million!

      If that was a betting multi you would have made some serious coin from such a bizarre and seemingly impossible set of events! Wow.

  • If I tell a sad story like that guy who won the laptop do I win? If that’s the case my great great great great great great grandfather died a few centuries ago. Do I win now?

  • I’m a lifesaver, I rescued a guy with no gear, he was 6″6′, built like a tank, I was 6″3′ and built like a toothpick.

    Good times, guy gave me chocolates.

  • Working all night to get my software design subjects major project of a library database to work consistently across multiple computers before the day its due.

  • Not going to go into too much detail here because spoilers, but the end of The Challenge in The Witness. After attempting a good 25 times at least, second last puzzle, the music steaming quickly through its crescendo, sweaty palms, panic, success! Now the last puzzle, fail, try again, fail, the music climaxes, one more try, just do it do it do it! Success. Gold trophy. Platinum trophy. Lean back and hope I never hear In the Hall of the Mountain King ever again.

  • My one, 25 words ain’t a lot but kept it small:

    Entered a Karate Tournament as a blue belt and incorrectly put down my experience incorrectly, matched up against brown and above. Got to the final. Didn’t win but put in a good effort against mostly younger and higher skilled opponents.

  • I feel like I beat the odds in winning that LEGO DC competition from earlier this year twice. Given the amount of entries, winning once is high enough odds, but twice?!

  • Late night pee, walked through spider web. No spider in sight, I pee…then notice the redback climbing towards…..there……A shoe saved my genitals!

  • Raced home from a fishing trip to make the birth of my child. My wife had been induced and the clock was ticking. Made it!

  • Hiking and climbing up Mt Fuji and seriously feeling the altitude with every step I took during the last parts towards the summit. Then needing to hiking/climb back down to the base in pitch black darkness and pouring rain.

  • Surviving a white-knuckled drive to school on the morning of my toughest HSC exam with a gigantic huntsman trying to muscle it’s way through the driver side window, and coming home at the end of the day with an almost Band-6 result. Adrenaline baby!

  • Brush teeth with bottled water, shower with tightly sealed orifices, mouth shut whilst swimming, drink only bottled liquids…. this is how I avoided Bali Belly.

  • Windsurfing in a stormfront.
    Mast breaks.
    Swept to island.
    Make shelter from sail.
    Eat some oysters and prickly pear.
    Get some sleep.
    Get rescued by dad out searching in a speed boat.
    Drink too many celabratory, im not missing, beers.
    Told i still have to go to school tomorrow.
    Noone believes i was missing.
    Makes the local paper.
    Rate it: four and a half stars, should try.

  • Hiking for the day at school camp in NZ, cant read map properly and think we are walking to a lake.
    Find out halfway it is not lake but crater of a volcano – aka Mountain.
    – Found out I was walikng to the summit of a mountain, halfway up the mountain.
    PS – it had snow.

  • When I was much younger and obsessed with Leetspeak (using numbers as an alternative to the alphebet to come across as c001) I was given a phone number with ‘1337’ in it. Needless to say, I was king of the internet geeks at school.

  • Well, I’m predominantly a gamer. However, after a fair few glasses of John Courage one night at the pub, I was approached by someone looking to bolster the numbers of their local footy (union) club. I was 23 at the time, and had only played rugby at high school (because I was forced to do a sport) in the lowest grade team possible. I don’t really watch rugby, let alone play it. However, this man, who was considerably shorter than my height of 6ft 1 was very convincing. The beer also had me convinced that I was a pretty big guy, I was strong, and I would be smashing my way down the field scoring try after try….

    I couldn’t have been more wrong….

    This tale of overcoming the odds is simply me getting through 80 minutes of being expected to (and largely NOT) tackle or run through men (mostly Islanders) a lot bigger than I. Harder, better, faster, as the mighty Daft Punk once said. I did manage to keep it together for the full 80 minutes of that pre-season game (36 Celcius too!) without injury, and found myself with the same club three years on until an untimely tragedy saw it’s demise.

    The greatest part though? Not that I was able to overcome the fear of being smashed every Saturday (because I didn’t), nor that I was brave enough to face much bigger, more talented players than I (the beer did that!). The greatest part is I found a group of people willing to take me in, work with my on my improvement, and never put me down for being the fairly useless player I was.

    This too can be found in the gaming community, not always, not everywhere, but it does indeed exist!

  •  had terrible nausea and was at home with my 2yr old. Racing to get to the toilet, I yell to my son, “Mummy’s gonna be sick, quick!” He hands me a bowl. In goes the spew. Hubby gets home right then, nearly eats it.

    We were having stew.

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