Witch House Looks Like Gothic XCOM

Witch House Looks Like Gothic XCOM

Supernatural crimes? Turn-based tactics? A detective main character who sounds like when he says he wants a whiskey on the rocks, he means jagged shards of gravel? Gee, Witch House, it seems an awful lot like you're trying to get my attention. Witch House takes place in the prohibition era. More specifically, it's set in 1926 in Miskatonic Valley, New England. The place is, of course, haunted, because come on: it's called Miskatonic Valley. Hello there, Lovecraft throwback.

Anyway, a lot of bad stuff is going down. That's where you come in:

The stars are aligning, hastening the arrival of a dark hour that thins the veil between worlds. Mad scientists toil to open trans-dimensional portals, while sinister cults conduct occult rituals to unleash horrors from another space and time.

Agents of the Armitage paranormal investigation agency have been recalled to Arkham, from fields diverse as exorcists, magicians and mobsters, in a bid to unravel the coalescing forces threatening the stability of our civilisation.

You'll lead teams of paranormal investigators on missions through spooky mansions, ancient ruins and Beyond (whatever Beyond is, it will probably involve a proliferation of tentacles) in an effort to foil countless dark schemes a-brewin'. You can fight, sneak or do some combination of the two. It's your call.

In the process, you'll build up characters of different types, acquiring not only new skills and abilities, but also "personality traits and secret histories". INTRIGUE.

Witch House is on Steam Greenlight right now, but if all goes according to plan, it will enter Early Access later this year. I'm glad that the developers seem to be taking things nice and slow, because "XCOM meets X-Files meets Darkest Dungeon" is a pretty killer idea, but it's still looking a little janky right now. Here's hoping time and maybe a few dark rituals get it into proper sleuthing shape.


    Oh man, a diablo-esque dungeon crawler mixed with Xcom style gameplay and a H P Lovecraftian influence???


      In a Box with "Betrayal at the House on Haunted Hill" written on the front of it.

      I'm not against a computer version which seems inspired by the board game, this sounds exactly the sort of thing I like, I do greatly enjoy turn based games, and it's nice that they are finally coming back. Now all I need is a good Scrolling Beat em up or two like the ones Capcom used to make when they where cool. The Arcade Aliens vs Predator was and still is one of my favourite games of all time.

        That's a boardgame though, which I do love playing, Talismans still one of my alltime favorites :)

        But in terms of videogames this looks sweet :D

        But absolutely, we need more 2d sidescroller beatemups. I'd love to see what could be done by Capcom if they went back to their roots and dug up some older properties. Knights of The Round sequel? Slick animation and graphics? Could be insane? A true Final Fight sequel or maybe take a newer property like Rick and Morty and do up an awesome one with that... could be amazing.

        Last edited 23/02/16 11:18 am

        Why do people insist on reminding me that the AVP arcade game existed. I saw streets of rage was free on steam last weekend, but I missed it.. When will this torment end!?

        Then there was also that Die Hard one which had QTEs before they were (un)cool. Good old days.

          QTE's where never cool.
          Forgetting AvP is like forgetting your first kiss or forgetting to breathe, not happening without serious head trauma.

    Dammit. I have had an idea like this kicking around for a while and have gone a fair way to coming up with systems and an overarching plot to keep people coming back for more.

    Though I think my ideal still has some significant differences to this... and is probably a lot longer from actually becoming a reality. :p

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