Witness Speedrunner Takes 30-Minute Sandwich Break, Still Beats World Record

Witness Speedrunner Takes 30-Minute Sandwich Break, Still Beats World Record

The Witness is not like other games, so it stands to reason that a Witness speedrun would not be like other speedruns. (Warning: The Witness spoilers ahead.)

The Witness' island is overrun with brain-incinerating-puzzles (and statues that are just, like, SO sad). Some puzzles are hidden. Some, by their very nature, take significantly longer than others. This makes a 100 per cent completion speedrun tricky, to say the least.

In setting a 100 per cent completion record of 3:16:21, speedrunner FearfulFerret had to solve an especially involved puzzle embedded in a 58-minute film in an underground theatre. According to Eurogamer, the film is based on a GDC talk given by another game developer, Brian Moriarty, and as it progresses, an eclipse appears over the screen. That process needs to be complete before you can finish tracing a line in a nearby corridor.

"I've never waited through this before," said FearfulFerret (you can see for yourself at 16:40 in the above video). "I'm excited. I'm literally going to get in my car, drive like 15 minutes to What-A-Burger, get probably a fish sandwich — because I had a burger for lunch — gonna come back here, gonna eat it on webcam, and it's gonna be delicious. It's gonna be delicious."

And that is exactly what he did. It worked, and he went on to complete the speedrun.

It's by no means a perfect run, and FearfulFerret himself admitted that there's a ton to improve. At this point, however, few others have tried 100 per cent speedrunning The Witness, so his record stands. It's not unusual, though, for a specific game to have countless speedrun categories, each with their own qualifiers and hyper-specific nuances. Here's hoping "fish sandwich run" is etched into the annals of Witness speedrunning history as a rite of passage, a tradition.


    That puzzle... I hate it so much. Why? because I had to do it twice.
    See, I use a controller as I just prefer it over mouse & keyboard. But after alt-tabbing out while I waited the 55 minutes, I returned and forgot the controller turns itself off after a period of inactivity. Upon pressing a button to reactivate it though, I pressed the "B" button and cancelled the line. ARGH!
    So then I started the whole process over again and just used the mouse to finish the puzzle. And my reward? The last pillar turned white and nothing happened. Such a letdown.

    It would take 2 minutes to finish it with the real ending.

    I only watched the first part as I'm a fair way in but didn't want too many spoilers. I did notice he missed an environmental puzzle which appears underneath the elevator which takes you up at the end of the desert temple Not sure if he eventually went back to do it, if not, would it still be 100%?

      I though the same thing, but after he finishes the underground, he heads through a passage which leads him out on the other side of where the elevator is and does the puzzle

        Ooh ok, I haven't figured out how to open that passage yet.

      haven't watched it but i'd gather he gets it after going through the secret zone of the mountain and open the door that is next to that environmental puzzle. would save him the time spent backtracking through the desert temple.

    I watched alot of the videos and i must say the game just looks pure boring to me. The puzzles didnt seem that hard at all, and it is pretty much just repeat repeat repeat for the whole game

      This...so much this. I've played it and the game was just very lackluster for me. The puzzles are too basic and uninteresting once you understand the gimmick behind them. Just feels more like a time investment per puzzle to get them solved...waiting for the particular one mentioned here outlines that point pretty well.

      Could have been done much better, with puzzles that felt like you're making progress

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