'Wooden' N64 Is Quaint As Hell

'Wooden' N64 Is Quaint As Hell

Marshall Clark made this N64 console last year. It's not actually made of wood, but through a careful application of paintwork (and some airbrushing), he got it looking pretty damn close.

Looks like he also sent some pics in to Nintendo Life if you want to see things in more detail.

'Wooden' N64 Is Quaint As Hell

Image: Nintendo Life

I have a thing for video game machines made out of wood.

Top image: Nintendo Life


    Aaaah, that reminds me the "wooden age" of video game history: Pong machines and the "wood veneer" version of Atari 2600.

      I think i have that wood veneer atari 2600 at home don't know if it works though.

    This is also noteworthy for the fact that last time Kotaku AU mentioned a Nintendo game was in fact when wooden consoles were in vogue.

    Wait that came out wrong.

    Or did it.

    In the age of 3D printing surely an actual wooden one is possible?

      How does one 3d print using wood?
      Wouldn't it be more possible to mill one from wood.

        Soooo....sort of wood.

    I'm off to play my coal powered pippin

    Makes me wish I had the willpower to bother trying to carve some Nintendo shells out of actual wood.

    Looks ersatz as hell. I'm not normally one to say anything if I don't having anything nice to say about someones work, but I really don't like this for some reason. It looks awful in the video. I think I just really like actual wood.

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