Xbox Live Is Down

Xbox Live Is Down

We've been getting emails and tweets all week about this, in increasing volume, but this evening Xbox Live seems to have finally dropped out for pretty much everyone trying to access the paid service. This went out five hours ago (from time of posting):

And this went out three hours ago (at time of posting):

Xbox's status page is currently showing the following:

Xbox Live Is Down

What's been interesting/frustrating about this is, as I mention up top, the way so many people's service seems to have slowly died out over the last few days, instead of thing being some universal, instantaneous thing.

Those already signed in might be OK, since Microsoft is saying stuff like match-making is working, but that won't be of much use to you if you can't sign in in the first place...


    Can someone explain why during the xbox live outage today, why I cannot stream a video from my laptop (windows 10) to my xbox one anymore?
    The video started to play but 2 seconds later a message came up asking me to insert a disk because of xbox live outages.
    The video did not need transcoding or extra codecs as it started to play fine with audio too.
    Seems like Xbox One wants to send meta data about the streaming to their servers and the fact that connection fails I lose the ability to stream on my local network.
    This is poor programming.
    I am seriously disappointed with this ridiculous limitation!
    And Xbox Support's only suggestion was to post in the feedback forums! So [email protected]!

      It's because majority of their always online drm is still in the system.

      Not sure why is this surprising anyway. Xbox live goes down almost weekly

        I game share with my brother and have downloaded over 95% of my games, which means that my Xbone has been operating as a ‘guest user’ (essentially the full always-on plan as originally envisaged by MS) since launch day.

        I honestly can’t remember ever having an issue where I can’t login to access my content, the system is pretty solid all things considered.

        Little things go wrong occasionally, the store is always slow as hell, some games go down occasional (they put up notifications on twitter) and my pins always take far too long to load, but I think the claim “Xbox live goes down almost weekly” is way over the top.

        Care to provide any proof to back up your bullshit claims?
        Considering I use my xbone every single day and night, as does my wife hers, we've had on night in 7 months where there were outages.

        Go back to PSN fucktard.

        I should point out the fucktard is letrico

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          Whoa there buddy no need to go all defensive like I killed your family member or something. It is true that Xbox live is more reliable than psn but if you follow closely on Xbox live status, you will notice the consistent down time almost weekly, usually just short down time like some of the service is not working and users not able to login into the service.

          Just stating a fact here from consistent report by users, no need to go full retard just for it. Chill out bro.

          Here just for argument sake:

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            AS you said MS posts one of those messages every time something goes slightly wrong, which makes that list look a lot worse than it is.

            If you do a network status check on your Xbone, I’d guess it’s says there’s a known network issue probably 40-50% of the time. If you go on the XBL website you can normally see that it’s a single game or app that’s playing up.

            Like I said the normal core service is admirably reliable…. Except today.

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              Yeap definitely. I have not specifically said that the whole service goes down but there are reported issues here and there weekly ranging from unable to login or unable to play multiplayer and other things.

              It happens. So no point trying to hide it or support it. We all know services goes down time to time but when someone become so ignorant that one service is like the god of all, it gets irritating.

                I understand what you're trying to say, but when you said "Xbox live goes down almost weekly" you definitely were saying the whole service goes down.

        I'll try it a little less forthright than ol' @mucktard but he's essentially right. I have both consoles, and Xbox is - by far-and-away the more reliable service with far less downtime. #BetterPSN didn't start up because it was a reliable, customer-friendly service.

          While I mostly game on my PS4 I have to agree - the reliability of XBox Live is way ahead of PSN's, and when XBL is broken it's usually fixed more quickly.

          To say nothing of the incredible flakiness of streaming video playback on PSN; it's rare to play a video without it flaking out occasionally, where Netflix, Stand and Crunchyroll all work flawlessly. (Not sure about XBL's video streaming, haven't used it.)

            I've never streamed a movie from PSN, but if it's anything like watching a trailer on the store then yeah, it's not real good.

            Personally I've experienced very, very few issues with PSN being unavailable. I don't know if I'm just lucky in terms of the times I try to use it or what, but other than the "big" ones (e.g. the month long outage after the PS3 hack a few years back, or that one over xmas), I've not had many problems with it.

            One thing that does sh*t me though, and it sounds like a similar issue to what DarthDread up there is having with his XBox, is that on those occasions when I can't sign into PSN, I can't even use online services that are completely unrelated to PSN. E.g. I can't watch Netflix if PSN is down - why? My internet connection is fine, I can connect to Netflix just fine on other devices such as my phone - why should my PS4 need to be able to log into PSN just to watch Netflix? Can't even use YouTube or the damn web browser (not that I can imagine anybody wanting to use that web browser anyway).

            I stream HD movies and miniseries from the PSN all the time, no dips in quality for me. Is this a connection speed issue with your internet?

              It may be in part, but if so it's a problem which literally every other streaming service I have has no issues with.

              I can stream Stan, Netflix, YouTube, Crackle, Crunchyroll and AnimeLab with no issues at all. This may be because they intelligently down-rez the stream if bandwidth drops. PSN claims to do the same thing; if so, I've never noticed it.

              In practice, it's rare for me to stream even a half-hour TV show without the player at some point complaining that my bandwidth can no longer sustain a stream and "do I want to continue?" It's gotten to the point where I'll often not bother to get the HD version of content because it's pretty much guaranteed to flake out.

                Yeah that kind of sucks mate, thankfully we are getting nbn rofl

          How is he right because of your experience? What if someone had a different experience? Am I going crazy in thinking that almost everyone is making nonsense claims about its reliability? Not even every outage affects every console and sometimes it could be maintenance or a network issue in the area. There are just so many real possibilities people are ignoring in favour of their own experience. I've noticed it down every now and then but i'm not sure of the regularity. Seems more than my PS4 but again i'm not sure, I don't use it 24 hours a day.

    Whelp, time to sue Microsoft for 40,000 bucks for a day of no LIVE.

    Very frustrating for home sharing and digital users.

      This is honestly the longest I've ever seen Xbox Live core services down and I've been a Live Gold member for almost 9 years. It's my day off and it's been down since before I got up this morning. Very disappointing.

        Christmas 2007.

          Was prob too busy with xmas stuff to have noticed.

            Well I think that's the big difference here. In the past it wasn't anywhere nearly as disruptive. Back on my 360 it could have been down for weeks and I wouldn't notice. My XBOX One has basically been bricked.
            Funny part is like you I was planning on playing XBOX all day. I really needed to relax and unwind so I got everything sorted at work, made time in my schedule, woke up, had a milo, had a shower, sat down to watch some YouTube before a Resident Evil 0 marathon and was greeted with an error. Of all the days...

              That sounds like a decent day. I ended up having 4 coffees and watching 4 of the most recent eps of Arrow streaming in the Edge app. For some random reason, the Edge app was completely unaffected by all the issues.

    So annoying I can't even play any games, fix your shit you fucking assholes

    i couldnt even play dvd/ blurays, which suprised me. im not actually sure why that portion has to be a downloadable app that i have to manually change to be accessible offline, considering its supposed to be an all in one entertainment system.

    Clearly if you want to be in the business of "gaming as a service" this proves the industry is not yet ready...until availability meets expectations of consumers, it's not going to get to where they want it to be.

    it's still fucking down.
    have ben unable to unlock farcry primal.

    Weird? I logged in and out all day no issues, played some multiplayer. Only issue was the store was down for me randomly.


    Needs to be localised:

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