XCOM 2 Is Just As Heartbreaking As The Original

Everyone who played Enemy Unknown a few years ago will recognise the scene. You've got your squad lined up. You're all in position, waiting for any sign of movement.

And then it happens. A beastly alien steps into everyone's line of sight, unaware of the trap they've just triggered.

Except there's one problem. This is XCOM 2. And traps never, never work out quite the way you want them to.

I'd hate to be the commander that witnessed such atrocious aiming. Not that it's going to matter; with so little damage and such vast reserves of HP, I'd be surprised if that squad got out alive — especially with that kind of luck.


    In my current game the aliens seem to be killing 90% male soldiers... My standing roster is now like 3 males to 12 females as a result.

    My only conclusion is that this is their new master plan, eliminate one gender and the species will die out.

    Seeing the new overwatch system at work is absolutely beautiful though with how they choose targets and such now instead of all shooting the same thing.

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      By god, the aliens are seeking to destroy the patriarchy! :O :O :O

      *cue ominous music**

        Plot twist: The Ethereals are being controlled by Anita Sarkeesian

          I KNEW it... "Sectoid Frequency" really is a thing!!!

      It would make more sense for them to kill females though... I mean, if you wipe out half the men, they can still impregnate all the females, so reproduction rates remain the same, but if you wipe out half the women you get half the breeding.

        I never said it was a well thought out master plan.

    Everyone who played Enemy Unknown a few years ago will recognise the scene.

    They certainly will, since it's from Enemy Unknown and not X-COM 2.

      What gave it away? The visuals, simultaneous firing, enemy type, and environment... or the steady framerate?

    I think some enemies have an innate bonus to dodging overwatch shots? Like mutons will not get hit by 80% of overwatch regardless of how close you might have them [email protected]

    I'm confused... based on the Plasma effects and the simultaneous overwatch fire, this looks like Enemy Within. Where's the XCOM2 failed trap :(

    By the looks of it, that's the overseer UFO from EU and, if that luck continues, when the sectopod fires, it'll destroy the wall to the right of the soldiers and agro the muton elites and ethereal.

    There's something extremely satisfying about doing a solid ambush in number 2. Setting everyone to overwatch except for a grenadier and then launching an acid bomb onto them and watching the aliens get torn to shreds.

      Or a psi-ops dropping a rift on a cluster of guys who all go down to about half-health from the rift itself, then the insanity procs afterwards inflict rupture and/or outright kill the remnants... You got a squad full of guys on overwatch shooting dirty looks at the psi-op for killing everyone before they could get a shot in (and not wanting to ride in the same skyranger home with such a monster).

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