Yep, Uncharted 4 Looks Incredible

Yep, Uncharted 4 Looks Incredible

Video: This morning, the folks at Naughty Dog decided to remind us that yep, Uncharted 4 is coming out in two months and yep, it still looks incredible. Today the devs released this new story trailer, which doesn't reveal much of the story — unless you really scrutinise lines like "There's gotta be another way" — but does showcase what might be the best-looking video game we've ever seen. (Not surprising coming from the guys and gals who made the extraordinary The Last of Us.)

Uncharted 4 is out April 27 for PS4.


    "Not surprising coming from the guys and gals who made the extraordinary The Last of Us."
    But they didn't make Assassins Creed 4! Hayoooooooooooooo

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    Looks amazing. Don't have time/room for a PS4 in my life though :(

    Some of those landscapes looked absolutely amazing. I got chills watching this morning on the train.... Bring on April 26th

    Thumbnail picture reminds me more of Far Cry (1).. of course Uncharted isn't really about the scenery but the bombastic story driven adventuring.. just have to say I am getting sick of jungle scenery games.

      The trailer shows a bit of variety in the settings, so I guess it won't all be jungle scenery.

    Can't wait to take Drake and synchronize from high spots in the game.

    All cut scenes, show me some actual in game footage...

      ND tend to use the game's engine to render cutscenes; if you are looking for gameplay they have previously released such videos.

      Uncharted doesn't use pre-rendered cutscenes. Everything is in-engine.

        I know the Uncharted trilogy on PS4 are all pre-rendered cut scenes :( You can clearly see the quality drop when the gameplay switches to cut scenes. It's hard to notice on PS3.

      Uncharted cinematic are in game engine animations, you'll notice it when you go seamlessly from a cut scene to in game controlling without a hitch. The first gameplay E3 video is a good example.

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    Looks incredible, the progress since the original in just amazing.

    So what am I meant to do with my giant Uncharted boner until April???!!!

    Aaaaargh, just give it to me already, the wait is killing me! Man this looks truly awesome!

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