18 Minutes With The New Metroid Game Everyone's Annoyed About

Fans of the Metroid series have been waiting for a new... well anything really since the pretty darn mediocre Metroid: Other M.

So when Metroid Prime: Federation Force was announced — a strange spin-off of sorts that doesn't seem to feature Samus or resemble a 'proper' Metroid game — fans got a bit angry.

But hey! It is what it is. The game exists. Might as well judge it on its own merits.

As a big fan of the Metroid series myself, I understood the disappointment. I felt it. But as I watched the above video, featuring 18 minutes of Metroid Prime: Federation Force, it occurred to me that I hadn't really stopped to try and understand precisely what the game was, what it was trying to do. That kind of sucks.

It sucks especially because Metroid Prime: Federation Force is being developed by Next Level Games — the team who created Luigi's Mansion 2, my favourite 3DS game ever. Surely that team has earned a certain level of trust, particularly when it comes to 3DS hardware.

I'm still cynical about the game. Obviously I feel like a fully-fledged 2D/3D Metroid game would have been more welcome, but it's probably advisable to give this game a chance.


    Even Metroid Prime Pinball 'got it', with the proper presentation, sound, design etc. People aren't against spin-offs that are in-line with the existing material.

      Although i dislike the chibi style, im not even that much against it. its just that this should not have been the first metroid game to come out of 6+ years

    The game itself looks/sounds interesting, just doesn't need to be using the metroid name.

      Doesnt it? Nintendo over the past few games have been trying to "expand" the universe - make it feel more alive and rich.

      Now, i know Metroid has always been about the clostrophobic atmosphere and the solitary adventure of the bounty hunter - but adding more background and aliens for Samus to explore or encounter can only create new experiences.

    What everybody seemed to conveniently forget is nobody bought the Prime games, so that's why Other M put out like it was. The run-gun stuff was playing second fiddle to the odd-bolted-to-the-ground-FPS-aim moments, neither really complemented each other. The plot is another thing entirely, but that's been done to death.

    ALL Nintendo's crown jewels get/already received this sort of spin at some point, though. Zelda got Hyrule Warriors, which turned out for the best. DK got bongos and rhythm games, StarFox is getting a Wii-U-focused spin-off starring everybody's favourite, Slippy.

    I'm all for taking existing IP and experimenting with it.

      Star Fox already got its weird spin-off with Star Fox Adventures.

      I'm sorry? Are you suggesting the Prime trilogy did poorly sales wise or am I not reading your first sentence correctly?

    First 3DS game I've had to look forward to in I can't even remember how long.

      Yup, I'm on board.

      This is the kind of game they need to grow new mainline metroid fans now that anyone who can remember the last one is almost dead.

      And NLG has produced someone my favourite games of the last decade, including the best soccer and boxing games.

        No matter how many times I am reminded I will always forget that they did Punch-Out!!

      You and me both!! Just wish i had more friends with 3DS's to co-op with 😢

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