A 3D Sketch Of Gabe Newell, Made In VR

A 3D Sketch Of Gabe Newell, Made In VR

The Oculus Rift and HTC Vive aren't just here for video games. They're also here for fancy 3D sketches that look like cartoons come to life.

This is a sketch of Valve boss Gabe Newell, done using Google's Tilt Brush and a Vive. It starts out looking like a regular 2D image, then whoosh, it gets awesome.

The pic was done by Tipatat Chennavasin (via Upload).



      Get over the price, gamers are not the exclusive target market. the norwegian army were putting rift dev kits inside experimental tanks.


      Its the first wave of consumer grade VR, and while there is a lot of familiar tech in there, a lot of it is new. Its not like we didn't see them go through multiple iterations to reach this point.

      Want cheap VR? Go get a google cardboard, even McDonalds is planning on pushing them out now. If you want cutting line, suck up the cost. If this was a brand new monitor or DLSR people wouldn't be as bitter.

    yeah this is whats odd to me too. People say its so expensive, well what do they expect for new cutting edge vr tech?

    People dont blink an eye when upgrading to a nicer $2-3000 TV or $1000 iphone but spend that on a vr headset and its "omg!"

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