A Children's Bedtime Story, Courtesy Of Fallout 4

A Children's Bedtime Story, Courtesy of Fallout 4

Have you heard of a tale called "The New Squirrel"? It's a good one!

Most Fallout 4 holotapes contain diaries, notes, or chronicles of past events. The New Squirrel is not like most holotapes, however, because it seems directed entirely at children. While I never found these tapes in my own playthrough, listening to them now I'm tickled/horrified at the sort of stories adults used to tell kids in the world of Fallout:

Thanks for uploading, xBlu!


    haha yes! Loved them holotapes, didn't expect how it went towards the end. But that made it great :)

    Yep, it was a timely tale of the folly of letting in new people into your settlement. The creator probably spoke from personal experience. Probably what happened to everyone in that settlement.

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