A Definitive Look At The Opening Hours Of Dark Souls III

The great VaatiVidya has a new look at Dark Souls III up. It's predictably in-depth, smart and insightful.

I love this guy.

In the lead up to the eventual release of Dark Souls III, VaatiVidya has posted his definitive look at the opening hours of Dark Souls III. He's calling it an 'Early-Game Review'.

But it's really more of prep class for the full game to come. It's amazing for lore nerds and for anyone interested in the nuances of the game's story.

Actually it's good for pretty much everything. Go and watch it now.


    The Bloodborne story breakdown this buy did was really good. Worth watching.

    The entire Bloodborne series from this guy is worth watching.

    Every time i get a youtube notification i get all hot thinking vaatividya has a new ds3 video, the first part of the ds3 videos had me up till 5 am excited. Cant wait for more impressions from the jap version!

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