A Dragon Ball Z Figure So Intense, It Shakes 

A Dragon Ball Z Figure So Intense, It Shakes 
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Everyone gets emotional sometimes, even Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Z fans know about the time the character was moved to tears when he realised he was no match for Frieza. The moment, which can be seen here, is now immortalised in this collectible.

Image: Bandai

Image: Bandai

Premium Bandai has the figure up for pre-order in Japan until March 31. It’s priced at 4,949 yen ($61), and the stand even has a vibration function to make Vegeta shake and pack more emotional punch.

Top GIF via Bandai


  • This is awesome! I hope they keep releasing DBZ stuff like this. Dead Yamcha and now cry baby Vegeta? Definite purchase.

    Also V-I-B-R-A-T-I-O-N (O_O)

  • Many years ago, I came across an individual who adamant that during End of Evangelion’s hospital scene, what we saw on Shinji’s hand were tears. (Spoilers. not tears).

    Was Vegeta slapped across the face by Frieza’s not-a-tail? That might induce shaking with horror.

  • You shake and have a look on your face like that too… if you had a long glass rod up your clacker holding you metre off the ground.

  • They really went into a lot of detail. From the slightly torn inner suit, the back muscles under the armour, even the wedgie. I want this but I don’t want it. “Hey guys I got a vibrating DBZ doll” doesn’t sound so classy..

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