A Look At The Very Best PC Game Controllers

PC Gaming with controllers is becoming more and more of a thing.

But which is the best? That's what Digital Foundry are trying to work out.

The above is a pretty cool video that goes into detail on the strengths and weaknesses of each controller. The all round winner appears to be the Xbox 360 controller, unless you have the dough for an Elite.

The Elite is so nice though. So, so nice.


    cmon man you could have atleast linked the controllers individually

    I like using my DualShock 3 and the SCP Drivers. I've never understood the hate, Sony's controllers have always felt the most comfortable to me and you don't need to buy a fancy version just to get a decent d-pad.

      same here, grew up with PS1 so have always had a soft spot for their controllers. I remember the first time I used a Xbox1 controller (the first gen ones) those things were the size of rock melons lol

    I'm actually a big fan of the standard Xbox One controller for PC. It's what I use, anyway. It just feels really good in hand (hurr hurr thatswhatshesaid).

    I'd love to step up to an Elite, but it's a lot of money for something I use comparatively less than my keyboard and mouse. And this is coking from a guy that bought a Scuf for his PS4, lol.

    Bought an Xbox one Elite about a month ago, I have regretted the decision as I know that when the pad eventually breaks, I am up for another $200. After playing with it, you just can't go back to the original controller or DS4, both feel like cheap pieces of junk now...

    Has it improved my k/d ratio... nope, but its the same as buying a merc doesn't automatically improve your driving skills, it just feels so much better.

      I know what you mean after using the elite the regular controller feels like a cheap knockoff.
      But I do not have any regret, they are worth it. Such decadence.

        The original bone controller felt like a cheap knockoff to me from the first moment I tried one :P

    So far I've used the Original 360, Razer Onza, Razer Sabertooth, Xbox One, Xbox One Elite. I keep my DS4 for the PS4 and also not to mention that DS4 is not supported by majority of the games at the moment so I'm intentionally using XInput controllers.

    Hated the original 360, bulky and not responsive, button presses needed strength. Onza was really light making long term gameplay more favourable but it was rather cheap build. Then comes Sabertooth, one of my favourite controller. Light with mechanical buttons makes button presses quick and responsive. X1 and X1 Elite is similar, Elite is superior due to the changeable thumb stick making is easier to use the thumb stick depending on how you like it.

    Recently got the Elite to replace my sabertooth because the trigger is broken. Using it with the wireless dongle but you can really feel the weight on the hand after a few hours of gameplay.

    I think ultimately, the Microsoft controllers are bulky and heavy while DS4 is on the more compact and lightweight.

    Choose the you like the best

      My Sabertooth is busted too. It broke after only about 3 weeks. Think it was the trigger as well.

        Mine lasted 2 years T_T. Bought from launch and used it until 2 weeks ago.

    have been using xbox 360 controllers for windows for a few years, first the USB one, now a wireless one. still have 3 BNIB (originally bought for multiplaying purposes as i got them at $36 each, all with their own dongles), but if the one im using breaks, i should be right for a few years. as long as the drivers still work in Windows 15.

    I use an Xbone controller and it works really well. Before that I had a wired 360 controller.

    I like how they just work with most games without any configuring, and the on screen button prompts match what my controller has.

    Steelseries Nimbus/Stratus XL *drool* IMO probably the next best thing after the XBONE Elite

    No mention at all of the Logitech F710? I own one of them and it is fantastic. As a Playstation player, having a PC controller that shares the same PS stick layout, but also has the XB "A-B-X-Y" layout is a godsend.

    Last edited 01/03/16 6:36 pm

    If your a DS4 user i recommend DS4Windows instead of input mapper.
    I get less than 2ms input delay using Bluetooth.

    I've been pretty bummed out about the introduction of XInput. My excellent Logitech joysticks no longer work on XInput games and I can't even find out why.
    I have used a Xbox360 stick for Rocketleague, but for anything that requires flying (BF3, BF4, Starwars BF) those hand held controllers don't cut the mustard.

    I'm a big fan of the ds4 for pc gaming. having the mouse mapped to the touchpad is so convenient, and I've got the driver emulating an xbox controller so it automatically works with every game that works with an xbox controller. took a few hours to get used to X being A and Square being X but now it's second nature.

    Look Kotaku, please stop posting video's with one paragraph descriptions. If you're going to post a list from a third party, at least make the effort to dot point summarise the video. If it's a best of lest, post the god damned list.

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