A Video Game Reminder That Dicks Are Weird

If you have a penis you are probably well aware of this fact: dicks are weird. Super weird.

Know what's weirder? Video games where you play as a sentient disembodied penis that just sort of walk around.

This is Genital Jousting and I'm not sure how I feel about it.

Just between you and me, I think it's the 'penetration' voiceover that's freaking me out.

You can find out more about Genital Jousting here. Or you can be sensible and try and blank this whole thing from your memory.

That's what I'll be doing.


    This item has been removed from your history.

    I'm all for more dicks in video games. Boobs get a lot of exposure, so it's only fair things are balanced out.

    Having said that, the penetration aspect needs a bit of consideration. Getting penetrated is losing, right? What are they trying to say?

    http://memegenerator.net/instance/61791228 that is all

    So is the goal to stick it up your friends poop chute while protecting your own? Or more of a everyone join together as quickly as possible? Because it looks like once you're stuck you lose control of your little guy. I'm still confused about this, but if there's not a game type called erectile dysfunction where you can get power ups that negatively affect someone else this seems like a wasted opportunity

    One thing that always intrigues me about games and articles like this is why no one ever asks about vaginas. Is it because penises have a form while vaginas are essentially two flaps of skin and a hole? The lack of people making vaginas in games and making games about vaginas would make for an interesting article and covers a less often discussed side of the equality problem.

      Is it because penises have a form while vaginas are essentially two flaps of skin and a hole? Could very well have something to do with the public's idea of what constitutes a vagina. For example, you've described part of the vulva, rather than the vagina.
      A game covering that idea would likely be passed off as too artsy, obscene, or sexualised. Though I'm not saying it shouldn't be made.

        I knew I was probably conflating vagina and vulva but got lazy and didn't look it up. Still, when you've only more or less got the labias and clitoris to work with it doesn't leave much room to get creative.

    This offends me, dicks are perfectly normal.
    About half of the population happen to have one.

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