Adult Swim Has Issues

Video: Seriously, what the hell Adult Swim? What. The. Hell?


    It's like one of those poorly made student films you see on the late night SBS video compilation shows.

    I'm curious what compelled you to post it here.

      I think the show you're thinking of was Eat Carpet.

        There's been a few of them. Fetching Shorts was another

        Ah, Eat Carpet... It was like the makers of twilight zone did really heavy drugs.

        You'd be sitting there with a WTF face for half an hour, and then be greeted with, "This movie is rated for mature audiences, it contains strong sex scenes, strong nudity, and adult themes"

        You know, those late night SBS foreign films.

          Haha , seen some great movies that way which i would never have seen otherwise.

    Found the video somewhat interesting. Now I'm on the reddit page looking for answers.

    Spoiler alert: No answers.

    another one of those found video horror movies. Looks like the dude at the end broke his brain hehe...

    Oh wow, I loved it, feels like the same blood as the short film I finally finished late last year.

    If you're bored:

    So it's some sort of ARG thingo, I've managed to figure out a bit, but this rabbit hole goes pretty deep and it's creepy as heck.

    Try going to the website mentioned at the end of the video and really read whats on those pages.
    If you can figure out how to log into the site...there's some strange stuff....

    How does it stack up against Too Many Cooks?

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