Afternoon, Here Are 65 Legend Of Zelda Desktop Wallpapers

Some of them are ugly as hell, but some of them are actually beautiful.

Imgur user Clipplex put together this awesome collection of Legend of Zelda wallpapers. There are 65 of them — sure you'll be able to find something you like in here!

Here are a few of my favourites...


    Some of these are nice. I'd like to see a Midna one done in the style of the wolf link one.

    I sure do hope this isn't supposed to be hyping. Hype is pointless and it always lets people down.

      Just looks like some nice wallpapers to me.

      hype? its some wallpapers dude. enjoy it....or not.

    Woah, that Saria one is ooold.

    I had that wallpaper during the XP days.

      Saria was totally my first love.

        Did it get awkward when you turned into adult link and she was still a loli?

        Or did you say to yourself, "Pfft, she's older now, it's totally legal, she just LOOKS like a prepubescent kid" Just like a lot of manga are using as terrible, terrible excuses...

    Got the Windfall Island one as my new desktop. Previously had the Hyrule Field looking down towards Deku Tree that I found independently a couple of years back.

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