Another Stab At First-Person Sword Combat

Another Stab At First-Person Sword Combat

Mordhau is the latest attempt to try and get first-person melee controls working properly in a video game.

If you think it looks like Chivalry, you're not alone. I had to check that this wasn't just a rebadged update for the cult melee game. But no, this is new, and while it's promising to have better physics and controls than every game that has come before it, when you see the player here skate sideways constantly through a battle you've got to wonder: maybe you just can't make first-person melee combat work well with current display/control technology.

Still, who am I to be so eager to deal out death in judgement. It's still early days on Mordhau, and you can follow development here.


    Dying Light, Mount and Blade and Shadow Warrior say hi!

      By "properly" I believe he means more realistically

        unless its made for VR and comes with multiple different weapon controllers, you cant get any more realistic than Mount and Blade and Kingdom Come: Delieverence
        If you want fun and engaging melee combat with weight, then Shadow Warrior and Dying Light have that down pat along with M&B, and KC:D

        Bah when the hell did all this realism start getting in the way of fun!

      Did you even watch the video? Go and watch ALL of those games being played, then come back and watch this and tell me they're even REMOTELY realistic, hell, Mount and Blade (still one of my favorite games by the by) you can literally swing one of 4 directions, oh wow, the realism burnnnnns

    it really just looks like chivalry

    It is a realistic chivalry age fighting. and they also put much details i the game including the blood when you slay your foes.

    Luke I think you need to commit sudoku after that headline.

      True honor can only be regained through numberwang!

    Only a hack would come up with a bad headline like that. If you don't cut out those bad jokes you will need to be given the chop and get axed.
    Get the point?

    Be careful with that Rapier-sharp wit, it can cut both ways.

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