Artists Showing How They Have Improved

Artists Showing How They have Improved

We've seen (here and here) how artists develop over the years. But now on Twitter, many artists, some of whom are Japanese and some of whom are not, are sharing images to show just how their skills have progressed. It's fascinating to see artists find their style, hone their talents, and improve at what they do.

The tag is #画力変化ビフォーアフター or "Drawing Ability Transformation Before and After."

Feel free to add your own comparisons!

[GIF: hitorikijitora | dinapet4 | akiakane]


    Almost all of them improve by looking softer, with much better use of lighting

    I think the budgie artist peaked in '08 and Irasuku should have quit while they were ahead... Otherwise, some impressive changes - hitorikijitora and tangosurfing especially.

    Curious some get a lot better, some actually were good originally and get worse

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