Australia's Highest Ranked Street Fighter 5 Rage Quitter Got Nailed By Capcom Too

We reported earlier this morning that WORLD_COMBO, the highest ranked player in the world in Street Fighter 5, got stung by Capcom as part of their new measures to combat rage-quitters.

And you know what the funny thing is? Australia's highest ranked Street Fighter player has just got done for precisely the same thing.

In our story earlier this morning, we included a photo of WORLD_COMBO sitting atop the world rankings. But if you look closely, at #6 you'll see Australia's highest ranked player: Fairyland.

It's a few thousand points away from the Super Platinum rank, but it's a good deal better than what most Australians have been able to achieve in Street Fighter 5 so far. Problem is, turns out he was a bit of a rage quitter.

Other users on Twitter and Facebook also complained overnight about Fairyland rage-quitting to maintain his winning streak and precious league points. Unfortunately for the accused, Capcom appears to have stepped in.

In case you can't make it out, Fairyland's league points have plummeted from several thousand to a few hundred.

Cheaters — and rage-quitters — never prosper, it seems.


    You must defeat Sheng Lo.......... Connection to this comment was lost (error: R3kt)

    rage-quitting to maintain his winning streak and precious league points.
    It sounds more like strategic quitting rather than rage quitting. Shouldn't there be a way to detect quitting like this and have it count as a loss?

      That sounds like a “feature” to me.
      You do realise that these “features” take time and cost money to implement right?

      They already went overboard with the pause function AND a menu! Don’t be so greedy.

        Sounds like an undocumented feature to me. Undocumented in the same vein as "unscheduled" maintenance.

    I turn off my PS4 like this after I lose and am done for the day. I just presumed that once it says KO the server knows who won.

    Design a shit system, then punish people for using it to their advantage.

      It takes a special kind of stupid to think that just because the system has a bug in it, that it's ethically acceptable to exploit that bug. SFV's terms of service prohibit this kind of behaviour:

      You may not cause disruption to or modify or damage any account, system, hardware, software or network connected to or provided by the Service for any reason.

      Deliberately pulling a network cable or switching the machine off to make sure your loss isn't registered as a loss seems to fit pretty cleanly in the 'disruption' category there.

        Really hit you in the nerve there, hadn't I? Really? Wow. Haha sure whatever you say and makes you happy.

          You have quite an imagination, nobody's rattled here. I'm just pointing out that the mentality of "it's okay to exploit a bug and it's the developers' fault if I do, not mine for being a scumbag" is effectively no different to "it's okay to go through an unlocked window and rob a house and it's the owners' fault if I do, not mine for being a thief" - ie. a special kind of stupid.

            What? Hahaha one is a game and the other is robbing a house. One is designed to be used. Applying restrictions correctly causes incorrect use to be eliminated or limited. Look whatever don't bother.


              This has been going on since the dawn of online fighting games.

              WTF where Capcom thinking to not have disconects count as a loss.

              Just allow a 1% disconect ratio as a margin of genuine error?

                Internet is not disconnect-proof. We all know that. So design a system that overcomes that that to its best of ability.

                What you suggested sounds OK. Perhaps some research and see how effective it really is?

                Another which I am not aware of as I don't really play Mobas, Alex Walker has mentioned below.

                So the point is there are more approaches that have been used in the past in other competitive communities for games. Which seem to be polished enough to help provide some sort of guidance in this area.

              Both are designed to be used - a game is designed to be played, a house is designed to be lived in. Neither are designed to have their flaws exploited. You're solely responsible for your own actions, not the people who mistakenly left the opportunity for you to misbehave. Of course you'll be punished if you exploit a bug in the game, I don't know how you could have possibly imagined it would eventuate any other way.

                Alright SJW, it's cool. No dramas. Just it's OK. Whatever you say. Punish the wicked and all that.

                  SJW, lol. You keep on digging that hole there, champ, you're doing a fine job.

                  The downvotes on your comments should be enough for you to see who the dick is out of you two.
                  Spoiler: it's you.

        It's not a bug if a feature simply isn't present though. Right now, if you quit or disconnect before the match has ended, you aren't punished for it. Simple. It's not a bug that you aren't punished, Capcom simply didn't build the functionality to handle that situation before launching the game. Another indication that the product was rushed to market.

        I'm not condoning what these quitters did but if there's no system in place to stop them people will always find a way to game it.

          I can't speak for your experience, but in mine bugs aren't so narrowly defined, they happen at any stage of development and refer to something that produces either invalid or unintended behaviour. In this case it seems to be a design bug, not a code bug. Unless you're arguing that being able to fudge match statistics wasn't unintended? It doesn't really change the essence of what I said though, it's prohibited behaviour in the T&C either way.

        Truth. Abusing exploits is shit behaviour.

      What's the alternative? How do you propose it's governed?

      If you make people pay a penalty for quitting, what about people who legitimately have internet issues and dropouts?

      Either which way you look at it, you're pissing off someone that needn't be pissed.

        Doesn't Dota and League have systems to deal with this, like a disconnect ratio? Or perhaps halve the amount of points deducted, or perhaps put them into some form of escrow and then if a player finishes a certain amount of matches without any DC's those points are then returned.

          If they're targeting low network traffic than you can go by disconnect ratio like you mentioned, or if they don't mind sending game state to the server every now and then you can do analytics on who was losing (or just lost) at the time of disconnect and get a more reliable picture that way. In the latter case the chance of false positives is quite low. Then just remove flagged players from the standard matchmaking queue and put them in a separate one against other flagged players.

        If you're pissed of by reading a random statement on the internet... you know the rest.

        Alternatives always exist. Just gotta work on it enough. I don't have the game and from reading all of this about it I don't see why people just don't play the older sf games instead and forget about this work in progress for now.

          Because the community moves on and it's too much of a pain to get a game. Much of the community is also tied into the competitive scene, and as a result they'll need to be playing SF5 regularly to stay in tune with that. It's forced, in a way (although in fairness it's not like Street Fighter is an annual series).

    why don't they deduct points for rage quitting? i really don't understand.

      It would take a very complicated (read: expensive) system to determine whether someone quit because of the lose or an unfortunately timed internet dropout.

      Plus this has way more traction for free media advertising.

        It's nor complicated or expensive. The server monkeys should be able to determine this based on log files and pinpoint cheaters vs connection drop outs.

    This is why i stopped playing fighting games, they piss you off when you lose and it's really weird caring about a number.

    Last edited 09/03/16 7:49 pm

    At least Somniac is a legit Aussie up on the charts

    Bring it on. These losers should be named, shamed and penalised.

    And let's be honest, these people are not having bad connections. That argument is silly.

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