Beat This Mario Maker Course, And I'll Send You Whisky, Man Says

Beat This Mario Maker Course, And I'll Send You Whisky, Man Says

Late last year, Jim from Scotland promised GameCenter CX host Shinya Arino a bottle of whisky if he cleared the Super Mario Maker level he made. The course was submitted as part of a challenge that pitted Arino against a slew of courses.

In the most recent GameCenter CX, Arino showed the bottle of Johnnie Walker that Jim sent, opening it up and pouring himself a drink. Arino didn't actually clear the course and passed (he gave up!), but Jim still sent the whisky as a thanks for getting featured, and Arino toasted him for creating such a difficult course.

Jim posts over on the Something Awful forums and you can read the lengths he went through to ensure Arino got the Johnnie Walker.

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    Pretty sure he's trolling him - Johnny black? from a guy in Scotland? please

      Why not? It is a scotch.. though I guess it hardly needs to be sourced from the original place of manufacturing.

    Am probably going to get a wii u soon and this game is on my list, I'll probably toy around with the level design but will mainly get it to enjoy all the player made levels but can anyone let me know if if it's easy to find good levels and not just super hard or troll ones? Or if people can make whole world's of levels or just one etc. Is there any sort of progress to be made other than checking out and playing the levels themselves too?

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