Beyond 2000's Look At Video Games Is Nostalgia Incarnate

Thanks to a friend on Twitter, I stumbled across this video this morning.

I've been drowning in this nostalgia ever since.

The crazy thing is, as someone who grew up in the UK, I didn't even know what Beyond 2000 was. But I get the picture, we had a similar show in the UK.

Honestly, looking back at past visions of the future is my fetish. What were we thinking? What's going on here! Oh 1980s people, you're so interesting and twee with your ideas of the future.

Skip to 5:09 in the above video to check out the video game section — or just enjoy it all because it's amazing.

Or click on this link. Either way — enjoy.


    Beyond 2000 was fantastic!

    And you may laugh at the people of the 80s now, but they had a pretty great crack at VR and motion controllers.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get one of those tumbler rigs from the lawnmower man to go with my oculus...

    maaaaaaaaaaan I loved this show. I still think about it WAY more than I should :/

    It was all so optimistic, back then.

    Ask anyone today what they think the world will be like in 20yrs and you'll most likely get the answer, "Pretty much like right now, only a bit more fucked."

    Guess we didn't have spolier alerts in the 80's Iain?!
    No need to play 'Rolling Blaster' now.


      I don't know if you actually could play Rolling Blaster right now even if you did want to. It was only ever released for the Microsoft MSX Laserdisc, one of about ten games for it.

        hahahah oh no i get that... my comment was internet sarcasm sorry dude ;)

    I'd love to re-watch all of Beyond 2000. I was a kid in the 80s and only remember the vague idea of the show.

    My dad still tells the story of watching an episode that stated there would be a PC in every home and he thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever.


    Also, just in case anyone is looking:

    Honestly it was one of the shows I look forward to when coming home from school.

      Where I lived, it was an early Sunday's arvo show!

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