Black Desert Online’s Dynamic Movement Defies MMO Expectations

Black Desert Online’s Dynamic Movement Defies MMO Expectations

Climbing, jumping long distances, clambering up ledges? Is this a fantasy MMORPG or an action adventure game? Why not both? Yesterday I posted video and my impressions of the first 30 minutes of Black Desert Online, mentioning basic movement felt sluggish and unresponsive. Now that I’ve had more time with the parkour-inspired movement system, I’ve had a change of heart.

Once I got to a point where my overcrowded server wasn’t constantly choking I got a chance to really explore the Korean import’s movement system. It’s really unlike anything I’ve experienced in an MMORPG.

Part of my problem in exploring the system’s full potential was expectations set from years of massively multiplayer gaming. I’d been in the ditch surrounding the Western Guard Camp many times, but it never occurred to me that I’d be able to do this.

Black Desert Online’s Dynamic Movement Defies MMO Expectations

Even with the recent release of Blade & Soul, another game with an unconventional movement system, I still just figured jumping height was as high as I could go.

Between the ability to vault small obstacles parkour style, climb ledges and jump longer distances based on how fast I am moving (like real life), I can go much higher than that.

Black Desert Online’s Dynamic Movement Defies MMO Expectations

Black Desert Online gives players a choice between free movement and simply hitting the ‘T’ key to autorun to the next quest objective. It’s really not much of a choice.


  • Press T to auto walk? Hmm call me old fashioned but that’d make me just feel like I am a number crunching robot ataring at my screen while my little avatar wanders along… What I am supposed to do in the meantime, get a coffee or something? 😛

    • Believe me, since the game doesn’t have griffin points, or auto teleport, auto walk is actually very handy. And yes… you can go grab a coffee or swivel your camera to look at the scenery. Entirely optional, you can still do the whole manual thing. Some of that walking takes awhile, especially without a mount. The auto walk feature will plot the safest route for you, usually along the main roads, so you don’t encounter any mobs. Although there have been a few times it walked me straight through a pack of mobs and i got caught on a rock and my horse died. 🙁

      • Agree that auto walk is an absolute necessity. It typically takes longer than manually running but the amount of cross-country in this game is insane.

        I have heard some horror stories regarding the mapping gone wrong. Worst that has happened to me was running a full cart into the water. I lost most of my trade goods but the horse and carriage survived, so it was not a disaster.

    • Hmm call me old fashioned

      Everquest had auto-attack… this is hardly a newfangled feature.

  • I was really really interested in this, and then couldn’t press the purchase button, really wish I could test it out before I drop some bottlecaps.

    • People are giving out their 7 day trial codes on the forums, jump on and I’m sure you could grab one

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