Bodypaint Wizard Transforms Herself Into Superman

Bodypaint Wizard Transformers Herself Into Superman

Video: I don't even want to think about how long it took to get all this paint off. Kay Pike created this 1000x timelapse from her Twitch stream in which she used her astounding artistic skills to transform herself into the Man of Steel. The suit and the hair are spot-on, but given that Kay is a whole lot thinner than the unrealistically bulky Kryptonian, the finished product has a bit of a David Byrne vibe thrown in too.

Either way, Kay's amazing work is orders of magnitude better than a certain recent film with "Superman" in the title.

[Laughing Squid]


    That's amazing, and creepy.
    Did anyone catch the stream? what was written on her back?

      she said it was the subs from her chat.

    It would be a cool experiment to do a superhero movie where everyone is made up like that but in real world locations.

    Goddamn, very impressive. The hair looks particularly good, that blue/black comic look is spot on.

    Is she meant to be topless or wearing just latex, looks a bit weird.

      That last still image with the boob sticking out the side, looks super bizarre. If you started with that imgae there'd be a whole lot of wtf.

      Do you mean her boobs look weird? Or the whole thing looks weird?

      might give you more of an indication.

    Something about it is 'wrong'. I think it is starting to go back into the uncanny valley. One of those things you can't put your finger on. Very impressive and obviously took a long time to complete.

    With the speed increase, once she had the face lines done it started to look like one of those glitches you get in games where the model will twitch and warp erratically. The end result was amazing though. I especially liked how she'd painted the sides of her breasts black so the front on view looked like a male torso, it was great attention to detail.

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