'But Nobody Came'

Maybe next time?

'But Nobody Came' (UPDATE)

Since the above photo was taken, someone has mysteriously altered the sign:

'But Nobody Came' (UPDATE)
'But Nobody Came' (UPDATE)

Perhaps it was Sans.

Photo by Kirk Hamilton, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Not pictured: Toby Fox



    I'm not part of this in-joke, am I?

      I am also confused, you are not alone.

        Toby personifies himself in Undertale as the annoying dog (pictured) and the "Global Dog Conference" is one possible interpretation of the GDC acronym.

          Thank you; you've actually provided more background on this article than the so called author.

            Unfortunately, that's pretty typical at the moment.

              Apparently there's some sort of internal Kotaku forum where the authors share funny/weird stuff like this, and someone just reposts it to the general public. It wasn't written for us.

                Internal? I thought we were looking at it now.

                  Well yeah... what I mean is it wasn't originally posted here, it was originally posted on an internal thingo and someone's reposted it here because... reasons.

                  @cffndncr - I was trying to make the joke that they were treating the site itself as they would an internal forum, hence the lack of quality control, but it looks like I missed the mark.

    Maybe this was meant for facebook or something?

    I'm fairly sure Kotaku has a minimum quota that each contributor is required to fill every day. It would explain a lot.

    This article gives me hope that I can be a 'journalist' too, 4000 word article. solid

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