Capcom Wants Street Fighter V Players To Publicly Shame Rage-Quitters

Capcom Wants Street Fighter V Players To Publicly Shame Rage-Quitters

Right now, Capcom doesn’t have a way to punish people who disconnect from online Street Fighter V matches when they lose. Until they do, the game’s publisher is asking people to record rage-quitters and put them on blast.

In the most recent status update post on the official Capcom Unity site, the publisher says they’re still working on a “permanent solution” for the fact that Street Fighter V has no way to punish people who rage-quit. The update reiterates that Capcom knows unpunished ragequitting is a plague on the game’s community of players and says that punishments will be severe for the crime in question. Direct action on the rage-quitting problem is supposed to start next week. Until then, they’re asking for players help in an odd way:

…please record every instance of rage quitting you encounter. The best way to do this is to use the SHARE function on the PlayStation 4 after the match has concluded, though any video evidence will suffice (Twitch archives, local recordings etc.).

The update doesn’t make it clear where players are supposed to send their evidence of ragequitters, so folks have been throwing YouTube links into the post’s comments.

Unpunished rage-quitting isn't the only online problem Capcom is trying to deal with. According to players in the Middle East, Latin America, Europe and other territories, matchmaking is a slow, frustrating affair that leaves people unable to compete after waiting as long as 30 minutes:

On top of all that, the PC version of Street Fighter V continues to harbour a weird glitch that can de-sync an opponent if a player tabs out of the game. This video by MysT91 shows the alt-tab glitch in action:

And here's a newer video that shows how it looks from both sides:

When contacted by Kotaku about the alt-tab glitch, Capcom responded by saying "We are aware of the issue and are currently investigating it".

Street Fighter V's first big content update is due later this month, bringing with it increased lobby size, an in-game store and its first DLC character. That could all be considered much-needed muscle for a game that came in underweight. However, it's pretty clear that the game's skeleton still needs work, too. One can only hope that the March update will have patches that improve the game's core functionality, too.


  • I’ve previously been proud to not be a rage quitter, all through SFIV’s life span and other games I’ve always taken defeat as it was, even when playing under water (Lag). But in SFV I’ve raged quit a handful of times, and its come down to 1 thing every time; poor netcode.

    The frustration of rollbacks/teleporting opponents is immensely infuriating. When you know you are going to lose because someone has just rolled back, then input a move that beats out the move you just hit them with, esp when you know that it was going to lead to the game winning combo, I just can’t accept that. I can’t accept when I lose because of something that’s out of my control, or when the other player essentially gets to reroll their button choices.

  • So to be clear, we should NOT watch any youtube videos about SFV because they’ll be overwhelmingly flooded with boring rage quitter videos?


  • This is the most ridiculous thing to suggest, what a great way to build community spirit… I mean instead of fixing something lets just blame players for ruining the game.
    Online communities especially in the competitive moba and fighting scene are toxic enough let alone encouraging them to be more toxic and go public with it.

    • Rage quitting is impossible to fix. You can’t punish rage-quitters without punishing innocent players who accidentally D/C.

      The only option is to create a culture. If you make a meme out of shaming rage-quitters, there will be less rage-quitters.

      • Because shaming people into submission has always worked in the past?
        How is it impossible to fix? add a features like most Mobas Example; Dota 2 punishment system where they get placed in a non ranked queue ( low tier/unable to gain points/or benefits) for a specified amount of time.
        Not sayings its perfect but far nicer then players using external means to create a whole community list of shamming dc/rage quiters

        • “Because shaming people into submission has always worked in the past?”

          Do you mean that generally or?

          “How is it impossible to fix? add a features like most Mobas Example; Dota 2 punishment system where they get placed in a non ranked queue ( low tier/unable to gain points/or benefits) for a specified amount of time.”

          I don’t think you can consider this a fix for rage-quitting.

      • But then, as you mentioned, you’re going to end up with innocent disconnects being accused, blasted or otherwise humiliated for doing something they didn’t do. That’s a stupid way of dealing with the issue, I’m not going to participate in something that attacks innocent people in the process.

        I don’t know if SFV is P2P or server-based but assuming the former, the correct way to handle this is to handshake both players to the server at fight start and again at point of disconnect. Also at disconnect, log match stats and then run the numbers, see if there’s a pattern of disconnects happening when the player is lower health or otherwise losing, flag them as a rage-quitter with a degree of confidence attached on the server, and use that rating to affect matchmaking.

        You’re right that you can’t ‘fix’ rage quitting, but you can definitely detect them based on patterns established through match analysis and move them out of the standard matchmaking pool. It means normal players encounter rage quitters less often, and rage quitters are still free to play as much as they like, they’ll just be playing more against other rage quitters.

        • I mean, a disconnect here and there isn’t going to paint you as a serial rage quitter. The cool thing about a “community court” for rage quitters is that it allows D/Cs to defend themselves.

  • Swat them! Swat the rage quitters!!

    In all seriousness, its a lazy band-aid effort from Capcom since they themselves haven’t got a solution

  • Or they could just do what every other competitive online game elsewhere has done ever, since the first time the question ever came up:
    The person who disconnects loses. The person who sticks around wins by default.

    Oh no, you suffered one loss because of a randomly shitty connection?
    That’s a shame, but you’ll overcome the stat loss if you have skill; you’ll be back fighting your peers in no time.

    Oh no, you suffer repeated losses because your terrible connection never lets you finish a match? It sucks, but maybe online multiplayer isn’t for you if you can’t maintain an online connection. Y’know. Just sayin’… how do you play other online games with your connection?
    It can’t be fun only half-finishing games, and it sure isn’t fun for your opponents either. It’s actually pretty uncommon, so maybe you should do some serious diagnostics work on why your connection isn’t stable. Get your ISP involved.

    (Oh no, you repeatedly suffer disconnections every time you’re about to lose? Man, it sure sucks that there are now actually consequences to your actions. Haha just kidding, seriously go jump in the lake. ^.^)

    • Crap I realised I just posted a reply that says exactly what you do. Anyway, I champion your philosophy.

  • It does seem ridiculous to me. The only solution is that if you leave the match, you lose. Yeah, it may mean occassionally you will lose a match if you dc, but that would be more uncommon than not by a large degree. And I would argue that if your connection is so flakey that this is a major issue, then maybe fighting online isn’t for you as you are just frustrating opponents. I know from playing league that having an opponent leave is no fun, the easy win is nice but the match is dull. Currently in SFV there is zero penalty for leaving, not even a loss to your name and that is ridiculous and will naturally be abused.

  • 1. Naming and shaming shit head players is deliciously satisfying.
    2. The percentage of players who lose connections is minuscule. Collateral damage.
    3. Capcom should just award point to the player that stays through the match and minus point from rage quitters. It’s really that simple. Oh and my personal preference would be collecting data on habitual shitheads and only allowing them to join servers with people like them.

  • I’m a big street fighter fan.
    The biggest combo I’ve seen in street fighter 5 every single fuxxing time was “You have been disconnected”.
    Happens every single damn time.


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