Cheez TV Was Doing Let's Play Videos 12 Years Ago

As a newcomer to Australian shores, I don't really understand Cheez TV. My understanding is that it's a massive point of nostalgia for Australians currently in their 20s, am I correct?

Either way, today they posted something a little bit hilarious. Turns out Cheez TV was doing Let's Play videos in 2003.

They're playing Dog's Life on the PlayStation 2, and they're accompanied by long time Australian games journalist Cam Shea — who now works at IGN Australia.

Cheez TV — way ahead of the curve. They should set up their own Twitch channel.


    Wouldn't this just be considered a cross-promotion? hyper magazine and Cheeze TV promoting another product?

    And these days the game would've been called Dog Simulator.

      And sit in early access for 2 years, after being crowdfunded for 2.4 million...

        And would just be a just cause clone where the main character is skinned to look like a dog...

    My understanding is that it’s a massive point of nostalgia for Australians currently in their 20s, am I correct?I've been telling everyone I'm in my 20s but no one ever believes me!

    But the real question is "are they off Namek yet?"

      I only watched the Buu saga for the first time last year because of this exact problem

        I literally only watched the Buu saga at the end of last year/beginning of this year after finding a site that streams the episodes. I think DBZ kept jumping back to earlier seasons so frequently that I finished high school before Buu started and then I didn't have the time or patience to watch DBZ every day.
        I think I must have seen every single story arc at least twice, with them restarting the whole Namek saga three times before Goku finally defeated Frieza. I think they even went all the way back to the Ginyu Force fight after Goku finally transformed into a super saiyan! I really enjoyed the Saiyaman saga but I think the very last episode I watched was probably the one where they met the Supreme Kai and Kibito before the world tournament. After that I couldn't watch it any more and simply read a synopsis online. I tell you, when I finally did bother to find a way to stream the episodes online and watch them, the Buu saga really wasn't worth the 15 year wait, but it did give me a tremendous sense of closure.

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          Should check out DBZ: Abridged.

          For the longest time, australian networks could only get the rights to screen to I believe a few episodes after goku vs freeza started. When they got to that point they would loop back to krillin gohan and bulma leaving earth for namek starting the cycle again. Definitely do what @mic suggested though and check out dragonball z abridged

      I only remember vague things from Dragon Ball because of how young I was watching it. Now that it's my brother's favourite anime and he talks about it all the time it's so fucking weird. For some reason Bulma in a bunny suit stuck with me.

    A*mazing was doing lets plays long before Cheez Tv was and it was for points and Gameboy Pockets!

      That's what it was! When I read the article I felt sure there was a kids gameshow that had a video game competition in it. It also explains why I initially thought it was Double Dare because of the mazes.

      I still have my yellow amazing tshirt and bandanna.

      And my red OG gameboy.

      That wasn't Lets Plays, those were e-Sports!

    Mark. It was the major cause of all truancy cases for first period classes in high school. Teknoman and dragon Ball made man-tears ok

      Teknoman (or Tekaman which ever version of the series you watch) was awesome, yeah it was a many late morning for me cause I wanted to watch last 10-15 minutes of the show before I went to school

      Teknoman/Tekkaman is awesome. Managed to find it in a dvd boxset.

        There was a box set?!?

        I had to procure it through other, less reputable, means.

          It has the English and Japanese dubbing, however the intro and outro are in Japanese, so it doesn't have the iconic theme music I grew up with.

          It also came with Tekkaman 2, which was short but kinda cool, got to see what happens to Blade post-war.

            I've been harassing madman for years regarding a boxset. They're still working on it

        FunFact: Did you know that the ending theme to the dubbed version of Teknoman was ripped straight out of Optimus Primes death scene from the 1986 Transformers Movie?

        *Edit* I think it's only in one of the episodes actually. I distinctly remember it since the TF movie soundtrack is burned into my memory.

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          English Ending -

          Japanese Ending -

          Transformers 1986 Death Scene -

          You must have a different version than me...

            Whoops sorry. It was only played at the end of one of the english seasons I think.

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      I was lucky enough to live close enough to my school to watch Teknoman to the end of every episode and still make it to school in time. Great show, I think it was the first anime I ever watched.

      Eek the Cat, Conan the Barbarian, Ren and Stimpy, the Tick, Cops.......the list goes on and on.

        Conan the Barbarian wasn't actually part of Cheez TV and screened at 6:30am before Cheez TV would begin.

    Yeah, but we only watched Cheez TV for Dragonball, Pokemon and YuGiOh

    Sad part is my dad made me tape it so he could watch it when he got home from work...

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      I used to set my VCR to record DBZ because I had to leave for school at 7:55 and it usually started at 8. Most of my friends did that, so we were always discussing the episodes one day behind after we'd gone home and watched them after getting home from school the previous day - except ONE kid whose parents drove him to school every day. He managed to watch the current day's episode then leave at 8:30 and still get to school before 8:45. the cheeky prick was always so smug. >:(

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        Haha, I rode my bike to school and got to leave at 8:15 so I'd see the first two shows and half of the third....all of this whilst getting ready for school in the ad breaks.

        I lived down the street from my old school, was like a 3 min walk away so i always got to watch cheez tv all the way through

      I watched it for Sailormoon, Teknoman, and Samurai Pizza Cats

      EDIT: Or was that Agro's Cartoon Connection...

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        I remember sailormoon and pizza cats on there but never heard of Teknoman despite others on here mentioning that too.

          He was a black-haired guy, wore red and white, transformed into a red and white... err... mecha? I guess?

          The anime had violence and adult themes, elements of horror in certain episodes. I'm surprised it was on Cheeze TV, but everyone in those days thought, "If it's a cartoon, it MUST be for kids"

            Yeah, I did a quick image search but don't recognise it. Wonder when it was's possible I'd stopped watching Cheez TV by that point.

              It was one of their earlier ones, predated Pokemon and DBZ by a fair bit.

              Iirc they actually said they'd replayed it so many times that they were retiring it.

                Teknoman was one of the three original cartoons that Cheez TV aired when it began. Due to licensing it stopped a bit early; the episode where Teknoman first goes berserk as he went beyond 30 minutes trying to fight/stop his brother. Cheez TV then began the series over and played until it finished (there may have been a few gaps where it halted and resumed later on). Teknoman varied between the 7:30am and 8:00am slots.

                It was only ever replayed once in full after it's original airing which had a mixture of Friday only screenings and daily.

                Garfield which was the first show Cheez TV aired had the longest unbroken playtime and when Garfield was finally removed Garfield never returned.

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                  Cheers, apparently my memories weren't that great. I'm guessing watching bits of it's 2 and a half airings felt like a lot more repeats to the younger me than it actually was.

                  I really do need to track down a copy of teknoman though...

              There were only 40-ish episodes and (I think) it tended to air in the final slot. If you're were younger it would have been easy to miss. It's worth checking out if you like older sci-fi anime. It's not the best show around but it's got a pretty well written plot that progresses at a nice pace.

        Aggro's Cartoon Connection had Samurai Pizza Cats and Sailor Moon, but then Cheez TV had Sailor Moon as well at some point.

          Agros also had the Battletech cartoon... which fuelled my love of Mechwarrior even further.

      Hah, my dad also got me and my brothers to tape Dragonball Z if he was going to be at work when it was on.

    On a related note, The Jade and Ryan Show podcast exists, up to episode 3 I believe. The resurgence in Cheez TV popularity particularly on Facebook led to it. Cheez TV and Jade and Ryan were part of my youth.

    It loses points for the lack of an ugly, hairy puppet.

    Tasmanian's never fully got Cheez tv due to not having the right channel by the time it arrived i think it was Toasted Tv or something. I loved going to Melbourne when i was a kid (in some ways) just so i could watch it.

    Sad... Cheez tv was the best... Burn in h*** toasted tv

    What an awesome show. Once the first episode started, I never switched back to Agro.

    Used to love it, was my favorite cartoon show. Think it switched to toasted TV or something like that... but was never the same :(

    Used to watch Pokemon, Biker Mice from Mars, The Tick, Inspector Gadget.... and heaps more that I'm probably forgetting.

      Was Street Sharks on there too... I vaguely remember that.

        Nah, brother! TECHNOMAN!

        I distintcly remembered Cheese TV brought the much needed ultra violence to morning viewing, that was sorely lacking up until the show's debut! :)

        Street Sharks, Biker Mice from Mars, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog (just Sonic, Tails and Robotnik, none of this friends bullshit), lordy, early 90s was the best time to be a kid. Every day I'm thankful for being born in 1985.

    Huh, that's where Cam ended up. The crew of Hyper were pretty much royalty to me back in the late 90s/early 00s.

    My favourites (jog your memory);

    Earthworm Jim:

    Also, before Cheez-TV, the show to watch was The Afternoon Show on "Channel 2" (ABC). To catch Dr. Who, Monkey Magic and Count Duckula. Plus many more.

    Afternoon Show Intro:
    Afternoon Show Intro (later version):
    Monkey Magic Intro:
    Dr Who:

    Can't forget the original Australian videogame show. The Zone!

    The Zone Intro:

      Cheez TV also had Duckula...Cheez TV probably bought out the rights for a few cartoons such as Sailor Moon & Transformers: Beast Wars which were both part of Channel 7/Aggro's initially but later on Cheez TV.

      There was also this show which had these Egyptian Mummy royalty warriors which was also pretty good.

    I blame my cohort (born 1986/87 and class of 2004) for the demise of Cheez TV. We graduated from high school which meant we weren't waking up so early which in turn would have led to a drastic ratings drop. I checked out Toasted TV and it's just not the same.

    Totally WIld is also at 8am now - how bad is that?

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