Christ, Someone Tried To Make P.T. In Real Life...

Why would you do this?

No seriously, why.

Some of the details on this are a little bit off — there are stairs for example and P.T. has no stairs. But some of the details are so on the money that it's stressing me the hell out. P.T. was an experience I won't soon forget. This video is not helping me forget P.T. is what I'm saying. The precise opposite in fact.



    My life is basically P.T. at the moment, so this just felt familiar and comforting.

    Watched the first 15 seconds. That's all the 'nope' I needed before my oncoming anxiety attack

    So what does "PT" actually stand for. Anywhere it's mentioned no-one ever seems to actually say it.

    All I can find is it means "Playable Teaser" which this definitely isn't...

      Personal Trainer.
      Increasing your heart rate through terror burns calories, brah.
      GIT WREKD!

      It actually is.

        But written in the context above it doesn't make any sense. 'Someone tried to make Playable Teaser in real life"....not Someone tried to make the Silent hills playable teaser in real life.

        Maybe that's where my confusion comes from. People use a generic term to refer to a specific example.

          It's not a generic term though, it is actually called P.T. It may be just a Playable Teaser for (sadly lost to all humanity) Silent Hill5 but when it was launched no one knew what it was, or even what P.T. stood for.

          The icon for it on my PS4 is this image:$Icon$

            Alright, I guess that explains the cause of confusion then. It was a Playable Teaser for Silent Hill that they just Called P.T....

      Pachinko Time, which is telling of why the game got dumped

    It still hurts

    I didn't play P.T. but that was a bit too much stress for the morning! Does P.T. stand for Post Traumatic?

    Heh. It's good. But I was struck by how obviously they didn't want to fuck up their nice house with all the additional empties/garbage/pill packets/stains. :)

    My college dorm teen was snarking internally, "Lightweights."

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    Back in the days when you were a 7 year old kid, just finished watching an R rated horror, and THIS is basically the trip you have on your way to bed.

    "Don't forget to brush your teeth!" - Except you're too piss scared to be alone in the bathroom.

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    Still can't believe Konami fucked up so badly and the full Silent Hills will never happen :(

    This was exceptionally well done, but to be honest the ending killed it for me a bit. Many people seems to think that Pyramid Head needs to be in everything related to Silent Hill. That's just not true and I think that this kind of overexposure is making him just a general villain which is kind of sad. But on the other end, I understand that this video is fan service and the creator probably wanted to nod towards all Silent Hill fans, which is cool. I just had this thought process upon seeing him... :)

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