Conor McGregor Puts A Beatdown On Conan O'Brien In EA Sports UFC 2

McGregor may have been humbled by Nate Diaz last weekend, but prior that contest, he had a virtual fight with Conan O'Brien.

Yes, this is Clueless Gamer and yes, you might be over the format, but this might be my favourite one yet.

It could be Conor's ease in front of the camera. It could be the fact they've both got Irish in them, but Conor and Conan actually make a decent double act. This whole thing is entertaining as hell.

But honestly, I can't believe that EA did a great job of Conan's likeness — probably on short notice — but they couldn't get Conor McGregor right. He's the UFC's biggest star for god's sake!


    Hehe, 100%- that Conan likeness is fantastic!
    The Conor likeness is better in the game than in the still picture. I found in the last game that the pre-fight screens looked weird even for characters that looked good in the game.

    I never realised how big Conan is either. He towers over Conor who isn’t extremely small even if he can make a fairly light weight.

    No surprised this is your favourite one yet!!! This is probably the only one ive watched the whole thing!!!

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