Damn, People Who Sell DayZ Cheats Make A Lot Of Money

Damn, People Who Sell DayZ Cheats Make A Lot Of Money

Services that sell game-breaking cheats are no secret; many multiplayer games, from Counter-Strike to GTA V, have their share of dishonest players. And, as it turns out, the people providing these cheats are rolling in the dough. As reported by PCGamesN, DayZ developer Eugen Harton had a GDC presentation yesterday that touched on Bohemia Interactive’s efforts fighting against DayZ cheating. We’re talking like, the sorts of cheats that give players the ability to kill everybody in a server with a single click. Harton said that DayZ cheats could sometimes have a price tag of up to $US500 ($672), for which players could gain access to DayZ’s debug console. (Most cheating subscriptions are significantly cheaper, though.)

These cheating industries are pretty big, as Harton said that some people made “up to $1.25 million a year” selling cheats. That sort of money would unfortunately explain why, after attempting to shut down DayZ cheating, some people lashed out against Harton by sending him death threats.

“Last year a person started a crowdfunding campaign to attend GDC and get to me in person,” Harton said. “He asked for $10,000. Thankfully he only gathered like $300.”

Wow. Thankfully it didn’t go through, but still, that’s intense.

You can read more about Bohemia Interactive’s efforts to stop DayZ cheating here, or read about why people are willing to drop moolah to cheat in games here.


  • It was the cheats that turn’t me off DayZ.

    It’s the one’s in The Division I now need to be wary of, but I see Ubisoft are doing a pretty good job so far controlling it.

  • I loved DayZ, was one of its biggest defenders. But once Rocket left, the whole thing ground to a standstill in a way that you just couldn’t help but notice was glaringly harming the game. The different direction it took towards being a more military oriented game was obvious too. Hall said originally the Standalone wouldn’t take the same slant as the mod with it’s heavy military emphasis on weapons etc, yet here we are (not entirely a bad thing but you know…). It’s barely patched (I know they work on large patches but they come out once every 4 months or so now) and the process is nowhere near as transparent as it was under Dean Halls reign.

    The amount of cheaters I’ve seen grow over time is shockingly ridiculous, I barely see any caught by the anti-cheat system and removed from servers, they stick around for what seems forever. Yes, it is absolutely a game in alpha and yes it is a developmental process, but we’re also in its third year of development, it was released December 16, 2013. It’s made great gains but with each gain it seems to be set back drastically.

    The game won’t die off yet, won’t shut down, but the lack of transparency, the shift in direction and the number of hackers is growing exponentially and soon, other than personal private servers, all the public servers will just be full of hackers killing themselves like DayZ Mod eventually was. That’s pretty sad, because DayZ brought me and many others, hundreds of hours of enjoyment that I hope can one day go on 🙁

    • I read somewhere that the engine is just fundamentally broken and things like zombies are never going to be able to fully work properly. this was pretty disappointing to hear, i was really keen on it at the start and played loads with my mates but the core issues like clipping through walls just became too frustrating. sucks it’s still so broken after so long.

      • That honestly sounds about right you know. I remember reading that someone suggested to them that they should dump the entire engine and restart at some point with UE4. It would mean a much more reliable engine, a much more versatile engine and now with what we’ve seen with games such as Ark, an engine that is most definitely capable of delivering these sprawling styles of games.

        It’s always going to be that one huge missed opportunity.

        And then we’ll hear DayZ 2 is coming to Arma 3…

  • I remember one night (Arma 2 mod version) where we’d all keep getting teleported to a room or roof and blown up en masse. That or we all just left to murder each other.

  • @weresmurf

    I also love DayZ and it’s probably my most played game of all time. It’s a shame to see such a brilliant concept executed and managed so poorly. It’s been over 2 years since the damn Alpha started and it runs worse than ever. I just bought a brand new $2600 system with a 980ti and I still get 10-25 fps in towns. Its a joke. 2 years with all that money and they have nothing to show for it besides a few additions to the map, clothing items and weapons. There’s been the promise of the new renderer etc “end of Feb/early March” and its still not here. Hackers are everywhere, you still die from going down stairs. SMH.

    I’ve given up hope they’ll ever fix/finish it. Just waiting for the day when one of the big dogs comes out with a polished game like DayZ. They’ll make millions.

    • I’m running an AMD FX-8370 chip, 16gb ram, 970 4gb card.

      I get around 15fps in cities, and around 30 in the countryside, sometimes 40 if there’s literally nothing in sight and the foliage isn’t too heavy. It’s utterly disgusting.

      • Yeah that’s ridiculous. I get a solid 60+ with everything on max out in the countryside, but the moment I get close to any sort of town it goes to shit. The desync on heavily populated servers also kills any fun you might have. Nothing worse than gearing up for an hour to die because you went to pull your gun out in a fight and your character just wont do it.

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