Dark Souls 3 On PC, From Low Settings To Max

Well this is fascinating.

It's a side-by-side comparison of Dark Souls 3 on PC, from the lowest settings all the way through to maximum settings.

Are you one of those people with an impossibly beefy PC? Prepare to feel smug.

But yeah — this video is quite interesting, and to be frank there doesn't appear to be that much difference between the different settings. Still it's really cool to watch all of this unfold in real time and get a sense of just how tinkering with these settings will affect your experience. Very cool video and very cool presentation.


    Probably best to wait a bit so the game can really scrutinised and improved even more by the garage modders. Bamco should be praised (no pun intended) on its efforts though. Come a long way from Dark Souls Prepare to Die Edition.

    Can see no discernible difference between most of these.

      Were you watching it full-screen in HQ? Sure, if you scale the video down to 480 there shouldn't be much difference at all, because they all can only put so much detail into that quality.

      But if you're watching when it switches from medium, to low, to max (around the 0:30 mark, it's the same kind of stark difference as needing glasses then putting them on.

        Full screen, max quality, the only ones that seemed to show any actual difference were the shadow quality, the reflections and the water surface. Did notice some difference with the ambient occlusion example as they switched, but could hardly tell much difference in the side-by-side.

        Otherwise yeah. The only difference was in what label was at the top of the screen :P

          Good grief. Of course you would be contrary per your contractual obligations as the anti-Transient, but why are so many other, normal people not seeing the difference as huge? I don't normally care about these details, I didn't see the Witcher 3 E3 vs Release differences at all...

            The funny thing is most people who know me would almost invariably say I have a real eye for detail.

            PC gamers are weird :P

            I watched it full-screen 1080p60 and still say meh. Even at the point you highlighted.

            Shows why I'm quite happy sticking with my $400 consoles vs multi-thousand-dollar PCs.

              Probably the same reason why I get to enjoy better texture, better shadow, less jaggies, 60fps on my 1440p monitor with my multi thousand dollar pc. You pay for what you get :/

              You really dont need a multi thousand dollar PC to experience superior graphics.

              Im still working off my frankenstein. Its been replaced piece by piece over the last decade.

              The CPU is an i7 2600k sandy bridge that is 5 years old yet is still an absolute beast in comparison to the consoles
              GFX is a 760gtx which is a few years old but still better than the consoles (can pick one up for $75 brand new on ebay)

              Mobo is a standard p877 or something and the ram is 8gb of 1600 mhz corsair that was cheap. Either way the whole thing has cost me about $100 to $150 per year with the last purchase being a new SSD 2 christmasses ago which was a godsend. Might seem more expensive than a console but when youre spending $70-80 on a controller, $100 for a game and having to pay a monthly subscription too... That adds up much much more.

              I had a collection of xbox games that i thought was impressive. About 50 of them. Turns out i spent about $3000 on games alone over the life of my 360 which i had for about 3 years. My steam account has over 350 games and its full cost value is $4200 whereas its sale value is $1200. Im likely somewhere just below half way of both of them as i usually only buy games on sale.

              In the end point is you really dont need a top of the line PC to reap massive benefits. for less than $1000 you can get yourself a setup superior to any console and within a year you'll be making savings.

            On fullscreen 1080p60, I'm seeing some minor detail differences but it's not that big. Some lines looks a bit blurrier (only a little bit), and the texture of the sash looks a bit lowered on Low. Other than that, as a whole the differences are pretty miniscule between each level. If you compared High directly to Low, it might be more noticeable, but Max to High seems to be no change, High to Medium is very little and Medium to Low is a little bit more change, but not enough to really make a difference. I can spot the differences, sure, but the differences aren't huge. All levels of quality are looking good

    Interesting. Might actually be worth grabbing on PC this time (albeit probably with a gamepad...bah).

    PS4 specs got surpassed a long time ago, but it's looking like games are only just starting to really show the difference.

    The only difference I could see that I remotely cared about were the reflection and water quality. If the better versions of them are in the console version, everything else on low looked fine by me!

    Thought Max was Low until it pasted Max on the screen. Quite blurry no?

    Doesn't look too bad between Low/Max tbh. Obviously max looks better but low doesn't seem to detract too much.

    As opposed to Division. Running it on my potato with minimum settings and it looks pretty trash.

      Just keep in mind that a noticeable difference in visual quality usually results in a noticeable difference in performance. The Division might not be the prettiest at lower settings, but there are huge performance gains; I doubt the same will be true here (though I also doubt that this game will be nearly as demanding as The Division in general!).

    That's not exactly too impressive there. The anti-aliasing was pretty awful tbh on the character. The textures and geometry were average for the scenery (the character was nice).

    But its a Dark Souls game, in the end, it's the 'throw your controller at the wall and scream to the high heavens in frustration' gameplay that will count...

    Hmm better than the other games but should be a lot of tinkering post release that'll blow socks. On/off for anti aliasing lol. Bought an xbone elite controller to play this on my pc.

    Have Dark Souls games ever been know for top end graphics? They all look grey on grey to me.
    I play Dark Souls for the gameplay (frustrastion), not the graphix. As long as it has 21:9 aspect ratio and unlocked fps out of the box, I'll be happy.

    I'm really tempted to wait for the modding community to play with Dark Souls 3 before purchasing. The original Dark Souls + Mods looks on par with most ps4 games. But if it at least ships with 60fps support and resolution customisation...

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