Dark Souls III, As Played By Australia's Most Knowledgeable Dark Souls Player

This one's a bit old, but it's Friday afternoon — the perfect time to sit and watch Australia's premier Dark Souls expert play Dark Souls III.

No, I'm not talking about me, I'm talking about VaatiVidya, the big brain and soothing voice behind those world class lore videos on Dark Souls.

Honestly, I love Vaati's work. Especially now that I'm getting a little bit excited for Dark Souls III.



    Arrghhhh I didn't watch too much cause i want to be fresh for it but god damn serrels that looks coooooollllll as fuuuuuuuucccckkk

    Agreed. Total media blackout for Dark Souls 3 now. Bring me the evil fresh!!!!!!!

    Australia’s premier Dark Souls expert

    Um. Excuse me, there must be a mistake. Nobody has contacted me to play the game yet.

    I love Vaati. Such a soothing voice - he needs to branch out into Audio Books.

    But I reflect the other sentiments, DS3 blackout until release.

    Funny how all posts here say "I will not watch". I'm the same of course.

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      (Because I've actually played most of this section lol)

        Doing things by yourself is very Dark Souls.

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        Actually I might feel bad for you. I was at the pre release for DS2 at Bandai Namco Redfern and got to play around in Majula. Also had a crack at the Mirror Knight.

        It made me SO restless in the two weeks before release!

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    So, here's a question for the forum. I'm both a Souls and a Bloodborne virgin, by the simple fact that these games have such a reputation for being so incredibly hard - and I'm the kind of guy who goes on the easiest difficulty level just to smash through the story, with gameplay a secondary consideration. Is there anything in Souls 3 (or any of the series for that matter) for me? Or is the reputation these games have warranted?

      The rep is most certainly warranted. If you enjoy blasting through easy gameplay for a juicy storyline, there's not likely going to be much enjoyment in the Souls/Bloodborne games for you. They are all about the gameplay, with any story elements included as an afterthought in most cases.

      Granted, there is most assuredly a story there somewhere, but for the most part you are there for the feeling you get downing a tough boss. Example, without Vaati I would have no clue what was going on half the time, but I still performed a lap of honour around my living room (much to the confusion of my wife and son) when I downed Ornstein and Smough on my first attempt.

      The reputation is warranted. There's lots to say about whether the Souls games are "hard" but in my opinion they are hard. They're hard because they are ruthless, and will not hesitate to punish you for losing concentration, or forgetting a lesson you've already learned. They require persistence, and patience, but note well that they will reward you for everything you put into them.

      Yes the games are hard, its all about time and understanding of the games mechanics. I would say this to any dedicated gamer who avoids the souls series, "you'll never find a game that is more rewarding when you succeed". Don't expect there to be an easy mode on DS3. Souls/BB games come with one game difficulty, its called you're gonna die.

      Hey Bj, the games can be hard if you're not checking your surroundings or learning from mistakes. As the games have progresses, they've gotten a lot better at making sure that if you fail it's normally because you misjudged an attack and depleted your stamina or tried to get a sneaky heal in and got punished because it.

      If you're looking to get into the series, I'd suggest picking up dark souls 2 as it's a lot more accessible to newer players compared to the other games in the series (not sure about bloodborne, I am a dirty dirty xbone peasant). The games can be frustrating to the point where it can seem like you're bashing your head against a wall with a specific enemy or area, but once you calm down and remove your fist from the wall you might see another ledge or a lever or something that you missed and then it makes the whole thing easier and you feel stupid for not noticing it first. But you learn from your mistakes and keep moving forward and stab anyone who gets in your way.

      There's some tips for dark souls that are always very handy.
      1. Praise the sun
      2. if you see a chest always hit it once just to be sure
      3. There'll be times when you're frollicking through the corpses of your enemies thinking you're practically god and none can defeat you, it's at this precise time you'll roll off a cliff or get killed by a rat or something that you've murdered to extinction and back. Never take anything for granted.

      They're definitely challenging, but not necessarily aggravatingly so. Sort of like a puzzle game where every minor enemy is an obstacle to overcome. You're struggling at first with every new enemy and section, then you start working out the tricks and it becomes easier and easier, until it gets super-rewarding near the end.

      You also might appreciate the incredible world-building that the other games have had. But be prepared for setting aside a huge amount of time and being patient, it's a real slow-burner.

      I'd give the first Dark Souls a try before you jump into this one. You can get it pretty cheap in Steam sales on PC. (Make sure you get DSFix if you do get it! Improves it greatly)

      Appreciate the considered responses guys. Looks like the rhetoric is warranted then. Perhaps one day, when the kids are occupied and I have a 48 hour block to dedicate to giving the series a bash I'll revisit this topic, but for now, you've all given me a pretty good idea that this is not the mindless weekend hack 'n slash I'm looking for ;) (cc @slightly_mad @mcgarnical @roflmywaffle89 @tofu @spruppet)

        Late reply I know, I was away for the long weekend (Vic) so I'm just catching up on Kotaku. I wanted to say that I am like you and that I pretty much always play games on the easiest difficulty for the storyline. I tried Dark Souls 1 due to the constant mentions on this site, and I honestly hated it at first. I put it down for a couple of months but then in a fit of boredom tried again, and since then I've finished both 1 and 2, plus their DLC more than once each and I'm one trophy away from a Bloodborne platinum. I've also got a copy of Demon's Souls on PS3 which I haven't started yet.

        And yet I still play other games on easy for the storyline. Like everyone has said, the games are punishing but incredibly rewarding and the Souls series would now be my favourite games of all time.

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