Dead Star, Zombi Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For April

Dead Star, Zombi Headline PlayStation Plus Lineup For April

It's a little weak compared to what Xbox owners are getting, but not bad. Remember, though these games are often advertised as "free", you need an active PlayStation Plus subscription in order to download an play them.

Here's what's coming next month:

PlayStation 4

  • Dead Star
  • Zombi

PlayStation 3

  • I Am Alive
  • Savage Moon

PS Vita

  • Shutshimi
  • A Virus Named Tom


    April isn't exactly blowing my socks off, but I'll definitely play both PS4 and PS3 games so I'm not complaining!

    Still playing Broforce. :)

      Broforce is fun but that few seconds of delay at the start of a stage SUCKS. Especially when you're running from satan.


        That drives me nuts. I can't believe the game actually got released with an obvious issue like that, and I find it even harder to believe that it hasn't been patched out yet.

          I thought my controller was broken!

          They released a patch too, but it did.... nothing?

            I'm sure it fixed something, it just didn't fix that. Even though it's the most glaringly obvious problem the game has.

              On the satan level (well and all of them I guess) if you pause the game as soon as the level loads, then unpause you shouldn't get the delay. Discovered it by accident

    I don't know... it has been a while since PS Plus offerings really excites me.

      I actually thought last month was really good - I'm still playing both Broforce and Galak-Z quite a lot, they're great games.

      But in general, yeah, the glory days of PS+ on the PS3 appear to be long gone now that you need it for online play on PS4. MS have lifted their game - I was hoping that might prompt Sony to try and match them, but I guess as long as the PS4 continues to spank the XBone sales-wise then they probably don't really care too much.

      They should re-name it "Top-down space shooter of the month club".

      I'm pretty excited by "I Am Alive". Never did get around to playing it, though I was quite intrigued by it at the time.

    Maybe I'm a cynical bastard but once again I have no interest in this months lineup as I've never heard of any of these games which I presume are probably made by indie developers. I don't understand why Gold users have been getting AAA titles but Sony hasn't decided to match the offers?

    Obviously with PS+ a requirement for multiplayer I guess they don't care anymore, it's just a little disappointing that we haven't had anything I've liked since Rocket League :(

      I'm kind of opposite, I barely play multiplayer on PS, but the free games keep me around. The fact you don't know the games is a good chance to try something different. I remember a few months ago one of the games was Steamworld Dig, a game I had no interest in, then on a whim I decided to give it a try and I was absolutely hooked.

      Zombi is the port of the game Zombi U, which started as a Wii U exclusive.

    Yeah i feel the same way and let my sub slide this month. Then I tried to play something online and it wouldn't let me. Sneaky litle prawns. I'll resub today so i get MARCHS AMAZING INDIE GAMES added to the junk pile. To be fair, Zombi U was a decent launch title for the Wii U, so it's probably the closest PS Plus has coming to a "AAA" game in a while.

    Awesome - I just knew my decision not to buy Zombi in the recent sale would pay off.

      yeah I told myself no and regretted it. Now I am laughing. Having a massive discount right before it goes to PS+ though is a bit poor form. I wonder if this means Knack is due soon?

        LOL, I think hell will freeze over before Knack comes on. Hope I'm wrong! I bought it at launch though so doesn't really affect me, although it would be good to have it digitally I guess.

    Zombi is a perfect game for ps plus. First one in months, gotta say I'm sick of the shit 2d side scrollers and space ship shoot em ups.

    what do we say to the god of PsPlus about re-subbing; not today!

    Still nothing there to get me to put down more money now the sub has lapsed...

    yet another month of pathetic PS+

      Zombi is actually really good man. Under-appreciated to be honest.

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