Descent-Inspired 6-DOF Shooter Overload Just Gets Over The Kickstarter Line

Talk about close shaves! Today, Descent successor Overload (not to be confused with Descent: Underground) barely scrapped over its Kickstarter goal of $US300,000 by a measly six grand.

With under nine hours to go, the campaign was looking like it might not make it, with $US30,000 still to raise.

Yet, seven hours later, developer Revival would be celebrating a successful Kickstarter... but only just. When the deadline finally passed, it had managed to raise $US306,537.

Compared to other campaigns, is not a blow-out result, but more than good enough for Revival to keep working on Overload.

If you'd like to see more of the game, check out the videos on the developer's YouTube channel.

OVERLOAD - The Ultimate Six-Degree-of-Freedom Shooter [Kickstarter]


    Hopefully for all involved 300k was a realistic target. I'm always a bit weary of those projects that just scrape through in the final hour in that many underestimated what they'd need and they don't necessarily have much padding to work with. Hopefully it works out.

    If they'd had that playable teaser out there from square one, they'd not have struggled to make the goal IMO. Which is crazy since unlike Descent: Underground, it's a proper single-player Descent game by people that actually worked on Descent before and didn't just buy up the name from interplay's bloated corpse.

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