Destiny's New Update Bumps The Light Cap To 335

Destiny's New Update Bumps The Light Cap To 335

This autumn's big Destiny update will offer new bounties, quests and a new mission set after the fall of Oryx. It will also take us all back for a ride on the Light treadmill, bumping the level cap up to 335. On a Twitch stream today, reps for Bungie talked about the new update, which goes live on April 12. It seems like it will offer some badly needed refreshments to the game, adding a new section to the Prison of Elders as well as bounties and quests that will take us back to the horde mode that was introduced last year.

In addition to a new (matchmade) "level 41" version of POE, Bungie is adding a mode called Challenge of the Elders that sounds a lot like a PVE version of Trials of Osiris. This is where we'll get past 320 light.

Destiny's New Update Bumps The Light Cap To 335

When you play through this challenge, you'll get a score card called the Elders' Sigil:

Destiny's New Update Bumps The Light Cap To 335

The scores are calculated by fireteams, so your team's success is what matters here. When you hit those point totals, Bungie says, you'll be able to collect rewards from Variks. You'll have seven days to do it; the scorecard will reset every week.

There'll be a new strike that pits players against a big boss named Malak, pictured on top of this post. He's apparently a Taken creature that wants to pick up where Oryx left off.

Destiny's New Update Bumps The Light Cap To 335

The new update will also come with a bunch of new quality-of-life improvements and a Takenified version of the old Archon Priest strike. There's also a new PlayStation-exclusive quest (ugh).


    Being an update, I assume it's free? Otherwise I'm retired from Destiny.

      AYYY lmao destiny is bad lol "generic hate comment" spank me daddy

      End my suffering PC master race GABE PUNISH ME

      9/11 WAs a inside job, BUSH

        I'm normally the one to make the comment you just did. About that whole destiny hating thing. Because for some strange reason, very little people on Kotaku (or a vast majority of the internet) like Destiny.

        But let me tell you! To blow a trumpet blown a thousand times, I've been with Destiny since beta, vanilla, VoG, Crota, PoE and Oryx. I even have a tattoo on the back of my left leg that is the symbol of the traveller and the words "Per Audacia Ad Astra" in a banner underneath. A symbol found on the collectors edition poster. I grinded for Gjallahorn, I looted the loot cave and felt the wrath of Master Rahool's shoddy legendary engram decripting. I had all but one of the exotics, Nechrocasm, oddly I never got the Husk despite replaying that mission well into the hundreds, I even have three Crux of Crota's. I was probably one of the first thousand to max out Eris Morn rep and sport the Sunsetting shader. But alas, my faith grew weaker, as my accomplishments and dedication were only rewarded by another high price expansion that delivered just enough content to keep me from complete flaccidity. In a way I suppose I have a small reason to hate destiny...but I don't. I just wish the game would be better than what bungie has currently 'tweaked' it to. At the moment it's a mess of ill matchmade pvp with unbalanced guns and a terrible disease of lag. I've rinsed and repeated the same content with near nothing left to gain.

        So please, excuse me if I want the next installment of content to be complimentary. Good day Sir.

    Is this the first bit of new content since the release of TTK?

    Too little, too late for me I'm afraid. I'm done with that game entirely.

      i hear ya. six months done. won't go back.

    NEW CONTENT...that will last a couple of days before getting tiring and repetitive again. Haven't touched it in months, not missing a thing. Destiny 2 will have to be close to the best game of this generation when it's released to get me back on board

    I thought the Division was the next Destiny expansion? ;-)

    Have fun Destiny players to farm your whole set of equipment again to hit light 335.

    Being free I don't mind it that they revamp some older activities, but POE, ugh...

    The only interest for me is if they have addressed the soul-destroying mega-RNG that just sucks the fun out of your existence. If they haven't, then they can load all the shiny new stuff they want, not interested...

    "hmmm doesn't look like halloween hats worked, i know...let increase the light level again! yeah that'll bring them back...."

    Does anyone know if new achievements will be added to the game through the April update?

    New(-ish) Content! That will sill have weekly lockouts, but at least get you one guaranteed random weapon and armour piece per week (which I assume will be 335 light... which basically turns them into a more balanced equivalent of Etheric Light - infusion fuel for specific gear slots). If it's always 335, then at least that's one fewer layer of RNG to annoy people - until The Division came out, I was running KF three times a week, including challenge modes, and have yet to find more than one 320 secondary, one pair of 320 gloves, or any 320 ghosts or class items.

    "It's more rewarding cos you can complete bounties and loot engrams here" - if it's not a sidegrade or an upgrade, it's generally useless - as rewarding as a piece of paper with "$20" hastily scrawled on it.

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