Diablo Boss Azmodan Returns To Heroes Of The Storm With Basketballs

Diablo Boss Azmodan Returns To Heroes of the Storm With Basketballs

Well, that's certainly a skin that wouldn't work in Diablo III, but is completely fine in the casual environment of Heroes of the Storm. Act III's "Lord of Sin" from Diablo III now has a slam dunk-ready alternate, called... Azmodunk! Because of its original name and its ability animations, Azmodunk was something players have been joking about for a while now, and Blizzard suddenly turned it into an actual thing. It's part of a promotion for Blizzard's "Heroes of the Dorm" tournament, and it's not just some extra textures on poor Azmo, but custom animations, voice-overs and ability effects.

Even better with the appropriate music:


    Azmodan? More like Azmojam amirite?!?!?!

    Seriously, that is a really cool skin, even though i'm not a fan of HOTStorm =)

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