Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In 33 Seconds

Diablo III Player Reaches Level 70 In 33 Seconds

Boosting a character got a lot easier in Diablo III since the introduction of Paragon levels and Seasons, and it always was quick playing as a level 1 character in an otherwise max level party of four. Still, reaching the non-Paragon level cap in 33 seconds is still pretty impressive.

It's not necessarily the best way to play the game, but it's a fun thing to try if you already have multiple level 70 characters. It's not impossible to do, you just need some planning in advance:

  • Enter a Cow Rift instead of a normal rift. Cow rifts are still rare but they spawn a bit more frequently since the latest patch. A rift with cows means more gold, more XP and stronger items.
  • Farm all bounties beforehand in Torment X difficulty, get all the caches and drop them on the ground. This means even more gold.
  • Use gold-to-XP bracers (Custerian Wristguards) with Kanai's Cube to get its legendary affix. All the gold dropped from monsters and from the bounty caches is now turned into XP.
  • Also use a level 25 "Gem of Ease" legendary gem that can reduce the level requirements of any item to 1 while it also increases the gained XP significantly.
  • Wearing a Leoric Signet or/and a Leoric's Crown socketed with a red gem also helps. These items increase the amount of gained XP as well.
  • And of course, having three other friends in the party with powerful characters helps A LOT.

Blacklung and his friends used most of these (and possibly other) tricks too. Powerful stuff!


    I really don't know why they don't give the option to start a character at 70

    well for one you can do torment 10 as a fresh character, it only becomes available at 70 (and paragon 250 if you dont already have it unlocked)

      The paragon requirement is only for public games. Private games don't have the same restriction.

    The Gem of Ease can only be equipped to a weapon slot, not any slot.

    The alternative is to use Kanai's Cube to apply the gem of Ease to any item, but doing so destroys the Gem and removes the +Exp on Kill from the item.

    I can level to about 55 in 30+ seconds with a set and it only takes about an hour to get the rest of the way to 70.

      i did that last season,got a witch doctor fully geared out in helltooth at level 1 and just smashed the 1-70 in 15min on t6. was fun as hell


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