Donald Trump Makes Civilization V Great Again

Donald Trump Makes Civilization V Great Again

If you think Donald Trump would be a disaster for the USA/world given four to eight years of leadership, imagine the devastation if he was allowed to reign for millennia.

Welcome to Donald Trump’s America, a mod for Civilization V that turns the coiffured spud into one of the game’s immortal leaders, granting America a new set of very Trump-like perks and abilities.

Such as:

* The Great Wall has been replaced by The Great Wall of America.

* In keeping his with ability to make things great, Trump’s first Golden Age lasts the rest of the game. To balance that out, though, your population unhappiness increases by, oh, 100 per cent.

* The game’s infantry unit is replaced by Border Patrol, which is weaker but has a combat bonus in friendly territory.

The mod was actually made last year, but for reasons of me Googling “Donald Trump Civ V mod lol” earlier today, here it is.


  • It’s only the PC bunch who bash Trump.
    Many Americans realize that if their country is to have any hope of regaining it’s status as a world power then Trump is the only current option.
    Or would you rather the proven liar Benghazi villainess ran the USA?

    • You do realize most of the world thinks Americans are idiots for voting for trump right? Its not just the Left of politics who dislike trump, A majority of republicans also hate him.

      Trump says idiotic things without any basis in fact and surprise sunrprise idiots like him.

      • I’d say the idiots are the ones that don’t sit back and say what are we doing wrong that makes Trump so popular. Calling everyone else an “idiot” probably doesn’t help.

        • The GOPe are in full fledged panic mode. Both Trump and Cruz are detested (Cruz more so, funnily enough), but their man Rubio has all the appeal of a used dishcloth. The true conservative base is revolting and will vote for anyone who wants to throw shit in the eye of Mitch McConnell and his RINO cronies. This election is absolutely fascinating.

          • ‘The true conservative base is revolting’

            No kidding.

            ‘With Trump in charge we no longer will have to pretend we aren’t hateful bigots terrified that women/blacks/hispanics/teh gays are tekken our stuff! We get to put it on t-shirts!’

          • I like that you typed a comeback but edited it because, well, what I said is true.

            So you just settled for a sulky downvote 🙁

          • I chose to self moderate rather than have a post deleted. As they say, if you can’t say something nice… 😉

            I just love that Trump gives liberals and RINO’s the same levels of vomit inducing panic. It’s like sweet music.

            P.S: Trump is a moderate compared to Cruz, so you may wish to educate yourself. He just appears far right when you’re as far to the left as you appear to be. 😉

          • Bravo, it’s always good for you to admit when you’re being an awful person. Character building.

            ‘Trump is a moderate compared to Cruz’ is the same as saying ‘Hitler is a lightweight genocidal maniac compared to Stalin’.

            I just love that you’re all excited about an authoritarian fascist taking control of the most powerful nation in the world.

            It’s probably because you think he will make anime real.

          • “Trump is moderate compared to Cruz.”

            Of course he’s moderate compared to the Zodiac killer 😉

          • Just keep that sweet music playing buddy. 😉

            P.S: Bernie Sanders won’t win. Buy some tissues.

          • Out of interest, as one of the resident Kotaku conservatives, could you provide rankings for your views on prominent minorities, with 1 being ‘Apply intensive state surveillance’ and 10 being ‘Gas chamber lol’?

            P.S: You probably want to stop saying P.S. It’s bad enough on its own, worse when each time you use it you swing and miss.

          • I’m not a conservative. Try again.

            Trump is only as dangerous as the rest of the Government allows him to be. It’s a liberal democracy, remember? The GOPe hates him, and that’s the point. The establishment needs its arse kicked. Sanders should have done the same for the Dems, but he couldn’t fight off the Hilderbeast and her lackeys. There needs to be big changes to the US two party system, and although not ideal, Trump may succeed in assisting with this. His rise is a direct result of the dissatisfaction and alienation voters currently feel about the two major parties.

            This is end game stuff. Read between the lines.

          • ‘I’m not a conservative. Try again.’

            My bad, the word I was looking for was weeaboo.

    • This was near perfect. Great job!

      I think calling yourself “Freedom” was laying it on a little thick. But overall, this is outstanding.

    • >It’s only the PC bunch who bash Trump.

      Err… what about the rest of he horrified Republicans who don’t support him?

      >Many Americans realize that if their country is to have any hope of regaining it’s status as a world power then Trump is the only current option.

      It is amazing that you think that. All Trump seems to do is parrot peoples bigotries and fears back at them and give them permission to be racist, mean, violent. It is shameless populist stupidity. He mixed his own schtick with that of someone like Bill O’Reilly. He doesn’t have to be factual, he doesn’t have to be consistent, he just has to be angry and validate peoples existing biases. Hence the huge emotional response from those who are seeing their privilege eroded.

      Electing Trump would immediately give the USA the status of a worldwide joke – just not a very funny one. Half of his wild plans are probably unconstitutional but I don’t think for a second he doesn’t know that. When he can’t do what he *says* he will do because it is unconstitutional, that will be spun against the left and against the mysterious “PC bunch”.

      >Or would you rather the proven liar Benghazi villainess ran the USA?

      Yes. They are all horrible and left in the USA doesn’t count for much. It normally doesnt make much difference but Trump is genuinely terrifying, though. If he is as genuinely stupid as he appears: terrifying. If he is actually a lot smarter than he is acting: also terrifying.

    • As an Australian I find most people I know are both laughing at Trump being a potential president and simultaneously feel a little sorry for all you Americans 🙁

  • There needs to be a victory condition where all other nations simultaneously evacuate to Alpha Centauri and leave Trump’s America to die of climate change.

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