Dragon Ball Fans Must Always Wonder, “Why, Spain?”

Dragon Ball Fans Must Always Wonder, “Why, Spain?”

In Japan, the Dragon Ball energy attack is called “Kamehameha.” In the U.S., it’s Kamehameha. In Germany, it’s Kamehameha. In Latin America, it’s Kamehameha and sounds fucking badass in Spanish. But in Spain? Heh.

In Spain, “Kamehameha” is “Onda Vital.” In Dragon Ball, “Kamehameha” (かめはめ波) literally means “Turtle Devastation Wave,” while “Onda Vital” means “Vital Wave.” As a localisation, it’s close enough, but “Onda Vital” doesn’t pack the same punch.

Sure, other regions might not use “Kamehameha,” either, but other Spanish-speaking countries do, so what gives, Spain?

This meme image from a while back sums things up perfectly.

Dragon Ball Fans Must Always Wonder, “Why, Spain?”

The story that I’ve heard is that the original Spanish dub was working off the Italian dub, which used “Onda Energetica” or “Energy Wave,” instead of working off the original phrase like the Latin American dubs did. Not a hundred per cent if that’s true or not, but it makes sense.

Top image: Dragonball Wikia


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