Even Obscure Anime Can Become A Good Dynasty Warriors Game

Released last month for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is based on the anime of a manga adaptation of a series of Japanese fantasy novels that themselves are based on a Persian epic. None of that matters as long as you enjoy Dynasty Warriors games. If you're not sure, watch us play it in the video above. It's what we played it for.

I certainly didn't know anything about the origins of the latest game from Omega Force, the developer behind Dynasty Warriors and its various spin-offs, as well as licensed massive action battle games like Hyrule Warriors and Dragon Quest Heroes. Apparently the anime has been running for one season and is due for a second, but it doesn't show up on the streaming anime service I subscribe to so it might as well not exist.

So why am I playing it? Well, for one its cel-shaded graphics were pretty enough to catch my eye. And secondly, I'm a fan of the Musou series. Any chance I get to be one character against a ton of characters while non-player characters in my army mill about doing nothing? I'll take it.

Even Obscure Anime Can Become A Good Dynasty Warriors Game

You know, the normal age.

And the Arslan: The Warriors of Legend is an excellent Musou game. It's highly polished, like all of Omega Force's third party efforts. The two button combo system is simple and lovely to fight with. At certain times I get to gather my forces to charge the enemy with massive numbers.

Even Obscure Anime Can Become A Good Dynasty Warriors Game

Bad. Arse.

If you really want to know the story of The Heroic Legend of Arslan it's all here, presented anime cutscene style. If you don't, you'll still have a lot of fun online and off, as long as your idea of fun is cutting through hordes of same-looking enemies.

I know mine is.


    Arslan isn't obscure. The original novels were written back in the 80s by the same guy that did Legend of the Galactic Heroes and were extremely popular, at least partially because of the fact that Yoshitaka Amano did a bunch of the artwork and he was very popular at the time because of the early Final Fantasy games & Vampire Hunter D.

    This game is based off a manga/anime re-adaption by the author of Fullmetal Alchemist. And the original novels are adapted from a Persian epic, Amir Arsalan. That anime was pretty high-profile.

    *giggles* Arseland *giggles some more*

    I have to say I was really looking forward to this until (*controversial statement time*) i found out there wasn't going to be an English soundtrack/dub. There is so much dialogue that goes on during battles, and I can't for the life of me concentrate on both reading and battling, I know I'd miss out on a big chunk of story. It wasn't so much a problem with like One Piece versions of the game since i already knew the basic story, but for this one coming in cold, I dont wanna have to miss out on anything crucial...

    Pfft obscure. Someone doesn't know who Hiromu Arakawa is.

    Heh. It's a good pairing. The Arslan characters are basically made for a Warriors game. Hell, at a couple points in the anime series, I actually remarked that Daryun had gone 'into Musou mode'.

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