Every Single Second Matters In This Kaizo Mario Maker Level 

Every Single Second Matters In This Kaizo Mario Maker Level

Video: Kaizo Mario stages are famed for being gruelling, nearly impossible levels that require pixel-perfect precision — and yes, players are definitely making some for Mario Maker, too. Take, for instance, "Salty Sagan's Bomb Spaghetti". The level is so bonkers it can be hard for the viewer to fully understand how Mario is getting through the stage at all.

Now watch as expert Mario player CarlSagan42 manages to demolish the level with no seconds left to spare. By the end, there are literally zero seconds left on the clock:

Amazing. CarlSagan42 says the level took him 15 hours to beat. Heck, when he nails it, it definitely sounds like he wasn't even sure it was possible in the first place. No wonder! The level is freakin' ridiculous.


    So it's pretty clear that this streamer actually made the level and was doing the creator clear run, which is why he's so pleased that it's possible. Now that he's cleared it, he can upload it for other people to not be able to do.

    I didn't even know that you could cancel a down stomp into a twirl. A level that demands such feat, several times in a row is beyond sadistic.

    These guys must get super bored with OG Mario. I can't even see Mario at the start of that level and my brain wouldn't be able to respond fast enough to complete 10 seconds.

    Please don't stop these posts. I love this stuff.

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