Fallout 4’s First DLC Is Full Of Giant Robot Battles

Fallout 4’s First DLC Is Full Of Giant Robot Battles

Video: Fallout 4‘s first downloadable content pack, Automatron, is basically post-apocalyptic Battlebots. You’ll be able to build and customise your own robots and pit them against the less friendly machines built by the nasty Mechanist — who might sound familiar to anyone who’s done the Silver Shroud sidequest (or The Superhuman Gambit in Fallout 3).

The DLC will be out on March 22 for PC/PS4/Xbox One. New trailer right here.


  • The season pass is $79 on the Aussie Xbox Live store now…. That’s a lot of money for more hours of picking up junk and then sorting it.

    I’m going to hold off on going back to Fallout until both the price drops and we know if the other DLC will be more polished and substantial than the flat main quest was. While I could tell fallout 4 was a pretty good game, I just kept waiting for it to click like Fallout 3 but it never did…. and then it was over and I’m surprised how negatively I feel about the whole thing.

    If I had to guess it’s because too many of the games systems felt built around the building aspect… but then it never really goes anywhere. The settlements are glitchy and kinda pointless, the AI characters don’t use the items, and props fall off desks, the lights break and don’t work again, Preston Garvy gave me the same quest 4 times before I stopped doing it….. and then the attacks are lame and sometimes the notifications didn’t trigger properly for me (so I old found out when the settlement was destroyed- even if I’d built a million defences), so all the cool defences never get used properly…..

    The end result is a Fallout game with too few choices, a flat story (I still have no idea what the point of the Institute was and I did their questline) and it’s all diluted with a trash collection simulator.

    • I agree. I haven’t really done much with the settlements. I decked out my old pre-war house with some lights, power armor station and some decorative stuff, but other than that I haven’t touched it.

      I wish they didn’t bother with it and just concentrated on the other gameplay elements and story.

      Having said that, I bought the season pass when it was $50 and I’m looking forward to the first and third DLC. Hoping this first one has a semi decent questline.

    • After reading your review here, I think.. maybe this is one of those cases of “this game just isn’t for you. Let it go and move on.”

      On my part, I’m loving it. I’ve spent more time in Fallout 4 than Fallout 3/NV/DLC combined (only Fallout 2 has more playtime than F4 for me) and I’ve only done one playthrough so far. The added features (the weapon/armor modding, crafting and settlements) are a lot of fun, and there’s still a great story to be had.

      I pre-purchased an edition that included the season pass, and I can’t wait to play more.

      I’ve put it on hold for the moment to check out The Division, but F4 will be where I’m at once that’s done.

  • I just kept waiting for it to click like Fallout 3 but it never did…. and then it was over and I’m surprised how negatively I feel about the whole thing.

    That sums it up perfectly.

  • Fallout 4 seems to be turning into a giant post apocalyptic sand-box type game as opposed to the free-form RPG it used to be.

    Why not create a mutation chamber while you’re at it so we can tame all the creatures of the wasteland and engage in pokemon battles?

    • > Why not create a mutation chamber while you’re at it so we can tame all the creatures of the wasteland and engage in pokemon battles?

      That was taken out of the main storyline (it was originally part of the idea for the area where you pick up Cait). It may be added back in by DLC or a mod.

  • “Fallout 4’s First DLC Is Full Of Giant Robot Battles”

    Is it? That’s nice.

    No thanks, Cashcow Bethesda.

    • They’re no regular cash cow; they’re a Two Headed Cash-Brahmin*

      *with cow armour DLC.

    • Can you pinpoint the moment that you lost any hint of childlike wonder and optimism?

      I got the season pass for cheap before it went up in price, 3 DLC packs for like $45, that’s not too bad (the price now is a bit silly).

      I just don’t understand how releasing DLC for a single player game with what is honestly a pretty left of field idea (crafting a robot compaion to take on a post apocalyptic supervillan) makes them a cash cow, at least they aren’t charging you ten bucks for a silly dance.

      • It’s not just 3 DLC packs for $45. Only the first 3 DLC’s (taking us to May) have been announced. The reason the season pass increased in price is that due to the popularity of the game they are going to do more DLC than they originally planned, to be released in the second half of the year. People who purchased the Season pass before the change are getting a great deal imo, and even at the new price, the Season Pass is a good deal if you actually want all the DLC. If it’s a bit much to justify, people can always wait for the inevitable “game of the year” edition down the track that will throw in all the DLC with the base game on a Steam sale or something. =D

        • True that, so for the old price you get everything…. pretty hectic deal considering the length and breadth of Bethesdas DLC in general… I’ve never really had an issue with it myself. Hell I even loved Anchorage for FO3 😛

          • anchorage got a lot hate no reason. id go as far to say that it was bigger than broken steel that was actually lacking in a fair amount of content especially given the fact that was only made because of how terrible the original ending was (before the ME3 ending crisis)

  • I haven’t seen this much backlash against an “Of The Year” winner since the Holden Camira won Wheels Car of the Year in 1982

    • Yeah, I don’t really get the hate. Fighting robots, that you can craft and mod yourself.

      That sounds like a good solid fun time for anyone who actually liked the crafting (which I did) and found the existing companions a bit lacking in the whole functionality aspect (come hither my walking bullseye, door opening, terminal hacking sack of floor clipping goodness).

      But I’m a bit bias, Fallout 4 managed to tic almost all of the boxes for what I was looking for at the time minus a tiny bit more depth in the character interactions (make them actually have consequences) and a bigger helping of that uncanny weirdness that I love in Fallout (old world blues for instance).

      I think some people just need to realise that games aren’t made with each individual specifically in mind, just because someone can’t find enjoyment (or are too cynical and jaded to bother) in a game or some aspect of it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t or that it’s ‘bad’ just because they say so.

      Tldr: Don’t like it, don’t buy it but don’t think that your opinion applies to everyone (not you B-Nel, just the loud grumpy guys in the back)

        • the problem with the ‘don’t like it, don’t buy it’ argument is that most people who argue against Fallout 4 have already bought it, and in doing so they have earned their right to bitch about it.

          I don’t agree with most of the hate against it, but in raging as much as they do they will influence the next iteration of fallout. Which could be a good thing.

          (also the Glamour WOTY isn’t equitable to the Camira, the majority loved the Camira until they started rusting within a year… the backlash for Glamour was instantaneous and vitriolic )

          • I guess you got me there, it’s been a year and she hasn’t started rusting yet.

            Oh yeah, uh something something Fallout.

            Anyways, agreed the don’t like it, don’t buy it thing is silly, sure if you don’t like something be vocal about it but it’s moreso the thinking of ‘I don’t like it so everyone must think the same as me’ type of criticism that rubs me the wrong way.

            Or the Bethesda is a cash cow because they’re charging people money for optional extra content (added bonus for ‘it should have been included on launch’). Wow a company successfully making money doing the same thing that has been a common standard for the last decade or so, well best get my pitchfork those darn whiley money hungry developers!

            They could have easily just shipped the game as is and left it at that and still have turned a profit (while angering all the people that just expect DLC from Fallout at this point) so I’m just counting this stuff as some bonus goodies to play with until mod support is added .

          • Bethesda are cashcows because they allow modding tools so people can increase the amount of content exponentially.
            and because they want to earn money so they can raise families and have capital to invest in other projects. What bastards.

      • Vanilla FO4 wasn’t my ‘thing’ in terms of plot, but I don’t deny the shooting and combat mechanics were decent. But this, this tickles my fancy greatly. I love the 1950’s kitsch greatly! Plus the Mechanist from Fallout 3 is back!!!!!!! I LOVED that stupid duel between him and the Antagonizer!!!!

        • i do worry though that far harbour will just be point lookout 2.0 because to me fallout 4 just seems lmore like fallout 3 2.0 as there are quiet a few points in the game that just feel like they have been taken out of 3 and slightly tweaked or set up in different order or dare i say it tick off the checklist.
          IE main quest in 3: Find your father, in 4 Find your son, Fallout 3 has the Roach King, Fallout 4 has Regi Balatta (the roach king). Fallout 3 and 4 both have Liberty Prime and both of times he is under the control of the brotherhood of steele and used to clear the way to the enemy base. And now we have the return of the Mechanist complete the exact same costume he wore in 3 only with updated textures and polygon count. even half of the random encounters are brought over exactly from fallout 3 (alien ship crashing in the exact same way as it does in 3)

  • huh neat. robots are cool, i guess. As a side note, if anyone’s interested in getting the season pass for like half price, most jb hifi stores would still have the physical cards you can buy for $45 because they were all printed before the price rise, that’s how I got it

  • Gaddamit, I still need to finish this game! I get way to distracted and end up exploring and doing very little of the actual story, I’ve got days of game time logged but probably only half way through the story lol

    • Tell me about it. My version was like this.

      “Must find the institute. Must find the institute. Must find the institu… Oooh that house looks interesting… Oh! Oh! Oh! So does that one! Oh my gawd!! A WHOLE SUBWAY TO EXPLORE!!!”

    • God i know, 120 hours played or so i think, Preston is still waiting for me to attack the fortress lol i have like 5 other quests to see him about as well

      • hahahaha exactly the same!! I got so close to the fortress the other day too… then I spotted something in the ocean… then found the submarine…. dam my short attention sp…. oh look a bird ;P

    • Totally agree with i there. Ive played ot for 8days and still got heaps of quests to do. Love it!!

  • Something that needs to pointed out here is the simple fact that for the first ever in the history of Bethesda Game Studios, All 3 platforms are the getting the DLC at the exact same time.

  • As much as I love the Fallout series and bought all the previous Fallout DLC for 3 and New Vegas ill be skipping this DLC till the story content one at the moment.

  • I’ve hit an interesting junction….

    After playing FO4 exclusively since its release (only making it part way into its main quest line) I decided to take a break and try something else…..I’ve started MGS V and OMG….I cannot fathom why I haven’t done this sooner! The game…almost everything about it is far superior. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Fallout, I’m just disappointed with number 4. Shame….

  • The DLC didn’t didn’t interest me personally, but I love the high level concept of something so lateral. Video games will be better for this DLC existing.

  • Looking forward to this. The voice of the mechanist is a bit underwhelming but customization and building of bots looks great! Glad I got the season pass. I hope the remaining DLC is good too

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