Fallout 4's New DLC Is Now Live In Australia

Ah, the benefits of living in Australia, of living in the goddamn future.

Fallout 4's newest DLC pack, Automatron is now live for us lucky people living in the lucky country.

That is all. Thought you would all like to know.

Edit: It appears to be just for consoles right now.


    the benefits of living in Australia, of living in the goddamn future.

    Sometimes the distributors are onto us and instead we get the game a day late :( mixed bag.

    Technically the game was live as of midnight. I downloaded it then.

    yeah nothing for me yet either and i have the season pass, unless its just gone live for consoles

    Am I missing something or is it not showing up on Steam? I have the season pass and the new add-on not showing up in DLC.

    Pretty sure it's just on consoles. Just checked Steam and it's as barren as my career prospects...

    Usually this backfires for us though and we get it at a ridiculous time like 2am or we get it a day later than everyone else.

    Started downloading it before work. Around 7:15 or so.

    Super keen to get home and dive in!

    Good, I need an excuse to get back into it since I out it down for Xenoblade Chronicles X.

      Oh man! I finished fallout 4 before i got to Xeno and wish i hadnt.. was slightly burnt out. Xenoblade X was worth it though.

    Edit: It appears to be just for consoles right now.

    Oh you-- brrr! Tease! *shakes fist* Well. That gives me more time to tinker with my mod set up anyway.

    The hazard of having too many mods... crash to desktop when trying to load my 'prime' save. Have to get in under the hood and figure out what's screwing it all up.

    still waiting for the pc version. ah well gave me time to get my new character to level 16 in time for this but more importantly there is only one person in the commonwealth who can deal with the mechanist and that is THE SILVER SHROUD!

    hopefully they add some silver shroud references

    Kotaku is the worst website, its so full of clickbait that its not even worth clicking any of their links. Everyone I know is sick of this site.

      You are right.. BUT!!! The aussie team are outstanding. They do a great job and provide decent content - they are brought down by the US team as far as im concerned.

      The US team make this site feel like the fox news of gaming. If it wasnt for the Aussie editors i wouldnt come here anymore.

    If you're having trouble on steam just exit steam and open it back up again

    It's up for the PS4 in Australia & weighing in about 1.8Gb!
    Domo arigato Mr.Roboto.

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