Final Fantasy XV Releasing September 30, Says Now-Private GameSpot Video

Final Fantasy XV Releasing September 30, Says Now-Private GameSpot Video

In a few hours, Square Enix will hold a big Final Fantasy XV event, where they're expected to announced the game's release date and other details. It looks like one of those pieces has already leaked out. For a hot minute, GameSpot published a video announcing Final Fantasy XV would arrive on September 30, a date previously reported by Gematsu. The video has since been taken down, set to private, but I've already watched it.

Final Fantasy XV Releasing September 30, Says Now-Private GameSpot Video

GameSpot also reports there's another demo arriving today — this time following a young Noctis — and it will grant an exclusive summon for those who beat it.

Word on the demo actually leaked earlier today, too, at Gematsu.

There's bound to be other news revealed today, so stay tuned! Personally, I'm hoping they announce a PC version is coming and the day and date...


    Just in time for my Birthday!

    Anyone know if there's a Collector's Edition for this? Now that there's a release date I thought I'd go pre-order it but EB doesn't have it listed... Sold out already?

      It was up for preorder for 30mins at Square Enix NA Online store :/

        Special editions aren't very special. Always some dumb gimmick, tacky statue. Steak knives..

          80 units of the "ultimate" edition will be available via EB. And you have to be at rank 4 of their system to even be eligible for their lottery draw for it. Biggest load of BS.

            Well looks like I won't be getting one then. I don't even know what "rank 4" means lololol. I would probably have forked out for the Ultimate edition for the novelty of it, but an extra $30 just for the Kingsglaive BD in the deluxe edition doesn't sway me. Too little for too much extra $$$$.

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