First Player To Reach Level Cap In The Division Does It In 130 Hours

First Player To Reach Level Cap In The Division Does It In 130 Hours

After 130 hours, The Division player Chaos 3SK is the first person to reach max level in both the general game and the Dark Zone, Ubisoft announced today. According to Eurogamer, Chaos 3SK has unveiled 99 as the level cap for the Dark Zone's separate levelling system, which they achieved in addition to the max level of 30 in the rest of the game. Chaos 3SK jumped into the game 41 seconds after the servers turned on and, as far as I can tell, just never stopped playing.

Over on reddit, Chaos 3SK posted a video of their Dark Zone achievement.

As one commenter pointed out

First Player To Reach Level Cap In The Division Does It In 130 Hours


[Ubisoft, Eurogamer]


    But then he went rogue once and is back down to Dark Zone rank 4.

    Who cares? me and my friends are taking our time with the game and will hit max when we feel like we are ready :).

      His achievements aren't a criticism of yours.

      I'm very much the same though, people who brought the game days after I did ended up passing me and hitting 30/30 when I was still courting 23/14
      For such a boring street arrangement, I was quite taken with the small details you can find. (And I go random npc hunting whenever heavy fog sets in)
      Keep getting distracted.

        His achievements should be congratulated but doing it so fast that is insane. However me and my friends will take our time to get max level in both we like exploring places since its such a beautiful game graphically plus we have fun in DZ.

    I hit Level 30 today and dabbled a bit (literally, just "a bit") in the Dark Zone to hit Level 10 and I think I'm pretty much done with the game. I'm pretty happy with what I got for my money - a solid campaign and a beautifully created rendition of New York City. I'll be back once new content drops, but I'm happy to move on for the time being.

    Been loving it, playing with and without friends, happy to have encountered quite a mature player base in comparison to the likes of destiny and cod and stuff, love the mechanics, but annoyed with some bugs though I'm confident they will be ironed out. Only problem i am having is the lack of end game content ATM after hitting the level cap. There's stuff to do, and things to collect but I want more story and interactivity with the game world.

    6 Days and 9hrs is 153hrs. So either there's some math gone wrong somewhere or he/she hit the level cap at 130hrs and has kept playing.

    On another note, they player is doing so much DPS the elite enemies are dropping like flies. Would get a bit boring when it's so easy.

    I don't find a race to the finish on a newly released game very impressive.
    It's not a competition. If I didn't have a job or lived in my parents spare room I could probably finish a game in record time too. Who fucking cares?

    I hope I never get to a point in the game where I just casually walk past superior gear. I still pick up every green item and just deconstruct it.

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